Exclusive: Is Louis Tomlinson’s Baby Mama Briana Jungwirth Extorting Him? Inside Her Secret Double Life

UPDATE (10/27/2020): In a brand new follow-up chat with Straus, he cleared the air on his previous statements, and he

Briana Jungwirth and Michael Straus

UPDATE (10/27/2020): In a brand new follow-up chat with Straus, he cleared the air on his previous statements, and he even sent a strong message to Tomlinson regarding the custody of his son.

“The first thing Briana said to me when I met her … was, ‘I have a son with someone in a boy band.’ I of course responded with, ‘You and Joey Fatone [from ‘NSYNC] have a kid?’ Probably would’ve been another excellent time to turn and run!” he said. “Briana waits for the direct deposit from Louis on the first of every month, like it’s her own personal income and then she immediately runs out and spends it all on hair extensions, nails, fillers. She usually burned through it all by mid month.”

He continued, “The best was last September she got sick and I was gonna take her to a doctor, but shockingly she had no health insurance for herself or her son Freddie. ‘It lapsed.’ I tried explaining to her how important it was especially for her son.You ever try explaining something to a rock with a borderline personality. Long story short, Of course I took care of everything. Antibiotics, Diflucan, an inhaler, a vaporizer, nurses her back to health and for that my reward was she wasn’t a lunatic b***h to me for five mins.”

“As beautiful as Briana is, she’s the most insecure person I’ve ever met, probably why she keeps getting unnecessary surgeries. The reason we broke up was because I barely could bring myself to touch her, much less have sex with her because she was so f**king mean. That set off her crazy insecure ‘am I not pretty enough’ chain reaction and it just kept going,” Straus concluded. “All that being said, Louis, I’m available to help you get custody from the bamboozling piece of trash.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Just last week, CelebMagazine broke the news that Louis Tomlinson‘s baby mama, Briana Jungwirth, was being sued by her ex-boyfriend Michael Straus, after she allegedly cheated him out of $5,000. Yep, according to Straus, he loaned her the money to pay for her boob job, and two weeks later, she broke up with him, but still took his cash and went through with the surgery. Now he wants it back.

In an exclusive new interview, Straus has opened up to CelebMagazine about how the Instagram star tricked him into paying for the surgery, and he spilled all the tea on her secret double life.

First Off, Who Is Briana Jungwirth And What Is Her Relation To Louis Tomlinson?

Jungwirth is a hairstylist from Calabasas, CA, who gained attention online after she entered into a relationship with Tomlinson in May 2015. Then, a few months later, fans were left seriously shook when news hit the web that she was expecting the former One Direction member’s baby. Their son, Freddie Reign Tomlinson, was born on January 21, 2016. 

There Were Some Custody Battles After His Birth

Briana Jungwirth and son Freddie

In the months after Freddie’s birth, reports started to surface that claimed things had turned ugly between Tomlinson and Jungwirth. In June 2016, People Magazine reported that the pop star filed for 50/50 joint physical and legal custody after his visits “became increasingly erratic.” A source explained to the outlet that when Tomlinson started dating Danielle Campbell, Jungwirth was not happy about it.

“Before Briana got pregnant, she was bragging to friends about how serious she was with Louis,” the insider explained. “She thought it was going to be a real relationship. When Louis started dating Danielle, Briana was upset and that’s when the drama started. When she was pregnant he was very supportive and paying for all her medical needs. He bought her a house, but she wanted something bigger. Briana really tried to make the relationship work, and she became jealous when he moved on.”

Get this — after Tomlinson and Campbell were photographed on the beach together playing with little Freddie, Jungwirth completely shaded them online. She wrote on Twitter in a now-deleted message, “You can pretend all you want but you will NEVER be my baby son’s mother.”

As of January 2017, however, it seemed like things were all good between the parents. How do we know? Well, in honor of the toddler’s first birthday, Jungwirth shared a sweet video of her and Tomlinson celebrating together. Plus, when he and Campbell split, it helped mend things.

Michael Straus First Met Briana Jungwirth In 2018

Michael Straus and Briana Jungwirth

According to Staus, he got close to Jungwirth in December 2018 after they met at the Coachella musical festival. They kept things casual until March 2019, when they officially started dating. But he explained that a few months into their relationship, he noticed a major change in Jungwirth.

“The good times did not last long. Once the shine wore off, I was dealing with a very dark person,” Straus explained. “No matter what I did for her I was lucky to get five minutes of light, then it would automatically turn dark again. She was a real miserable b***h.”

