Ludacris Says He’s Not a Big Selfie Guy, Unlike His Daughters

Rapper Ludacris recently spoke about being featured in Google’s first ever 3D anamorphic Billboard in Times Square, NYC. Part of


Rapper Ludacris recently spoke about being featured in Google’s first ever 3D anamorphic Billboard in Times Square, NYC.

Part of being a girl dad also comes along with becoming a certified selfie-taker and Ludacris is going to join the club.

In a recent interview he was speaking about Google’s first ever 3D anamorphic billboard in New York City’s Time Square where he was seen taking a hands-free selfie on the new Samsung Z flip 4 and shared his thoughts on the trend.


Ludacris Brings Selfie Taking Into the Future – So Easy a Boomer Could Do It

On the billboard, which was unveiled Monday as a part of The Future Is Unfolding campaign, an avatar dog that was featured on Ludacris’ 2001 album Word of Mouf attempts to take a selfie on the phone and fails. Then, Ludacris, 45, comes in — with his 2003 hit “Stand Up” playing in the background — and commands “Hey Google, take a selfie,” which prompts the hands-free device to capture the photo.

On a day-to-day basis, Ludacris isn’t all that into snapping photos of himself — but he may be turning over a new leaf.

“I’m not that big of a selfie guy, but I have four daughters and three of them, obviously they are big with selfies,” he says of daughters Chance, 17 months, Cadence, 7, Cai, 9, and Karma, 21.

He continues, “I will be honest and say now that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 came out, I might just turn a new page and be a selfie type of person at this point.”

Ludacris Gives Black Owned Businesses a Boost

Back in November is when the rapper teamed up with Google for its yearly Block Owned Friday campaign which is a campaign to support black owned business.

“A lot of people want to support black-owned businesses, but don’t necessarily know how or the easiest way to do it,” he says. “So I think pointing people in the right direction and having a place where people can go makes it very simple for them to remember exactly how to do it again. It’s great.”

He recently released a music video with Flo Milli on the new song Buying All Black to support and promote.

He says, “We are all about giving back during this holiday season. We find families that are in need and can use a hand up, as I like to call it, not a handout. And I make sure that my daughters and my family understand that we’re very fortunate and very, very grateful. The best way to showcase that is to give to those that are less fortunate than us.”

He loves spending time with his family as well and plans on doing more of that.

“[I’ll be] celebrating legacy man and thanking all of the fans and reminiscing that they’re the ones that feed these beautiful daughters that I am able to take on different trips and spend so much time with on the holidays,” the “Act a Fool” rapper says. “I would just say in a nutshell, reflecting, reminiscing and loving on your family. There’s a lot of craziness and negativity going on in the world. I just want to spread love and positivity.”