Dream of Getting Paid to Watch Love Island? It’s Your Lucky Day

Have you ever dreamed of kicking back on the couch, turning on Love Island USA, and getting paid to watch?

Love Island

Have you ever dreamed of kicking back on the couch, turning on Love Island USA, and getting paid to watch? Well, your day may have arrived. An online platform is offering a diehard fan exactly that opportunity. Here’s how you can get paid to watch your favorite love brawl reality show. 

Get Paid to Watch Love Island USA

Love Island

Everyone imagines their dream job, and everyone has a hobby. But what if your dream job and your hobby could become one? With the Love Island Investigator and Editor job, that’s a real possibility. FandomSpot.com is looking for someone who’s a real superfan of the show to watch Season 3 and write creative and engaging content to help catch up fans who may have missed an episode.

The job listing writes, “Are you a Love Island superfan? Well we’ve got the job for you. We’re excited to announce that we’re looking for FandomSpot.com’s first ‘Love Island Investigator and Editor’ to write about all things that fans might want to know about the hit reality show.

We can’t get enough of Love Island and we know that you can’t either, with the Love Island fandom growing bigger by the day. So we can cater our content to Love Island fans around the world we’re looking for someone to help us do just that, investigating all of the show’s gossip and reporting on any drama that fans may have missed or are unaware of.

If you’re up for the role, you could earn a one-off payment of $5,000 USD to binge watch and write about Love Island US.”

Writing experience is not necessary; the team is focused on finding someone who is a fan of the show. Applicants must, however, have excellent writing skills to create engaging content for other fans to follow along. It’s a pretty sweet gig; three hours of work per day, watching your favorite show and gossiping about it? Sign us up. People who are interested in the position can visit the website to apply. 

What is FandomSpot?

Love Island

FandomSpot is a super-collective of the world’s most popular fandoms. It provides entertaining information, gossip blogs, and up-to-date discussions on a wide variety of genre topics. The website’s description shares, “Everybody loves games, movies, cartoons… we grew up on them!

And when we really love a series, we want to dig into it as much as possible. That’s exactly what you’ll find here on FandomSpot.

We’re a pop culture site writing about every series on the planet. Fun lists, factoids, opinion pieces and gift guides full of collectibles for the true fans out there. Have a look around and see what you can find.”

Love Island Season 3

You’re supposed to be a superfan to get the job, but if you’re looking to cram and get the job anyway (shame!), here’s the scoop. Love Island USA is an American version of the popular show Love Island. Wikipedia actually does a pretty good job explaining the format of the show; “Love Island involves a group of contestants, referred to as Islanders, living in isolation from the outside world in a villa in [a tropical destination], constantly under video surveillance. To survive in the villa the Islanders must be coupled up with another Islander, whether it be for love, friendship or survival, as the overall winning couple receives $100,000. On the first day, the Islanders couple up for the first time based on first impressions, but over the duration of the series, they are forced to ‘re-couple’ where they can choose (or be chosen) to remain in their current couple or swap and change.

Any Islander who remains single after the coupling is eliminated and ‘dumped’ from the island. Islanders can also be eliminated via a public vote during the series. The public can vote for their favorite couple or who they think is the most compatible through the Love Island app available on smartphones. Couples who receive the fewest votes risk being eliminated. Occasionally, twists may occur where the islanders must eliminate each other. During the final week, the public vote for which couple they want to win the series and take home the prize.

Whilst in the villa, each Islander has their own phone with which they can only contact other Islanders via text – or receive texts informing them of the latest challenges, dumping, or re-coupling. Islanders and couples must typically take part in many games and challenges designed to test their physical and mental abilities, with the winners receiving special prizes afterward. Some Islanders are also sent on dates outside the villa or can win dates by winning challenges.”

Season 3 episode 1 aired on July 7, 2021, bringing back Arielle Vandenberg as the host and Matthew Hoffman as the voiceover narrator. Season 3 is filmed in Nīnole, Hawaii. 

The job to watch and hype Season 3 sounds like any true fan’s dream come true. All you have to do is strap on your Love Island pants, head over to the job listing, and shoot for the stars.