He continued, “She was kind, funny, loving, beautiful and a great mom. She was amazing. Unfortunately not soon after those first couple of perfect months, I knew something was very wrong with her. All the signs I was trying to ignore from day one were getting impossible to look past. There were two Briana’s — the beautiful, kind, loving amazing mom that would never lie, cheat or steal and the other one that was extremely dark, dishonest and cruel. Unfortunately the latter one was winning the battle in her head. Most guys would’ve run, as should I have, but by then I was living full time in Calabasas and had fully committed to her and Freddie. I remember her asking me if I was going to leave them? I told her, ‘No, I want to be the man in Freddie’s life I wish I had in mine when I was growing up.’ So I stayed, but being with her was a daily, nonstop, constant battle that no other person should ever have to face. I realize now, this is who she is. I wish I would have known all this stuff about her before I was living with her, changing diapers and writing checks.”

They were together for seven months before splitting in October of the same year, but when the coronavirus pandemic hit, they got back in touch.

“We didn’t talk for a few months but I was always worried about her and Freddie, and when COVID started, reached out because I cared about her and Freddie,” he explained. “Throughout March, April and May I voluntarily helped them out. I thought she was this struggling single mom stuck at home having the hardest time. She always said she had asthma, so I even sent her air purifiers. Boy, am I an idiot.”

He told us that he sent Jungwirth “groceries and supplies,” and he even bought Tomlinson’s son a new iPad. 

But When He Realized She Was Using Him, He Ended The Relationship Once And For All

“I finally realized I was getting used and cut it off. I haven’t spoken to Briana since June. I sent her an email demanding the money the day before I filed the lawsuit because it is required by the courts,” he continued. 

And when Straus saw her showing off her new breasts online, he was not happy about it.

“Here I am sheltering at home, recovering from a surgery for a broken foot and she’s running all over the city modeling her new tits,” he said. “So much for the struggling mom. That was it, we had a big falling out. The whole thing was really upsetting because I did adore her. And I’ll never forget the time I told her that I wanted to be the man to Freddie I wish I had in my life growing up. I can confidently say I lived up to that. So it was not easy for me just to walk away from them.”

Michael Straus Alleged That Briana Jungwirth Was Living A Double Life

Briana Jungwirth and Mike Straus

Straus claimed that Jungwirth pretended to be a struggling mom in an attempt to trick him into giving her money. 

“I guess when I saw the life she was really living, I had had enough. If she has the time to run around town like a 16 year old showing off the new head light on her car, it’s about time she pays me back,” he explained. “I told her once when I was really upset to forget about the money, but that was when I thought she was struggling, sheltering at home, taking care of Freddie. I had no clue. It made me realize I never really had a clue. That’s the sad outline of the story of Michael and Briana. The whole thing is kind of tragic, because there was a time when we first got together that I was more in love with her than I had ever been with anyone and I know she felt the same. It didn’t last long, but it had its perfect moments. Now I look back at my time with her and feel total disgust, embarrassment, shame and complete disappointment in myself. I allowed her to treat me pretty s**tty. But I know I was good to her and her son and for that I got cracked for $5K.”

He also claimed that she wanted fame and attention online — and would do anything to get it.

Straus added, “I’m the first to admit I’m an idiot and got suckered. Being raised by a single mom myself, I know how hard it was on her son, so I did back flips to make him and her as well happy. Worst mistake of my life. All I want is her to pay me back. She borrowed the money under false pretenses. I thought I was still helping out this struggling single mom and she would pay me back once she was able to save up. Now I come to learn I was actually writing a check every month for her to run around the city, hooking up with anyone she thought might make her relevant in some way and doing anything to get the paparazzi and TMZ to pay attention to her.”

He Thinks He Is Not The First Man To Fall For Her Tricks

Straus told us that he is sure she has done this before, leading us to wonder — did she use the same tricks with Tomlinson?

“I guess this is a more appropriate look for someone that earns everything dear to themselves while deceitfully lying on their back,” he said. “We were saying we loved each other after four days and were talking marriage almost right away. I guess this is her move. It sure worked on me.”

Briana Got Engaged To Her New Boyfriend Nick Gordon In September 2020

Briana Jungwirth and Nick Gordon

After ending things with Straus, Jungwirth entered into a relationship with her childhood friend Nick Gordon. And get this — one month after they started dating, Gordon popped the question and asked the internet star to marry him. But according to Straus, she was still in contact with him and getting money him for money, even after she started dating Gordon.

