Return of Lohan: Lindsay is Back for a Netflix Christmas RomCom!

There was a time when Lindsay Lohan was the “It” girl in Hollywood. Lohan’s freckled smile was instantly recognizable and

Lindsay Lohan

There was a time when Lindsay Lohan was the “It” girl in Hollywood. Lohan’s freckled smile was instantly recognizable and she was starring in hits like The Parent Trap, Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, and other box office successes. Then one day, it seemed as though she was careening off the rails. An embattled Lohan fought her tarnished image for years, before disappearing almost completely from Hollywood’s radar. But now, Lohan is back. The former teen star is returning to Hollywood for a Netflix Christmas RomCom, and CELEB brought the details as well as the answer to the question, where the heck has Lindsay Lohan been?!

Lohan’s Triumphant Netflix Return

Lindsay Lohan

So if Lohan is back, when, where, and how can we see her return to Hollywood? The Netflix special has yet to be named, and will begin filming in November of this year. So it probably won’t grace screens for Christmas 2021. However, a Christmas 2022 debut is highly likely. Janeen Damian, who directed the Hallmark Channel’s beloved “A Christmas Waltz” will direct this RomCom, written by Damian, Michael Damian, Jeff Bonnett and Ron Oliver.

Per Variety, “In this new movie, Lohan will play a ‘newly engaged, spoiled hotel heiress’ (according to the logline), who gets amnesia after a skiing accident and ‘finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter in the days leading up to Christmas.’ The rest of the cast has not yet been announced.”

Where Has Lindsay Lohan Been?!

When people contemplate Lohan’s return to Hollywood, the obvious question follows: where has she been and what has she been up to? Lohan’s troubled life has led down some rocky paths and her desire to escape public scrutiny is understandable.

Born July 2, 1986, in New York City, Lohan was a child actress and model practically from the time she could walk. By 1998, Lohan had an impressive 60 television spots and 100 print ads under her belt which helped the rising star to land the hit role in The Parent Trap, where she played both herself and her own twin sister. Hollywood was instantly charmed by her bright red hair, freckles, dazzling smile, and comfort on the big screen. Lohan went on to star in a number of Disney hits as a teenager, and continued to be the Hollywood darling. 

But as Lohan became a young adult, she began spending more time indulging in NYC’s nightlife and frequenting nightclubs. As she struggled with the impact of fame as so many child stars do, Lohan’s life was plastered across the tabloids for gossip-mongers to devour, from scandals of her father in prison to her struggle with bulimia and later alcoholism and addiction. Lohan was eventually arrested for driving under the influence after several car crashes. shares, “On May 26, 2007, Lohan was arrested after crashing her Mercedes-Benz into a tree in Beverly Hills. She was arrested again on July 24 after allegedly engaging in a car chase with the mother of her former personal assistant. In both cases, Lohan was found to be in possession of small amounts of cocaine, below the .05 grams required for felony charges, according to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. After her legal run-ins, Lohan was only charged with two counts each of driving under the influence and a single count of reckless driving.

However, a passenger in the car Lohan was accused of chasing on July 24 sued the star for assault and negligence. Lohan dodged felony charges when she reached a plea deal on misdemeanor drunken driving and cocaine charges on August 23. She received the minimum sentence of four days in jail and credit for 24 hours already served. The sentence was then knocked down to one day in jail, for performing 10 days of community service at a mortuary and in a hospital emergency room. Ultimately, the actress wound up spending just 84 minutes behind bars later that year.”

Lindsay Lohan

After that point, Lohan tried to keep a low profile while starring in a handful of tv shows and movies. In the 2010’s, Lohan began spending time in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. In 2018, the star opened Lohan Beach House club in Mykonos, Greece, and had plans for another club in Rhodes.

In 2017, it seems that Lohan may have quietly converted to Islam after changing a number of social media bios to related phrases. The child star’s journey to Islam happened over several years, and coincided with her withdrawal from the public eye and a straightening out of her life.

Lohan moved to Dubai and split her time between there and Greece. The former child star also courted controversy from tabloids after apparently making comments critical of the “Me Too” movement in 2018-’19.

Of the Me Too controversy, Biography shares, “While insisting she was ‘supportive of women,’ Lohan said those who go public with their allegations of sexual harassment or abuse are doing it for the attention, adding, ‘I think by women speaking against all these things, it makes them look weak when they are very strong women.’” Considering that Lohan’s target audience overwhelmingly supports the Me Too movement, it may not have been her best move.  

Other Celebrities Who Live in Dubai

Roger Federer

While it may seem a jarring change for the once-substance obsessed and materialistic Lohan to convert to Islam and move to Dubai, the city itself is home to several other celebrities and often draws international attention for being one of the most fascinating up-and-coming cities of the 21st century. 

Other celebrities who call the UAE city home include:

  • Roger Federer: the tennis star reportedly owns an apartment in the city and is often spotted around. 
  • Yusuf Islam/ Cat Stevens: the British singer and songwriter moved to Dubai years ago.
  • Huda Kattan: the world-famous beauty influencer and entrepreneur lives in Dubai with sisters Mona and Alya. 
  • Dwight Yorke, Nicolas Anelka, and Michael Salgado: all three international soccer stars live in the city with their families. 
  • Amir Khan: one of Britain’s preeminent boxers, Khan moved to Dubai just recently and hopes to bring more opportunities for boxing to the city.

Other celebrities who either reportedly live part-time in Dubai or vacation there frequently include Victoria and David Beckham, Katy Perry, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Richard Branson, plus many more.

And Azra from YouTube’s Azzyland who recently spoke with CELEB shared exciting stories and pictures from her time in the futuristic UAE city. 

So what is it about Dubai that holds such appeal? Well for one, it’s where Lindsay Lohan lives! Beyond that, the city is on the cutting edge of technology with some of the most fascinating and unique architecture in the world. With a booming economy and the attention of some of the world’s biggest tech companies and business investors, Dubai promises to keep growing.

But for Lohan, soon fans will be able to see her back where they know and love her best; commanding the silver screen and reminding Hollywood why she’s a superstar.