leah messer updates fans daughters battle muscular dystrophy

Leah Messer Updates Fans on Daughter’s Battle with Muscular Dystrophy


Mar. 18 2022, Published 11:20 a.m. ET

Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Messer and her daughter Ali have been through a lot. In 2014, Ali was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, a devastating neuromuscular disease that causes the muscular system to weaken and can limit mobility. Now, Messer is sharing an emotional update with her fans about Ali’s progress with the disease and what they’ve been going through.

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An Emotional Update for Fans

Leah Messer Updates Fans on Daughter’s Battle with Muscular Dystrophy

Now that they’ve known for 8 years what Ali is dealing with, it’s given doctors a chance to arm her with the best treatments available. CELEBuzz shares her exciting update with fans this week sharing that the doctor is seeing, “‘All great thing – [Ali’s doctor] sees more of an improvement than he ever has, mind & body,’ Leah shared via Instagram.

‘He said what he sees is remarkable because she seems a lot stronger. 700+ of her type of #MuscularDystrophy.’

‘He gave a lot of credit to her love, hard work and dedication to reaching horseback riding goals she sets for herself,’ Leah shared. ‘Reflex is still the same but strength is better – pulmonary is better – weight and growth chart is better than it has ever been.’”

Messer added per CELEBuzz, “‘He even asked to take a photo with her,’ Leah explained. ‘We love Dr. Tsao and are so grateful for his practices and guidance over the years. Keep working hard and staying dedicated Ali girl.’

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‘We love you and are so proud of you! A special thanks to all of you who believe in and support my girl,’ Leah shared, adding, ‘#MDwontStopHer#NeverLoseHope.’”

It’s an extraordinary update for a family that’s tired of having to fight – but making headway in recovering Ali’s physical potential and mobility.

Leah Has Found Someone Who ‘Checks All the Boxes’

Leah Messer Updates Fans on Daughter’s Battle with Muscular Dystrophy

Ali’s wonderful update isn’t the only news Messer has been making recently. Fans were delighted to discover that she may have met “the one,” a man named Jaylan Mobley. CELEB took a look at this budding romance last week when it became obvious that the pair was taking it to the next level; “The couple met at a Wiz Khalifa concert in 2021 and have been in each other’s lives ever since. Mobley steadily proved to Messer that he could truly be the one for her, one reason being his ‘natural’ connection with her kids. Messer shared, ‘I dated a few guys for a minute until I wanted to be exclusive, until I knew this is it, this feels right to me and we got something here. It kind of just evolved from there.’

However, this time around Messer is rushing into anything. She has no plan of changing what they have now. Mobley wants to get married and Messer says she’s ‘open to it,’ but for now they are taking it slow. ‘I just want to love him and get to know him even more before we add anymore kids to the picture.’”

Being a teen mom is hard enough, much less being a Teen Mom – and then dealing with a devastating disease diagnosis like Messer’s family has – it’s an unimaginable challenge. Hopefully, Messer has found someone happy to help carry the load, someone who loves Messer’s children as much as she does and is ready to step into the role of bonus dad.

Whatever happens with Mobley, it’s safe to say that Messer’s life is finally headed in a positive direction – something she deserves. With Ali’s symptoms improving and new love blossoming, what’s not to celebrate?


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