Linda Tripp’s Posthumous Memoir: ‘Bill Clinton Should Be a Registered Sex Offender’

Although Linda Tripp passed away in April of 2020, her legacy lives on. Next month, Tripp’s memoir Basket of Deplorables will

Linda Tripp

Although Linda Tripp passed away in April of 2020, her legacy lives on. Next month, Tripp’s memoir Basket of Deplorables will be released. Tripp drops some bombshell accusations about former President Bill Clinton.

How Was Linda Tripp Involved in Bill Clinton’s Impeachment?

Tripp was a very pro-former President George H.W. Bush White House secretary who took an immediate disliking to her next boss, Clinton. During her time in the White House, Tripp befriended then-intern Monica Lewinsky, a friendship that would come very close to toppling the reputation of a sitting president. 

In the memoirs, Tripp excoriates Clinton as a sexual predator and claims his wife Hillary Clinton drew from the same dirty playbook as impeached former President Richard Nixon. Tripp was the one who secretly recorded hours of conversation with Lewinksy, and passed the tapes to Ken Starr who was investigating Clinton. Some view her motive-heavy befriending of Lewinsky as a shady betrayal. Others consider Tripp a hero who exposed a predator.

But however you view her, Tripp was undeniably a central player in Clinton’s eventual impeachment proceedings. The tapes painted a picture of an immoral and improper president, an argument Clinton’s critics frequently used to discredit him. Tripp’s extensive journals about the events leading up to the infamous tapes, and Clinton’s impeachment, form the backbone of her memoir. 

Basket of Deplorables 

DailyMail shares information about Tripp’s upcoming memoir; “The president was ‘a serial sexual predator who should have been a registered sex offender,’ according to the book Basket of Deplorables, published by Post Hill Press and out on December 8.

Tripp, who had been working on her memoir up until her sudden death in April with lawyer and author Dennis Carstens, writes that sexual gratification was a daily need for Clinton and women slipped nonstop into the Oval Office to service him.

Monica Lewinsky, a 22-year old White House summer intern at the time, was a mere blip on Clinton’s sexual satisfaction screen with never more than infrequent ten-minute meetings. Over the years there were hundreds of women and Clinton put an extraordinary amount of time into satisfying his insatiable need as did his staff who provided cover. When hapless victims threatened to go public, the Clinton machine laid waste to them and practiced politics of personal destruction.

‘We just have to destroy ’em’, Hillary said often about those on her ‘enemies’ list and that included all the women who spoke up about Bill’s crude abuse.

With a compliant media attacking the accusers’ credibility, they were dismissed as kooks. ‘The Clintons are two of the most corrupt political operatives to ever grace the international stage’, writes Tripp, who had a front row seat in 1993 and 1994 working directly with the president’s Oval Office staff.

‘The Clintons are the great, unwashed deplorables instead of the American people who are not politically connected that they regard with such contempt’, the author writes.”

Tripp Spills All the Beans

Tripp didn’t relegate her tell-all to only Lewinsky and Clinton. Tripp also detailed what she considered to be shocking behavior on the part of then-First Lady Hillary Clinton, accusing her of using foul, anti-Semitic language, and having an affair. 

Per DailyMail, Tripp also throws fuel on the fire that is a rumor that Hillary drove a man to suicide. According to Trip, Hillary was having an affair with White House counsel Vince Foster, and “On one occasion, Hillary wanted to hire Little Rock interior designer, Kaki Hockersmith to spark up the White House.

Vince advised her that the proposed budget was too high but Hillary went ahead.

When Kaki started spending indiscriminately and Vince called Hillary, the first lady screamed, ‘F–k the f–king cost; this is what I f–king want. Make it f–king work, no f–king excuses’.

A kind and gentle man who had graduated first in his law school class with the highest score on the bar exam, he left the office on July 20, 1993 and drove to Fort Marcy Park, along the Potomac River and pulled the trigger.

He left no note for his wife or children and questions about his untimely suicide have never ceased.

On learning of his death, Hillary’s chief of staff Maggie Williams ransacked Foster’s desk and boxes of files were quickly carried over to the residence.

Linda suggested that the Secret Service be called in to protect any evidence but Hillary ‘was not going to allow ‘f–king squirrel chasers’ ‘unfettered access to the ‘f–king office’ of the late Vince Foster.”

Bill and Monica

According to Tripp, the incident between Bill Clinton and Lewinsky began as part of a campaign on Lewinsky’s part to land the president. Tripp recounts that Lewinsky lusted after Clinton and pursued him. Clinton, for his part, was described by Tripp as a sexual predator, with a revolving door of women to satisfy him. According to Tripp, Lewinsky built up a romance and a future in her head, and Clinton egged her on by using her for brief interludes to satisfy himself sexually. 

After Lewinsky was transferred to the Pentagon to avoid Hillary’s ire, Tripp writes that the former White House intern spent all of her energy on returning to Clinton’s presence. Per the DailyMail, “Monica’s job at the Pentagon required nothing so spent her time making plans to get back to the big house, filing and polishing her nails, styling her hair and checking her makeup.

Going back to the White House wasn’t in the cards – although she imagined it was – and she schemed her way into an invite to Clinton’s big birthday party at Radio City Music Hall that year.

At the big bash, she maneuvered into a position where she was able to grab his genitals and give ‘the Big He’ a little love massage’.

‘You absolutely won’t believe this but I squeezed his balls right in the middle of throngs of people’, she told Linda.

Lewinsky lived in a personal bubble in her self-absorbed world and ‘when she shared, she spared no detail and was clueless of the risks’.”

Linda Tripp Became One of America’s Most Hated

Although Tripp maintained unto her death that releasing the tapes to Starr was the right choice, many Americans saw her as petty and underhanded. DailyMail writes, “Linda Tripp writes that she became hated after turning over the tapes of her recorded conversations with Lewinsky to special prosecutor Ken Starr who was investigating Clinton at the time for investments made in connection with Whitewater.

Tripp’s evidence refocused Starr’s investigation on Lewinsky and any laws that might have been broken. Clinton was charged with lying under oath and obstruction of justice. He was impeached in December ’98 by the House but acquitted by the Senate.

Being a whistleblower subjected Tripp to harsh negativity for years but at the time of writing this book, she did not regret it.

She maintained that her decision to expose Bill as a dangerous predator was ‘always about right and wrong, never left and right’.”

For a generation of voters who saw her as a hero whistleblower, Tripp’s memoirs have been long anticipated and will surely verify suspicions they have held for years. Basket of Deplorables will be released December 8th.

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