Love Is In the Air At the Gucci Love Parade By Alessandro Michele

Smothered in Gucci,  a crowd of Hollywood’s elite took a seat alongside Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. On Tuesday


Smothered in Gucci,  a crowd of Hollywood’s elite took a seat alongside Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. On Tuesday night Gucci shut down the street to use the Walk of Fame as it’s runway, serving more than 100 looks. Featured in the eclectic show was 12 celebrity models including Jared Leto, Macaulay Culkin, St. Vincent and Miranda July. This Hollywood fantasy also know as the “Gucci Love Parade” was brought to life by the Creative Director for the major fashion house, Alessandro Michele.The scene went like this: Lizzo breathing the same air as Miley Cyrus, Olympic skateboarder Nyjah Huston casually walking past Maeskin and Gwyneth Paltro sharing the camera with Dakota Johnson. The show was also celebrated with company from Vanessa BryantNatalia BryantSerena WilliamsOlivia WildeTyler, the Creator and many more.

Where the Stars Aligned for Alessandro Michele


Incredible to think that being the creative director of a brand such as Gucci would be settling for someone but, for Michele, it [sort of] was that. He originally had the intent of being a costume designer. But, when that career path didn’t flourish he moved forward on a different one; fashion. And with his position at Gucci he has been able to pursue his love fest with Hollywood. “This was me embracing again the love of my work and how much of this brand is bound to cinema,” shared Michele.

Since starting at Gucci in 2015, Alessandro Michele has cast Jared Leto for perfume ads, collaborated with Elton John on a capsule collection, outfitted Harry Styles for his transition from boy band to solo artist (he also made him the face of Gucci tailoring), and much, much more. And, did you know this? Before taking on the role as creative director of Gucci, Alessandro almost walked out of the brand entirely.


When he made an appearance on the Mischio Selvaggio Show the artist explained that he had become jaded at the company. He shared, “It was unexpected as I was leaving. And so on the verge of resigning, I was invited for a coffee, and it all started from there.” After a three-hour conversation, the brands CEO, Marco Bizzari, convinced Michele to stay with Gucci, entrusting him with the brand’s relaunch.

Throughout his career at Gucci and for this Love Parade specifically, Michele has made it known that he ignores the common thought that time of day, location or gender has a specific dress code. At heart, his work is inspired by looks that used to only be available or acknowledged in film.

Parading Down Hollywood Blvd. With Love


Vogue wrote, “The Gucci pantheon of fashionable fame lives by the same principle as Hollywood: Everyone is just one audition – or one accessory – from being a star.” Hollywood is a melting pot of fashionable looks and Michele’s world is similar. It’s a world where sex-toy inspired jewelry can coordinate with flawless velvet tailoring and golden snake dresses with the sounds of Bjork tracks in the background. The Creative Director reflected on how Hollywood echos in the streets in the way people dress. He said, “America has given fashion so many iconic pieces through cinema and succeeded in what we might call real fashion.”

With this collection Michele spoke volumes about the power in dressing and the power of making your own creative decisions when doing so. He has normalized wearing a satin suit with nothing underneath the jacket besides some pasties. He made colors and extensive fabrics the new black and black the new “color pop.”


Michele brought bygone cinematic wardrobes to fruition. He featured small to plus-size models who strutted the Hollywood Star Walk in cowboy hats, feathered  gowns, faux fur coats, diamond tiaras, crop tops, wide leg pants and voluminous dresses. They accessorized with chunky silver platform shoes, patent leather flats, pointed white boots and face jewelry around the nose and cheekbones.

The 500 guests of the evening consisted of screen gods and goddesses, all front row. The collection conveyed haute glamour-puss gowns, 1940’s meets 1970’s tailoring, and muticolored lace tuxes fastened with floppy fabric corsages. And the iconic Gucci logo was fulfilled with casual Gucci “souvenir” shirts and racy Gucci logo leggings and catsuits. “It was a dream come true. There was no better place to restart,” said Alessandro Michele.


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