Lil Wayne Faces Backlash for Cutting Concert Short: ‘The Only One Not ‘Vibing’ Was YOU’

Fans are furious after rapper Lil’ Wayne cut his Los Angeles concert short abruptly over the weekend. According to fans,

Lil Wayne concert fans furious

Fans are furious after rapper Lil’ Wayne cut his Los Angeles concert short abruptly over the weekend.

According to fans, the rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., arrived an hour later to his own concert.

Then, without warning, he abruptly left – leaving fans confused, furious, and out a lot of money.

He basically performed the adult equivalent of “I’m going home and taking my toys with me.”


Fans Blast Lil’ Wayne for Short Los Angeles Concert

After he finally arrived on the stage, Carter brought out surprise guest 2 Chainz before taking a break and giving the stage over to his Young Money artists Lil Twist, Yaj Kader and Allan Cubas.

Fans were apparently not happy that he left the stage.

Before Cubas could perform his second song, Wayne returned to the stage and told him to stop performing.

Video of the event shared on social media shows Carter telling Cubas, “We appreciate it, but we ain’t about to be bending over backwards for these folks. We work too hard for this s—. We work way too hard.”

Carter then turned to the crowd and said, “This my motherf—er’ artist Allan, that was Twist, that was Yaj. We are Young Money. We appreciate y’all time.” He put down the microphone, and left the venue.

The crowd milled around for a little while before dispersing.

Fans felt utterly betrayed.

On Twitter, one fan wrote, “I will never go to another Lil Wayne concert again after he arrived 3.5 hours late then performed for 30 had intermission put his new artist to perform then came out and canceled the rest of the concert because the crowd wasn’t hype enough for his new artist.” They added, “Lil Wayne need to stay humble and appreciate the people who support him, canceling a show you were 3 hours late for because the crowd didn’t know your artist is insane.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “went to the lil wayne concert tonight. we waited 3 hours for him. then it was lit it was cool then he brought out some of his new artists along with lil twist they was whack. wayne got mad and canceled the show. im still in disbelief like he really did that. smh.”

And on Instagram, the comments weren’t much kinder.

In response to an announcement of tour dates for Carter’s 2023 performances, one fan wrote, “On behalf of Los Angeles , we want to know how fair was it to make us stand for 5 hours and only performing 1 hour before storming off ! We have regular jobs that took sacrifice to pay for .”

And another chimed in, “YOURE NOT BENDING OVER BACKWARDS FOR US?! BROO do you know how many people flew out to see your show?! We drove out, had to take time away from our families on Mother’s Day weekend, book a hotel, to go see our favorite artist and WE WERENT “VIBING”. The only one that wasn’t vibing was YOU. Such a disappointment and disrespectful to all your fans that did BEND OVER BACKWARDS FOR YOU!”

Other fans demanded an explanation for what happened in Los Angeles, one comment reading, “What the f–k was that LA show???????

Another added, “Refund the LA Show!!!”

So far, Carter has been mum on the backlash.