Exclusive: Louis Tomlinson’s ex Briana Jungwirth Sued Over Defrauding Ex for $5,000 Boob Job!

One Direction fans have always been strongly divided over Louis Tomlinson‘s ex Briana Jungwirth. However, those in the strongly, “boo

Briana Jungwirth

One Direction fans have always been strongly divided over Louis Tomlinson‘s ex Briana Jungwirth. However, those in the strongly, “boo Briana,” camp may have some more fuel for their fire. An ex of Jungwirth has reached out to CELEB to let us know that he’s filed a lawsuit against the 28-year-old stylist. According to the ex, Jungwirth cheated him out of $5,000 – and he’s looking to get it back. 

Who is Briana Jungwirth and How is She Involved with Louis Tomlinson?

Jungwirth, a 28-year-old stylist from California, has been the center of some massive controversy in the 1D world. The Sunreports, “X Factor star Louis and Briana hooked up in a brief romance in May 2015 after being introduced by mutual friends.

Their relationship began after Louis and long-term lover Eleanor Calderhad split and news of Briana’s pregnancy was announced in the autumn of 2015.

Freddie was born on January 21, 2016, in Los Angeles.

The Sun Online exclusively revealed she and her family had nicknamed Freddie a ‘miracle baby’ and a ‘gift from God.’”

Why is There So Much Controversy Over Briana?

Briana Jungwirth Bikini

A lot of fans feel as though there is some dishonesty surrounding Freddie’s parentage. When CELEB shared our intention to dig more into this story, Instagram lit up with comments from 1D fans concerned for Tomlinson and Freddie. There is a popular fan theory that Tomlinson is gay and involved with 1D star Harry Styles, or some other man. Some suggest Jungwirth is a, “beard,” or a straight partner paraded in public to cover a closeted gay person’s private life.

Another theory suggests that Freddie isn’t Jungwirth’s or Tomlinson’s; that her pregnancy was photoshopped and faked, and the baby belongs to her step-parents. A third theory is that Jungwirth knows Freddie isn’t Tomlinson’s, but since Tomlinson is on the birth certificate, fans worried he’s being tricked. People suggest that Freddie’s images are highly photoshopped to make him resemble Tomlinson. 

Fans Have Strong Feelings About Freddie

Briana Jungwirth and son Freddie

Theories abound on Instagram over son Freddie. One fan, @happy_7766, boldly claimed, “I want you to dig more into this cuz this chick was never even pregnant she is photoshopping that child pictures.” Several fans made reference to Michael Jackson‘s, “Billie Jean,” which is about a man who says a woman claims him to be the father of his child, but he is not. Others referenced karma, suggesting Jungwirth deserves the lawsuit for defrauding Tomlinson over Freddie’s parentage.

One fan, @viktorija_zugaj, had serious aspersions to cast on the Jungwirth family as a whole, saying, “Yeah we shouldn’t get involved, but if I go on social media every day and see 50+ articles about a 4 year old kid, I can’t be quiet. As Louis’ fans, we are literally concerned for this kid. Louis’ fan account here on insta, recently posted a manip of him with Freddie and the caption said ‘why are we not seeing Louis and Freddie together anymore, is he even seeing him? I think not’ Briana’s grandmother liked that photo. Why would her grandma publicly liked this post if he’s actually seeing his kid? This family is literally dangerous for him. They’re exploiting him all over social media.”

The fan continued, “Briana went live on insta once and set herself on fire with a candle because she was drunk, while the kid was sleeping upstairs. Also not long ago, they were playing a drinking game and you could see Freddie mimicking their actions on her stories. They’re encouraging him to say all kinds of slurs, I literally saw the videos. This is just 1% of every f–ked up thing we’ve seen them doing in front of that child. Louis that we all know for 10 years now, would never ever let his own child grow up in such conditions. Makes you wonder why he’s not taking any action… He should get full custody but that’s not even possible without a dna test that he never got. This guy that’s suing her just proved to everyone that this woman is in no way, shape or form, an angel.”

This blog compiled all the so-called, “babygate,” proof, suggesting that both Jungwirth and Freddie are a cover for Tomlinson’s private life. Whatever the truth is, it’s clear the 1D fandom believes that Jungwirth is sketchy. 

Briana’s Cousin Ashley Shows Up to Defend Her

While the overwhelming majority of comments were unkind to Jungwirth, there was one glaring exception. Jungwirth’s cousin, Ashley, pictured in photographs often referred to by babygate believers, showed up to defend her. On another Instagram postCELEB made discussing the legal case against Jungwirth, account @ashleyyjessica, claiming to be the infamous cousin Ashley, commented, “FAKE NEWS! This is @brianasrealaccount cousin… Truth of the matter is that guy is crazily obsessed & psychotic!!! She has a restraining order being filed along with suing him for defamation of character. Smh.” We asked for proof or clarification, but Ashley declined to offer any.

