Maci Bookout Offers Rare, Raw Look Into Her Struggles

While most of the stars on the Teen Mom cast have had at least one book released- which typically tells

Maci Bookout

While most of the stars on the Teen Mom cast have had at least one book released- which typically tells their life story- longtime cast member and fan favorite Maci Bookout recently released a very unique book. Specifically, Bookout released a new book entitled The Battle Upstairs, which is a collection of poetry. CELEB exclusively caught up with Bookout to discuss her latest project, where the inspiration came from and the one question many fans will want an answer to- are any of these poems about her ex, Ryan Edwards

Afraid To Be Vulnerable 

Bookout began sharing with CELEB how she got the idea to write a poetry book. 

“I have been reading poetry for what seems like my whole life,” Bookout began with sharing “Poetry has always been so powerful to me.”

“I started writing (attempting to write) poetry when I was around 13,” Bookout continued sharing. “Poetry is my passion  and I always wanted to have my poetry published, but I was afraid to open myself up to that vulnerability. After writing my first two books, I realized  that I couldn’t let my fear keep me from accomplishing one of my biggest dreams.”

Before even delving into the collection, the title stands out as being very strong. We were curious as to what the significance of the title was to Bookout. 

The Battle Upstairs simply refers to the back-and-forth we all experience in our minds,” Bookout explained. “Should I stay in this relationship, am I good enough, why did that person do this to me, have I been kind to myself, how can I understand or do I even have to understand, etc.”

“It’s the questions,” Bookout elaborated, “the good side and the bad, the what ifs, the weight of the unknown. The battle we fight within ourselves is the toughest, in my opinion.”

Maci Bookout

NOT The Case 

“Poetry has always been my way of feeling,” Bookout continued explaining about her new book and what fans can expect to find in it. “Writing is my emotional outlet. Readers will get a very raw look at what I was feeling or thinking at different times in my life [in regards to] specific situations.”

Bookout then addressed a key concept in poetry which is that every person who reads a poem will likely take something different from it/have a different interpretation of its meaning.

“With that said,” Bookout noted, “poetry is about interpretation. What one person may take away from a poem could be something completely different to the next person.”

“Not every poem is black and white,” Bookout added. “Some are complex and many are open to individual creativity.”

Since Bookout mentioned readers getting a “raw look” at what she was “feeling or thinking at different times” in her life, we were curious if the poems would touch on her experiences with Edwards and his issues or her struggles with being a young mother. 

“I am glad you asked,” Bookout began with telling CELEB in response to this question. “Yes, there are pieces that reflect experiences and struggles of being a young mother and a single mother, motherhood in general.”

But what about Edwards, who is Bookout’s ex and father to her first son, Bentley?

Maci Bookout

“I figured most people would read many pieces and conclude that it is about Bentley’s dad,” Bookout stated. “That is NOT the case.”

“I can think of two poems that have something to do with my experience and relationship with Bentley’s dad,” Bookout added. 

Learning Who I Am 

When asked if poetry was always a skill Bookout had- or was something she more recently was dabbling in- she noted that “I would like to think that I am a ‘skilled’ poet, haha. But yes, I have always written poetry and I believe with experience and inspiration overtime, my skill has definitely improved.”

As for why Bookout thought now was the time to share her art with the world, Bookout explained that “I was at a point in my life where I was- still am- learning who I am as a woman- not a teen mom or reality TV personality, but as an adult. I knew I needed to conquer my fear and go for it.”

“If I wanted to be known as an author (not just a ‘celebrity’ who released a book) and if I wanted to continue writing books – mainly poetry –  the time was now,” Bookout added.

As far as her favorite poem in the book, Bookout told CELEB that “Oh my, I can’t even begin to decide. I have tried to decide and I simply can’t.”

“It honestly changes every day,” Bookout elaborated, noting that her favorite poem “depends on my mood I suppose.”

Maci Bookout

Read Between The Lines 

Bookout wrapped with telling CELEB about what she hopes readers will get out of her poetry collection, explaining that “There is something about choosing specific words and piecing them together…  like a puzzle that makes you really FEEL what you’re reading. I hope The Battle Upstairs brings that to the readers.”

“I always say this because it’s important, but read between the lines,” Bookout added. “Try to interpret for yourself. Poetry means so much to the author, but it can be even more to the reader if you let it.”

Fans interested in purchasing Bookout’s new book, The Battle Upstairs, can do so HERE


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