Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit- Her Father Michael Responds!

Yesterday, Page Six broke the news that Lindsay Lohan was being sued by a book publisher for $365,000 for reportedly

Lindsay Lohan

Yesterday, Page Six broke the news that Lindsay Lohan was being sued by a book publisher for $365,000 for reportedly failing to deliver on a book deal. In the aftermath of their report, CELEB talked exclusively with her father, Micahel Lohan, to get his response to the latest report on his daughter. 

The Book Deal 

According to the Page Six story, HarperCollins is suing Lohan for $365,000 for neglecting to deliver a manuscript for a book deal they struck with her back in 2014. 

Lindsay Lohan

Here is the timeline of events, according to Page Six

  • On March 27, 2014, HarperCollins entered into a book deal with Lohan for a book that was to be due in 2015. 
  • The book that they struck a deal for was reportedly going to be about Lohan’s struggles in her life, supposedly based on a journal she had kept while in rehab in 2013.
  • HarperCollins reportedly gave Lohan a $365,000 advance for the book, which was set to be worth $1 million.
  • HarperCollins ended up extending the timeline of the book by two years, but they claim Lohan still failed to deliver it. 
  • In September of 2018, HarperCollins reportedly notified Lohan’s representatives that they were going to be “terminating the contract” and asked for a full refund on the $365,000 advance they had paid to Lohan. 
  • The lawsuit filing claims that Lohan did not return the advance, noting that “By failing to return the money to the Plaintiff upon the Defendants’ breach of the agreement, the Defendants have received a windfall and have been unjustly enriched.”
  • The lawyer representing HarperCollins, Jeffrey Maidenbaum, told Page Six that “She did not turn in a manuscript and the book was never published.”

Michael Responds 

When CELEB reached out to Lohan’s father, Michael, he told CELEB exclusively that “I don’t know who’s feeding this or leaking it but I’ve never heard anything about it.”

“And if it was true,” Michael continued sharing, “IF it is true, I’m sure Lindsay has met or will meet her obligations.”

“Regardless,” Michael went on to note, “in light of today’s situations, don’t they have better things to talk about?”

Michael also went on to call out OK Magazine’s coverage of the report about his daughter and the book deal, as they lined to a story about a situation between him and his estranged wife, Kate Major.

“What saddens me is that OK Magazine even put a link to the situation I had with Kate which was proven to be a lie by Kate,” Lohan told CELEB about OK linking to this story. “But they don’t mention that so how much credence can this story [about Lindsay] have?”

At this point, neither Lohan or her representatives have commented about the lawsuit or the allegations from HarperCollins.

New Business

Aside from this lawsuit, Lohan had some positive news released about her this week. Specifically, she announced the launch of her new company, #BeYourOwnBoss, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“So excited to set up my own company in the UAE!” Lohan shared on Instagram. “My journey continues in this incredible country! Thanks to @virtuzone for making my company setup process so smooth.”

“If you are interested in setting up your own company here in the UAE,” Lohan added, “and looking to #BeYourOwnBoss then I recommend you get in touch with these guys. .”

While Lohan did not reveal further details on her new business venture, we are sure there will be more to come soon.


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