‘Love is Blind’ was Robbed by What We Didn’t Get to See of Chelsea and Kwame’s Love Affair

If you ask people about their feelings on “Love is Blind” star Chelsea Griffin, you’ll probably get one of two

Love is Blind Chelsea Kwame

If you ask people about their feelings on “Love is Blind” star Chelsea Griffin, you’ll probably get one of two reactions: either “she’s way too much,” or “she’s a queen.”

But there’s one thing that everyone should be able to agree on – the audience was robbed by the Netflix cutting floor.

Because what we saw of Chelsea and Kwame’s love affair was steamy enough – but what did they cut out? What sweet moments, flirty looks, and funny jokes did we miss out on?

Come on Netflix, we need an “extended” version of the Chelame love affair, pronto.

Chelsea and Kwame’s Love Affair, Summarized

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First of all, let’s look back to how it all started: on Season 4 of “Love is Blind.”

Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah met through the pods – of course.

From the beginning, it was clear that Chelsea was all in on Kwame. But Kwame didn’t reciprocate as enthusiastically – at first. Kwame’s attention was first focused on Micah, but then she hooked up with Paul and it freed Kwame for his second – and way better – love match, Chelsea.

After focusing on Chelsea, Kwame began to realize that they could maybe have something really special. Once they met in person, it was basically a done deal – their chemistry was out of this world.

Kwame still couldn’t shake the whole Micah thing, and he flirted with her a few times – threatening to send his new relationship with Chelsea careening off the rails, even after the couple moved in together in Seattle.

Somehow though, these two and their fiery romance made it to the end – and they said “I do” on the season finale, which aired April 14.

When they tied the knot, sweet Kwame said, “This is the first day of the rest of our lives.”

“This is the first day of the best trip, the best adventure that you have ever been on, that we have ever been on,” Chelsea added.

Are Chelsea and Kwame Still Together?


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So that leaves us wondering – are they still together?!

And luckily for you romantics out there, the answer seems to be an emphatic “yes!”

Kwame just posted a picture of the two of them together yesterday, and that’s pretty recent tea – so we can safely say that they’ve managed to beat the odds at least this far and stay together.

As long as Kwame can stay away from Micah, they may just have a happily ever after.

And maybe there’s a good chance for it. After all, Kwame apologized for his behavior with Micah, saying during the show’s reunion, “It is incredibly unfair to my wife and I’m so sorry baby and I’m so glad that we’ve grown so much together. I’m sorry. I let my ego get the best of me in that moment and I’ll never do that again.”

You’d better not, Kwame – you’ll break everyone’s heart.

We Demand More Scenes, Netflix – Give us MORE

But let’s talk about how dirty Netflix did us.

Let’s face it, few couples were as engaging and fascinating as Chelame. Or Kwasea – you pick.

Their spicy chemistry, the back-and-forth between Micah and Kwame, the fact that the couple managed to find each other again through all of it – it leaves us craving more.

So, Netflix. Maybe we can release on some extra scenes of the couple finding true love? Or maybe they should get their own show. Fans would watch those two do pretty much anything.