However, we received an e-mail from another fan who reached out and told us, “if you want to know what kind of family the Jungwirths are, just read this article about her cousin Ashley. They are nasty liars, who would do anything for money. Louis’ mother was battling with terminal illness at that time, but not even that stopped Ashley from talking sh– about her and Louis. She also claimed Louis was meeting with Briana already two months before his break up with Eleanor.”

The email continues, “Briana’s mother Tammi Clark is no better, while Louis was sending for Freddie tens of thousands of dollars as child support, she was busy liking posts on instagram about Louis being deadbeat dad. Briana also said after Louis’ airport incident with paparazzi that Louis has mental problems. This family is completely crazy. I feel genuinely sorry for her fiance, but considering he’s proposed after 2 months of dating (which they didn’t even spend together since he works as a firefighter in Redmond, Washington), he is probably really stupid.”

Briana Went from Louis to Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner

After Tomlinson and Jungwirth called it quits, Jungwirth’s next big name relationship was with Brody Jenner. Jenner is the son of Caitlyn Jenner and step-brother to Kylie and Kendall Jenner, as well as Kim, Khloe, Kourney, and Rob Kardashian. 

After moving on from Jenner, Jungwirth dated Michael Straus, the complainant in the lawsuit against Jungwirth. 

Briana Taking Money from Michael and Running Shows a Pattern of Dishonesty

When Straus’ lawsuit against Jungwirth became public knowledge, babygate believers and fans of 1D rejoiced. Finally, proof that Jungwirth is as sketchy as they’ve been saying for years. According to Straus, he and Jungwirth were dating. He spent money supporting her and Freddie. He even lent her money to get a boob job – $5,000. Two weeks later, she broke up with him, but still took his money and went through with the surgery. 

In an email, Straus informed CELEB, “I haven’t seen Briana in over a year. We were speaking for the first three months of the pandemic, when I was helping take care of her and her son by sending them groceries and supplies. She even got me to buy the kid a new ipad. I finally realized I was getting used and cut it off. I haven’t spoken to Briana since June. I sent her an email demanding the money the day before I filed the lawsuit because it is required by the courts.”

Straus continued, “Her dad called me and begged me not to do it. Which was pretty funny because the last time he called me was the end of May to let me know she was an awful person, always has been, and that he and her mom begged her to see a shrink. He also thanked me for being so great to her and her son, and to apologize.”

Straus reflected on how Jungwirth was able to pull at his heartstrings; “I’m the first to admit I’m an idiot and got suckered. Being raised by a single mom myself, I know how hard it was on her son, so I did back flips to make him and her as well happy. Worst mistake of my life. All I want is her to pay me back. She borrowed the money under false pretenses.”

CELEB had hoped to speak with Straus more about the lawsuit, but Straus, exhausted from the drama and disgusted by Jungwirth’s behavior, declined the more extensive interview. Straus told CELEB, “I’m not so sure I want to be any more involved in this whole thing. It’s maddening to relive how sh—y I allowed someone to treat me. All she knows how to do is take and take and take. This stuff will have no effect on her. She is incapable of taking responsibility for anything. I swear she’s dead on the inside. Trying to make her happy was like Sisyphus pushing that f—ing rock up that hill. I also don’t think this is gonna help get my money back.”

Something is Clearly Up With Briana

Briana Jungwirth and Nick Gordon

Since being dumped by Straus, Jungwirth has gotten engaged to new boyfriend Nick Gordonafter only a month of dating. 

Whatever the truth is about Freddie’s parentage, it’s clear that Jungwirth has secrets. While the vast majority of babygate proof is speculation and fan rumor, it does paint a picture of a woman hiding something. Whether or not Tomlinson is in on the secret or being cheated remains to be seen.

And Jungwirth’s treatment of Straus shows a woman with no remorse or thought for how her actions impact others. If Jungwirth is capable of taking a kind man’s money and running with no thought, what might she be capable of doing to Tomlinson? 

Straus’ lawsuit is a clear warning to others considering getting involved with Jungwirth: caveat emptor. It’s possible that the accusations against Jungwirth are all smoke and mirrors, but Straus’ lawsuit adds solidity. If Jungwirth is just the victim of bad publicity and fan obsession, she will quickly work to rectify the lawsuit with Straus and prove that she’s acting in good faith. If she fights such a clear case of misconduct, it could be considered proof that all the worst theories about her behavior with Tomlinson are true.