Lotame Unveils New Cookieless Future with Panorama ID

Cookies may soon be a thing of the technology past, like boxy desktop monitors and the wheezing screech of dial-up

Andrew Monfried Lotame

Cookies may soon be a thing of the technology past, like boxy desktop monitors and the wheezing screech of dial-up internet. Data management global leader Lotame has unveiled what they consider to be an alternative to third-party cookie usage. 

Lotame Unveils Panorama ID

According to a press release by Lotame, what they’re offering is a more people-centric method of tracking online data that doesn’t subject users to the same ads over and over across websites relying on the same cookie data. It allows websites and users more control over how their data is tracked and applied. Users benefit from a more precise and less repetitive approach at targeting advertisements, and businesses don’t waste as much time collecting redundant data. Lotame also promises a solution to privacy concerns prevalent with third-party cookie usage.

Per Lotame’s press release, “Lotame, the leading global provider of data enrichment solutions to drive customer insights and turn personas into addressable advertising, today announced the launch of Lotame Panorama ID, the first global, people-based identity solution for a cookieless open web. Powered by Lotame’s patented graphing technology, its identity solution connects all types of device identifiers, associated individual behaviors, and privacy choices into a single view, without dependence on cookies. Panorama ID is freely accessible to all digital advertising players and interoperable across the ecosystem via API, prebid and inbound/outbound server-to-server.”

More Efficient for Users and Data Collectors

The press release continues with an explanation of their purpose; “Created for the open web, Lotame Panorama ID is the only global identity solution built from multiple inputs, including deterministic data like customer IDs and emails, and publicly available web data. It is the first and only omnichannel and freely accessible identity solution that does not depend on third-party cookies to target consumers globally. 

With this identity solution, marketers and publishers can: 

  • Protect consumer privacy: Lotame Panorama ID will incorporate a universal opt-out — consumers will opt out once and that choice is reflected in real-time, persisting across every digital touchpoint, device and instance of identity. Lotame Panorama ID is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and adheres to IAB Transparency and Consent Framework 2.0, while setting new benchmarks for consumer privacy.
  • Increase ad targeting accuracy and scale: By matching attributes across devices and domains to an individual, and with an open ecosystem approach of more than 90 platform partners, plus data from 180 providers in 58 countries, the Lotame Panorama ID leverages the most comprehensive collection of data points in the industry to accurately triangulate the right consumer for the right message. The ID features an average of 119 web and 89 mobile attributes per pseudonymous individual, delivering the highest accuracy, profile depth, and scale across the open web. 
  • Effectively measure campaigns: Lotame Panorama ID is a people-based metric that enables publishers and marketers to effectively target, measure, and deliver campaign reporting based on unique people rather than the unstable cookie ID or the threatened mobile ad ID.
  • Frequency cap by individual: In some instances, a single ad can reach a user 40 times in a month*, creating over-exposure that pushes the boundaries of acceptability for consumers. With Lotame Panorama ID, advertisers and publishers can now control how many times an individual — not a device — sees an ad across every digital touchpoint, device, and instance of their experience. This helps safeguard brand reputation for marketers, while ensuring a positive experience for inventory holders. 
  • Work together: To enable relevant, responsible, and resilient advertising on an individual level, marketers and publishers need to work together to future proof their businesses. Lotame Panorama ID provides a common language for the ecosystem and an interoperable bridge for everything from ad targeting and delivery to analytics, optimization, and attribution.
  • Increase revenue beyond contextual targeting: Publishers can use Lotame Panorama ID to access previously invisible audiences across browsers and see their rich multidimensional attributes and behaviors even on the first impression. They can go beyond the limits of contextual targeting to help marketers reach customers who have qualified for audiences based on their expressed passions, behaviors, and interests across all their devices and publisher domains, as well as outside of owned properties. This unlocks valuable new monetization opportunities for publishers as COVID-19 continues to impact revenue. 

Why Are Cookies Being Phased Out?

Justin Schuh

While first-party cookies are unlikely to disappear any time soon, Google and others have indicated their intent to phase out third-party cookies over the next several years. Cookies present privacy concerns as the data is shared across the web, and users have historically had very little control over how their third-party cookie data is used. 

Per the BBC, Justin Schuh, Google’s director of Chrome engineering, said in a blogpost: ‘Users are demanding greater privacy – including transparency, choice and control over how their data is used – and it’s clear the web ecosystem needs to evolve to meet these increasing demands.’”

Lotane’s CEO Promises to Evolve with Users

Per TechCrunch, “‘Consumers are changing all the time, even more so in the last 8 months,’ said Lotame CEO Andy Monfried in a statement. ‘Marketer and publisher relationships have to evolve with each other and with customers to reflect these profound shifts. Panorama ID provides that new common language or bridge to make relevant advertising possible and impactful for marketers, publishers, and consumers.’”

As users turn more to online shopping and engagements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies look for solutions to meet their evolving needs. Lotame may have done exactly that with Panorama ID.