‘Fireworks, Drugs, & Alcohol!’ Fired Love & Hip-Hop Star Masika Kalysha’s Illegal & Illicit Behavior While Squatting In David Weintraub’s House Revealed

It’s safe to say that fired Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast member Masika Kalysha hasn’t had the best of

David Weintraub

It’s safe to say that fired Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast member Masika Kalysha hasn’t had the best of weeks. Kalysha has recently made headlines for a fake kidnapping to promote her Only Fans, had issues with Hazel E over Kalysha’s daughter, Khari Barbie, and now has been accused of being a deadbeat and fraudulent tenant by well-known hip-hop (and television) talent manager David Weintraub.

Recently, Weintraub spoke out about the situation on Brandi Glanville: Unfiltered. After his conversation with then, we spoke to a source close to the situation who had more to dish- and it’s not sounding good for Kalysha. 

‘The Biggest Garbage’ 

On the Podcast interview with Glanville, Weintraub detailed that “When I say the biggest garbage can human being, disgusting lying scam artist low-life person is this woman Masika Kalysha Tucker that happened to be on one of our shows, Love & Hip Hop — who attempted to buy a house from me but committed fraud.”

Weintraub explained to Glanville that he had agreed to sell Kalysha the house before the coronavirus pandemic took over the world and that her loan had “fallen through” and thus she decided to find a way to evade paying. 

Specifically, Weintraub accused Kalysha of: 

⁃Using the pandemic “eviction moratorium” so that she didn’t have to pay her rent, which she had agreed to pay.

⁃Still going on “shopping sprees” and showing off her wealth and bank account, all the while using the coronavirus “eviction moratorium” to not pay Weintraub the rent she owed.

Interestingly, in the pics below, Kalysha was seen showing off money while squatting in Weintraub’s house and using the aforementioned moratorium to not pay rent.

Fired Love & Hip-Hop Star Masika Kalysha’s Illegal Behavior While Squatting In David Weintraub’s House Revealed

The Truth

A source close to the situation dished to CELEB that “Masika had extremely bad credit, but was interested in buying David’s house. She didn’t have the right amount of credit, though, to be able to pay for a house this expensive.”

“David started working with her to try to get the deal approved,” CELEB’s source elaborated. “She was able to finally be able to put a big down payment down, but she wasn’t able to get a good enough rate due to her credit issues. This was why a lease was drawn up to allow her time to try to get the rate she wants while also living in the house she had agreed to buy. Also important to note was that she had to prove that she had $400,000 in liquid cash in order to even get the loan.”

Taking Advantage 

CELEB’s insider went on to explain that “Masika had sold her house and had moved into David’s house. She was making money and doing well, even trying to teach people how to make money via the stock market while living in David’s house. Once COVID hit, though, she then decided to abuse the moratorium. She refused to pay rent and held the house hostage for six months. She also stole David’s washer and dryer. This is why David decided to sue- the back rent, the stealing the washer and dryer, and damages he eventually saw in the house once she had moved out.”

Kalysha did some crazy things in the house while living in it as a “squatting tenant,” CELEB’s source revealed, which included: 

  • “Holding an an illegal fireworks show in the house.” Fireworks are illegal in California. CELEB obtained exclusive video from our source of the fireworks, as seen below:

  • “Doing drugs and drinking in the house which is questionable at its core as she was parenting her child in the house while participating in this illicit behavior.” Here is proof of that which CELEB was able to obtain from her Instagram posts:

Fired Love & Hip-Hop Star Masika Kalysha’s Illegal Behavior While Squatting In David Weintraub’s House Revealed Fired Love & Hip-Hop Star Masika Kalysha’s Illegal Behavior While Squatting In David Weintraub’s House Revealed


CELEB’s source on to note that “Masika tried to completely turn the situation around and make herself the victim by using cancel culture to try to paint David in a negative manner.” However, David has many clients that came to his defense in a recent article from OK Magazine article, the strongest quotes which CELEB has recapped below: 

  • Ray J stated that “David Weintraub is one of the best managers and producers in the game, he has always looked out for my best interest, and we have been quite successful in all of our businesses. By no means does he have any racist or bigoted work or personal ethics at all. I stand by my brother DW, and we all know that this is a typical exercise to try to deflect the fact that she owes him money and was squatting in his home not paying. I saw this saga play out first hand, and she is wrong for abusing the system, squatting and not leaving his home, which she ultimately could not afford anyways.”
  • Ray J’s ex, Princess Love, stated that “This is the first time I’ve heard anything about David being racist. It’s absolutely absurd and you have to look at the source. He’s the most hard-working person I know, and he goes above and beyond for me and my family. David’s not only my manager, he’s my friend and he’s like an uncle to my kids. He was right there when I had both of my children.”
  • Rapper Too Short explained that “I have known and worked with David Weintraub for the last 15 years. He is a gentlemen and hard worker and doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. He has always advocated for equal rights and runs his business with the utmost integrity. The fact that this woman squatted in his house and doesn’t want to pay her bills has nothing to do with race.”

While the situation remains ongoing, CELEB’s insider wrapped with stating that “There are rumors floating around that both attorneys who were representing Masika have dropped her as a client for her unnecessary shenanigans and un-payment of services.”

“David is not backing down from his fight,” CELEB’s source added, “as he knows he has done nothing wrong and will come out on top and paid back the money he is rightfully own.”


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