Two Louis Vuitton Collections Inspired by Travel Bring the World to Your Home

Everyone’s missing a little bit of something after the past year’s pandemic. One thing many people are pining for but

Louis Vuitton's travel collections

Everyone’s missing a little bit of something after the past year’s pandemic. One thing many people are pining for but have to keep on hold for the time being? Travel. Louis Vuitton, connected to their customers and the pulse of the world, knows how deeply we all miss the ability to pack up and go. So they’re offering two gorgeous collections that have been inspired by travel, to bring the world right to your doorstep. With beachy tones and bright, cheerful colors, these collections are sure to brighten your home and remind you of what’s waiting when the world returns to normal.

Objets Nomades

Louis Vuitton's travel collections

The Objets Nomades collection is furniture inspired by the textures of the world. With the classic Louis Vuitton whimsy and the bright, colorful colors that evoke a vibrant world, the Objets Nomades collection is sure to brighten any home.

One unique piece is a flowery and fantastic chair that looks like an opening blossom. The $103,000 Bulbo chair by the Campana Brothers recalls the tropical flowers of a rainforest venture. “Like a strange and wonderful tropical flower, the Campana Brothers’ Nest rises to envelop the sitter as if in an affectionate embrace.”

This Mandala decor piece by Zanellato/Bortotto evokes a floral motif. A stunning touch for any home, this subtle pop of color will turn heads. For only $49,500, this stunning and unique art piece can grace your wall or mantel. 

And a glance into this stunning $13,200 Diamond mirror by Marcel Wanders is sure to transport you to another place and time. “Reflecting the multiple facets of his talent, Marcel Wanders has reinterpreted the geometric beauty of his Diamond Screen in the Diamond Mirror for the Objets Nomades collection. A central octagonal mirror is ringed with 24 triangular mirrors, beveled to create a dazzling visual effect. The Nomade leather trim is enhanced with Louis Vuitton’s signature contrasting stitching. This poetic diamond captivates the eye like a precious gem.”

Other pieces in the stunning collection include whimsical chairs that look like legs, field of flowers pillows, suspended chairs and flowing, ethereal vases. 

Trunks & Boxes

If you’re looking to evoke even more immediate connections to travel in your home decor, the Trunks & Boxes collection is sure to tickle your fancy. 

Louis Vuitton luggage is more than practical, it’s an iconic piece of fashion. With a durable, high-quality construction and the signature Louis Vuitton sleek fashion, they can be both a travel piece and a design statement.

The $5,050 Coffret Tresor 24 is one of the smallest pieces offered, perfect for jewelry, a few pieces of vital makeup, or maybe medicine. This practical piece will travel hardy or jazz up a side table that needs just that little touch of travel.

If you’re ready for some heavy-duty travel and need space for all of your knick-knacks, the Malle Haute 110 can hold plenty. It would also serve as a side table or an accent piece in a room with some international flair. 

And what can be said about the Casino Trunk? This whimsical piece offers you some Vegas flavor right in your own luggage. Standing over 42″ high, this piece is both super practical and fun. “Specially made for those who love games of chance, the Louis Vuitton Casino Trunk is an exceptional piece. Exquisitely crafted from Monogram coated canvas with natural cowhide-leather trim and red microfiber lining, this hard-sided trunk contains everything needed to play poker, blackjack and roulette.”

Time to Hit the Road, or Maybe Bring the Road Home?

Louis Vuitton's travel collections

With the LV travel-inspired collections, you can be ready to hit the road, or you can bring the road home. With pieces that can fit many budgets and the signature Louis Vuitton quality, the Objets Nomades and Trunks & Boxes collections are exactly what a pandemic-weary world needs to remind them of greener pastures and bluer skies.