Mackenzie McKee- I Cheated On Josh

Earlier this year, it was revealed by Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee that her husband, Josh, had an affair with her cousin. She then

Mackenzie Mckee's ex-husband

Earlier this year, it was revealed by Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee that her husband, Josh, had an affair with her cousin. She then backpedaled on that and changed her tune about the events that happened. Now, in an explosive new interview, McKee has revealed that she actually cheated on Josh!

A Family Affair

Before getting into what McKee said, let’s first go back and recall what happened with her cousin and Josh. 

In a leaked Facebook post (from her personal Facebook) back in May, McKee wrote the following: 

“I know many have it worse than me. This isn’t a pity party.

Life has really thrown me some huge curveballs. IDK how I’ve made it here.

Obviously the world knows Josh had an affair last year, and then months later repurposed promising he changed and got ‘saved.’ It really made my mom happy and I chose to forgive, and trust God. She was so happy for him and her last words to him were ‘I’m so proud of you. Pray for me.’ I was so happy we made it to God before her death.

Then in December I was already in deep pain and had to watch her take her last breath and Josh was there for me until 2 weeks later things changed.

All of the sudden I was a freak for crying and being depressed. I would lay in bed and wonder why I was so crazy because that’s what he made me feel like. And then life slowly turned into him working all day, coming home to shower and fishing all night. Again, I wondered ‘what is wrong with me, I need him here to hold me together’ but just gave him grace and knew he didn’t know how to handle it.

So yesterday I made the random decision to pull joshes call and text logs. To find out that one week after my mom died ‘when he started leaving and changing his behavior’ to find he was texting a woman 3-600 times per month and calling her on these nights he was ‘fishing’ until 3 am.

Obviously another affair. So I go to call the number and it was my close cousin Ashley.

What all went on? IDK. My family will never be the same and we are all torn. I WAS NOT only hurt by him, but by her.

I have cried until my eyes were swollen shut. I am in utter shock. I’m now opening my eyes to what a horrible man josh has been. He has been a lie. And how can you watch your wife lose her mom and make these decisions?s

I’m sad for my kids. I love Jesus and I loved my family. People have tried to tell me for years Josh doesn’t love me and I just made excuses for him.

But today is the day I walk away. Pray for me, that I can function, feel worthy again, and find hope. Pray for my kids. I always wanted my family to work so they don’t have to live in two different houses. I was 100% committed to josh and so much I don’t understand..”

Another Statement… 

Soon after her Facebook post leaked, McKee spoke exclusively to Champion Daily to further break her silence on the scandal. 

She gave them the following statement: 

“I am not here to bash anyone. My life has been dramatically changed in the past 14 months and sucking the energy out of me. It is time to live, to breathe, and to set up the life my kids deserve. Was it petty of me to run off of my emotions and type that Facebook status? Yes. Is there always another side of the story. ALWAYS.

Moral of the story- Josh and I met super young. And things went fast when neither of us were ready. So my instinct was to LOVE and LOVE hard. Hold my family together, make good money, set us up, and live a good life. I took Josh in and gave him life. My family loves him, and always rooted us on. We both made several mistakes throughout the years I’m not claiming to have been perfect. But one thing we can all see is that he has sucked [the] life out of me.

If you ask him, he says I pushed him away. And my side of this all is I never felt valued or loved. Out of everything I have accomplished he was never proud of me.

It didn’t make things easy that he wants out of the spotlight and I run my entire life/income on social media sharing anything and everything which could have done damage on this marriage.

In 2019, when Josh made his mistake behind my back I filed and he fought to save this. And I just decided, ‘you know what, this will be hard but he has forgiven me for so much, I want to extend my grace and forgive him. I love my family and Josh is my home whether people see it this way or not.’

But after the re-proposal, I will admit to calling him mean names every day and pushing him away. Then after I lost my mom I also lost all sanity.

I would tell him daily he is no good and disgusted me, but on the inside it was me screaming for him to just hold me together. 

So the (cousin Ashley story) she is a close cousin. Someone who  I grew up being close to. We’ve always had each other’s back and she is far older than Josh and I. We used to hang out with her and her ex now husband and let each other’s kids stay over.

She cuts hair for a living and has cut Josh’s hair along with all my family’s for years.

Life after my mom’s death has been misery. I haven’t been the same. I probably am not easy to deal with. So Josh started doing what he does best and run from the situation. He owns a business and started picking up on work to bring home more money which he did. But then started obsessively buying things to keep him busy. Like we have a fishing boat, got a trailer to start a lawn care business, and a four-wheeler. All In a few month’s time. 2 times this year I have kicked him out of the house just to try to find my sanity. Was it wrong? Sure, I’ll admit that. But lately, our relationship has literally been sleeping under the same roof and loving our kids. He says to me all the time ‘I’m just here until you find someone and I will leave,’ so we both know it was coming to an end but being together for 11 years it was just so hard.

But neither of us are happy. This is not Mackenzie. I am fun, loud, motivated, outgoing. And I am not even a joy to be around for others.

Long story short I pulled his phone records and found he had been texting and calling a number more than necessary. And it was my cousin. My heart sank more than ever and that’s when I chose that we were done for good and posted the status.

My family being very close did not know how to take it. Josh and Ashley both say that a lot of them were chatting about a hair cut, and she was going through Josh to get some anxiety meds from his brother and that Josh would come to her to talk about our problems and ask her advice.

According to them it ‘isn’t what it looks like, but looking back it’s wrong. And he says she was always telling him he needs to man up and be here for me.

To me, if a man came to me, it is not my place to speak to him. It’s inappropriate and in my eyes, this is an emotional affair.

What really went on? Idk…… But I’m tired of laying in bed and wondering. I shouldn’t even have to wonder or worry. I feel betrayed by my own family and things will never be the same.

Josh’s job was to hold me together and selfishly he was thinking about himself. He could have handled my behavior in a whole new way. Go to a preacher, a therapist. But NOT my cousin.

I am excited for my future. I have a good career and although I don’t have my family put together, I truly believe God is going to heal me and let me see why this is happening.

I pray for Josh. He obviously has issues in life. I pray he finds someone who will be nice to me and good for him and to my kids. I pray I find someone who loves the Lord as I do. Who will value me and I won’t ever have these feelings of insecurity or wondering why I’m unloveable again.

God is writing my story, although it isn’t exactly what I had wanted.”

Wait… Never Mind!

Later in May, Mackenzie ended up changing her tune. She took to her Instagram story to share that “I never used the word cheating or banging. For the sake of my family stop using that word. I’m moving on so let’s all stop stalking my relatives and move along.”

She also shared the following tweet on her Twitter account: 

Then, today, a new interview is being discussed in which McKee actually reveals that she cheated on Josh!

I Cheated!

In an Instagram live interview with the Domenick NatiShow, McKee “When we were married, when Broncs was a baby, I did get in a relationship with a man and that was in 2017 and he caught me and he left me, and not only did he leave but he gained full custody of the kids.”

“And that was one thing he did not care to go on the Internet but I know he was really angry,” McKee continued.

“And one day,” McKee elaborated, “he came home and I decided I was never going to do that again because I saw the hurt but he wasn’t giving me what I needed in a man, so I found it in someone else.”

Where Does This Leave Things?

While McKee had said she was planning to move forward with divorcing her husband, they have been spotted together a lot as of late. We think it’s safe to say what will ultimately happen remains to be seen.