“This also means I was still writing a monthly check while she was getting engaged and telling someone else all the same garbage she told me. ‘You’re my life, my home, when you know you know, I’ll marry you right now.’ It sounds like these are her go to lines,” he revealed. “Maybe she should’ve gotten a job writing greeting cards, then at least she could’ve paid me back. Something I guess she not only didn’t think was necessary, it probably never even crossed her mind.”

Briana Jungwirth’s Family Responded To Michael Straus’ Accusations

When asked about the situation, Jungwirth’s family told us exclusively, “I think you can perfectly see the type of man you’re dealing with … [We] think silence and a legal battle will be a better route. Trust me, [we] have enough evidence to make him look way worse than you can ever make my daughter look. It’s just not how we roll.”

Jungwirth’s cousin, Ashley Jessica, also responded to the accusations in an Instagram comment.

“FAKE NEWS! This is @brianasrealaccount cousin… Truth of the matter is that guy is crazily obsessed and psychotic!” she wrote. “She has a restraining order being filed along with suing him for defamation of character. SMH.”

We asked for proof or clarification, but she declined to offer any.

Briana Jungwirth’s Family Reportedly Thinks That She Needs To See A Shrink

According to Straus, however, Jungwirth’s family told him that they think she needs to see a shrink.

“Her dad called me and begged me not to [file the lawsuit]. Which was pretty funny because the last time he called me was the end of May to let me know she was an awful person, always has been, and that he and her mom begged her to see a shrink,” he dished. “He also thanked me for being so great to her and her son, and to apologize.”

Fans Have A Lot Of Theories About Briana Jungwirth

Briana Jungwirth Bikini

Many of Tomlinson’s fans have strong feelings about Jungwirth, and some even think that she faked the entire pregnancy in an attempt to help cover up the fact that Tomlinson is gay and in a secret relationship with Harry Styles. Others have suggested that Freddie isn’t even Tomlinson’s son at all, and that although someone else is the father, Jungwirth tricked Tomlinson into believing he was the dad in an attempt to extort him for money. Fans have even theorized that Jungwirth photoshopped photos to make the toddler look more like the “Walls” crooner. But according to Straus, Tomlinson is definitely the 4-year-old’s dad.

“I will say he is 100 percent Louis and Briana’s son,” he told us. 

Fans Don’t Think Briana Jungwirth Is The Best Mom

Some fans have also accused Jungwirth of being a bad mother, especially after she accidentally set herself on fire during an Instagram Live earlier this year.

“This family is literally dangerous for him. They’re exploiting him all over social media. Briana went live on Insta once and set herself on fire with a candle because she was drunk, while the kid was sleeping upstairs,” Instagram user @viktorija_zugaj poined out in a comment. “Also not long ago, they were playing a drinking game and you could see Freddie mimicking their actions on her stories. They’re encouraging him to say all kinds of slurs, I literally saw the videos. This is just one percent of every f**ked up thing we’ve seen them doing in front of that child. Louis that we all know for 10 years now, would never ever let his own child grow up in such conditions. Makes you wonder why he’s not taking any action… He should get full custody but that’s not even possible without a DNA test that he never got. This guy that’s suing her just proved to everyone that this woman is in no way, shape or form, an angel.”

After he was born, some reports emerged that said Tomlinson got a DNA test to prove that Freddie was his son, while other news articles claimed he never got a paternity test after all.

Michael Straus Says Louis Tomlinson Is A Very Present Dad

Michael Straus and Briana Jungwirth at dinner

When asked how Tomlinson is as a father, Straus explained, “Louis bought the house in Calabasas for them to live in and he pays child support every month. He did see Freddie numerous times while I was involved with Briana. Whether or not he is an absentee father or he is saddled with the lifelong misfortune of dealing with a problematic woman, isn’t for me to say.”

Briana Jungwirth Deleted Her Social Media After News Of The Lawsuit Hit The Web

So is Jungwirth using Tomlinson like she did with Straus? It’s still unclear, but hours after our initial report about the lawsuit hit the web, Jungwirth deleted her entire Instagram account. The hairstylist-turned-Instagram-model’s retreat from social media and silence on the matter lends credence to the allegations of those questioning her honesty. Some fans have also pointed out that a pattern of behavior over time can definitely help establish a person’s motives. So if what Straus said is true, their worry about Tomlinson is definitely palpable. While it’s important to respect his right to his private life, fans have spent five years wondering if the 1D heartthrob is being taken advantage of, and they are ready for some answers.