Diamond Dreams and Caviar Promises: 10 Things You Should Buy If You’re the Lucky $1B Lottery Winner

Almost everyone has a secret list of things they'd do or buy if they won the lottery. But what if

Diamond Dreams and Caviar Promises: 10 Things You Should Buy If You're the Lucky $1B Lottery Winner

Almost everyone has a secret list of things they'd do or buy if they won the lottery.

But what if you won the motherlode? The jackpots of all jackpots? What would you do with $1B dollars?

Of course, taxes come out first – so it's not a cool billion. But $1B, $700M; it's all the same when you're scraping by from day to day on minimum wage or even a middle class income.

So what would you do with your money? Here are 10 brilliant ideas for how to spend that windfall.

A Girl’s best Friend

Of course, you could always spend some cash on something that will hold its value. How about a diamond? Why not THE diamond? The Pink Star, a huge rare pink diamond, just sold in Hong Kong for $71M. Chump change for high rollers like the jackpot winner.

A Sleek Ride

How about a zippy hypercar that seduces you from point A to B? The Pagani Codalunga will only run you around $7M. You could buy 20.

Rich on the High Seas

What about a yacht? No, a super yacht. The Sanlorenzo 500EXP will only set you back around $31M, but you and say 10 of your closest friends can hit the high seas in comfort and class – including your very own on-board spa.

Live, Laugh, Llama

We know, they're alpacas. But "live, laugh, alpaca" doesn't have the same ring. We may not know what it's like to have a cool billion sit in the bank, but there's one thing everyone needs in their life: humor. Why not by an alpaca farm? After all, Robert Downey Jr thought it was a good way to spend money.

A Luxe Getaway Close to Disney World

How about this 7 bedroom mansion close to Disney World in Orlando, Florida? It has an, "indoor spa, outdoor lanai, golf simulator, theater, bird aviary, themed bedrooms and more" according to Instagram account, Zillow Gone Wild. Nothing like taking tea on your lanai while the parakeets judge you from their roosts. New money, am I right?

Who Wants to Just Visit Disney?

Well you probably can't buy Disney itself, but how about your own theme park? Many only run $10M to $40M to start. So pick your dream theme, and get started. You can have your very own Dollywood.

An End to World Hunger

Well, you probably can't solve it on your own. But donating a good chunk to charities like Unicef which helps vulnerable people around the world – especially children – get much-needed medicine, vaccinations and food, you can feel good about watching that account balance drop. Plus, you get a tax break. Win-win.

Think Like an Entrepreneur

You can't buy Kylie Jenner, but you can probably start your own cosmetics empire. Or shoes. Or rap career. Or whatever your heart desires. Think outside the box.

Your Own Plane

If you're not dreaming of the seas, or wanting to drive like a Formula One star, maybe you wonder what it would like to get where you're going even faster – how about a private jet? They run around $2M to $100M, so options abound. But buyer beware, they're terrible for the environment. Then again, your next purchase might make care a little less about the future of the planet.

Your Very Own Stay in Space

Space Hotel

How about some time in the world's first space hotel? If you win now, you could secure your tickets for the inaugural run in 2027. Each 3-day stay will only set you back $5M, so you can go as often as they'll medically clear you.

If none of these ideas tickle your fancy – what does get your goat? Are you an, "I'm buying $600M worth of shoes?" or an, "I'd like a different Land Rover for every day of the week?" Will you invest it wisely, donate to charity, or spend it all – because you can't take it with you?

After tonight's jackpot drawing, one special person could be facing these questions – but your very first stop should be at an accountant's (that you can trust). Take your time, don't tell anyone you've won – and get some professional guidance.