Louis Vuitton Monthly Picks Reflect Warm Fall Tones

Just in time for Thanksgiving: Louis Vuitton’s November monthly picks evoke cool nights, family dinners, and the rustic brows and

Louis Vuitton Fall 2020

Just in time for Thanksgiving: Louis Vuitton’s November monthly picks evoke cool nights, family dinners, and the rustic brows and reds of a winter cabin. They ask customers to, “lace up,” and with their buttery soft boots and rich vibrant fabrics, we agree. 

Step Into LV Boots

Jaden Smith Louis Vuitton

November’s monthly picks include their buttery soft, ever-fashionable seasonal footwear. From comfy and fashionable loafers, to edgy and eye-catching booties, every customer’s toes will come away singing Louis Vuitton’s praises after being wrapped in the soft calf’s leather and canvas combos. 

The Stellar Sneaker offers a divine canvas cloak for your feet, with soft leather accents and the signature LV pattern with a casual, leather-toed look. The Stellar will only set you back $965. 

Traditionalists can buy one of several loafer styles; either a sleek black loafer with gold LV signature accent, or a brown loafer with the LV print and gold feature. Both retail for $995.

If you’re looking for booties, LV offers a wide variety. From the silver-toed black leather Louise Ankle boot, to the Afterglow Platform ankle boot. The Afterglow features part sleek black leather, and a platform toe with a tall slender heel. The back end of the Afterglow bears the signature brown LV-print leather. Both the Louise and Afterglow will put customers back $1,330. 

The seasonal offerings also include military-like boots with black leather and gray LV-print accents, in the Metropolis Flat Ranger that retails for $1,690, and the Laureate Platform Desert Boot that runs $1,330. 

November Picks in Red, Brown, and Black

Emma Roberts Louis Vuitton

Along with the stunning array of seasonal boots and shoes, LV is suggesting some complimentary pieces for Fall outfits. One highlight is the stunning, vibrant, Collarless Red Wool Wrap Coat. The coat offers a sleek, smooth-front profile. The description reads, “This iconic fall essential combines warmth, lightness and suppleness thanks to a unique double-face technique. Soft and rich to the touch, this feminine belted, collarless wrap coat in a seasonal red wool-silk blend is chic and brimming with character, complete with a contrasting plum-colored giant Monogram jacquard interior.” This coat will only set you back a modest $5,600. 

Finishing off the outfit suggestion, customers can pick from one of 90 stunning silk squares and bandeaus.  With warm, rich, red and brown colors, and patterns that evoke travel, luxury, and class, this is one accent sure to finish the outfit of fashion’s savviest advocates. 

Lace Up Your Fall Fashion

Louis Vuitton Fall 2020 Purse

With such generous offerings for customers to lace up this fall, Louis Vuitton’s November picks are sure to please. With the rich Fall colors and sleek 2020 footwear fashion, whether you’re kicking back and working from home, or hitting the pavement, you’ll feel comfy and stylish. The coats and bandeaus offer the perfect touch to tell people, “I’m serious about looking and feeling good.”

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