Louis Vuitton Men’s Collection Pop-Up Comes to Miami

Miami’s Design District may have seen several high-profile events canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but not everything is closed

Louis Vuitton Miami

Miami’s Design District may have seen several high-profile events canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but not everything is closed for business. The Louis Vuitton Men’s collection is taking up a temporary residence in the Design District, showcasing the genius of artistic director, Virgil Abloh. The display comes on the heels of several of Abloh’s most fun and creative pop-ups and installations. 

From Paris to Miami

Louis Vuitton Pop Up

The Adventures of Zoooom With Friends  has come a long way. First making an appearance in Paris Fashion Week 2020, Zoooom then touched ground in Tokyo and Shanghai. Aventura Magazine writes, “First introduced at the 2020 Digital Fashion Week in Paris, Zoooom with Friends took the event by storm with their joyfully animated escapades throughout the city. Reborn in Shanghai and Tokyo as gigantic balloons, Zoooom with Friends embarked on a global adventure, celebrating Louis Vuitton’s adventurous spirit.”

Now making it’s home at a residency in the Jungle Plaza of Miami’s Design District, Adventures of Zoooom With Friends will celebrate inclusivity and international adventure.

What the Exhibit Will Include

Louis Vuitton 2021

Adventures of Zoooom With Friends combines a little bit of every exhibit that came before it on it’s journey to Jungle Plaza. With oversized balloon characters standing side by side with playful sculptures, the entire installation is framed by cherry red shipping containers. Inside of the containers, the artist’s fashion concept.

Visitors to the installation will be able to access Augmented Reality features by using QR codes displayed in every shipping container. Using SnapChat to view the QR content, users will be able to interact with each display on a personal level.

Per PaperMag, “The video’s dragon, duck and bird characters have been reimagined as oversized balloons that accentuate the space. They’re accompanied by blown-up rainbow, globe and sunglasses sculptures as well as a trippy building backdrop, creating the perfect surrealist photo-op.

The second performance-inspired LV2054 capsule will also be spotlit as part of the display, highlighting its ski pieces for the current winter season. Numerous ‘suites’ in hues of yellow, blue and red are situated within the residency’s shipping containers, and each display shows various pieces from the upcycled line, which visiting clients can pre-order onsite.”

In a press release by LV, the company describes the unique approach to the collection and installation. “Making it’s first ever appearance in North America at Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Temporary Residency at Miami Design District, the Spring-Summer 2021 Men’s Collection is founded in four methods of upcycling: new looks made from recycled material, looks repeated from the Fall-Winter 2020 collection, looks freely created by the studio during the lockdown using recycled material, and new looks created from existing ideas. These principles set the premise for the evolution of the collection.”

A Happy Escape in a Troubled Year

Louis Vuitton Installation

Abloh is one to feel the pulse of the world and try to meet it’s needs. With a penchant for mixing the whimsical with the vital, Abloh created an installation that blends the LV quest for inclusivity with a message of diversity and world unity. 

In a year when nothing has felt right, fashion lovers can take a moment to breathe and enjoy the playful and imaginative world of the Zoooom With Friends display. Just be sure if you want to tiptoe through the world of adventure and high fashion, you plan to make an appointment.