UPDATE: LIV is Back With World-Famous DJ Cedric Gervais

Miami’s nightlife is officially rising like a phoenix: The country’s hottest nightclub is back in action. LIV Miami is reopening

LIV Miami reopening Alesso

Miami’s nightlife is officially rising like a phoenix: The country’s hottest nightclub is back in action. LIV Miami is reopening from COVID lockdown with a blockbuster lineup, including Cedric Gervais and more. The genius creation of Miami’s hospitality king, David Grutman, LIV has been the nightlife destination most sorely missed by lovers of the scene. And now, their interminable wait is over; LIV started welcoming people back April 16.

UPDATED 4/21/21 6:15 A.M.

Miami, get ready. World-famous DJ Cedric Gervais is performing this weekend. CELEB spoke with Gervais from the road in Bogota, Colombia. In an exclusive statement, Gervais told CELEB, “Honestly, I’m really excited. This is bigger than Cedric Gervais, this is about the city of Miami coming together to celebrate our love for each other. The last year has tested all of us in ways we couldn’t imagine. I focused really hard on new music because I knew it was only a matter of time before we could all dance again. I cannot wait to be home at LIV on Friday with my friends and family to celebrate a rebirth of our city. This is what legends are made of and Dave Grutman is the king of our industry and our culture. I hope I don’t cry on Friday night because it will be a night we will never forget.”

With Gervais back to remind Miami what it feels like to own the night, fans of LIV will be clamoring to return to their favorite nightlife experience. Gervais’ return shows that LIV is serious about reclaiming the party scene and welcoming its lovers back to the electric embrace

In addition to Gervais, Karol G will be performing Thursday, and Tiesto will take the stage Saturday.

LIV Is Miami’s Premiere Nightlife Locale

LIV opened in 2009. A part of Fountainebleu, one of Miami’s most desirable hotels, the club quickly rocketed to the top of the country’s nightclub scene, and even the world’s. The Fountainebleu is the perfect setting for LIV; the 22-acre, beach front hotel is a significant historic and architectural landmark, offering not just breathtaking views of the Miami beaches, but on-site access to a variety of amenities including events space Bleaulive, concierge and spa services, and several breathtaking pools and water features.

Grutman spoke with OK! Magazine about the club’s history and described one of its more memorable moments; when billionaire Mark Cuban‘s team won the NBA National Championship, he turned to LIV to celebrate. After purchasing a $150K bottle of champagne, Grutman got on the phone to meet the big spender. Grutman recalls, “he gets on the phone and goes, ‘I’m Mark Cuban and I just won the NBA National Championship. Do ya mind if I spend some money?’”

But Cuban isn’t LIV’s only memorable face. Celebrities frequent the Miami nightclub, and there’s a wall of celebrity signatures that reminds patrons exactly who they’re rubbing elbows with when they spend an evening at LIV. Ocean Drive shares, “What celebrity doesn’t pop into LIV during a trip to Miami? Celebrity clubgoers include the Kardashians, Kanye West, Scott Disick, Justin Bieber, Drake, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Scottie Pippin, The Weeknd, Nick and Joe Jonas, Cuba Gooding Jr.”

The Doors are Opening Again


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World-famous Swedish DJ Alesso made his triumphant return to LIV on April 16 after his performance last year was indefinitely postponed due to COVID lockdowns. On Saturday, the Martinez Brothers spun the tunes, and on Sunday the lineup was DJ Stevie J and Don P.

Grutman in Professor Mode

Dave Grutman

While Grutman was busy celebrating the reopening of LIV and prepping for the grand opening of The Goodtime Hotel, he is also donning the professor’s cap.

But Grutman can’t just be winning, he must dominate. As his properties tick success after success off their checklist, Grutman is teaching a class at Florida International University known as “The David Grutman Experience.” Students have been able to attend on-site classes at LIV and learn from the best in the business, including guest speakers like David Beckham.

With LIV’s reopening, Grutman’s proteges will have even more to look forward to; they’ll get to see the club in action. With LIV’s reopening just days away, all eyes—celebrity and other—are on the club and what the future holds. Dress to impress and head over to LIV to purchase tickets if you’re ready to revel in the vibe. Miami is back.