Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Celebrates Holiday in Style

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours on this fabulous holiday weekend! What is your favorite part about thanksgiving? Here at


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours on this fabulous holiday weekend! What is your favorite part about thanksgiving? Here at Celeb we are thankful for so much and especially excited that one of the most traditional events of the holiday season is back in full swing in the form of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the Big Apple! CEO himself Jeffrey Gennette cuts the ribbon inviting everyone to recognize the parade is now beginning along with Al Roker, a seasoned Macy’s Day Parade announcer. We are looking forward to countless celebrity appearances, broadway performances, and those iconic floats we all love.

Broadway Performances


6th Avenue is glistening with holiday cheer as performers show their stuff, one after another. The crowds are wild this year and we know why! missing out on one of the best days of the year during 2020 because watching the parade from home simply does not compare.

Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend, don’t believe us? just ask the star of Moulin Rouge, Miss Natalie Mendoza. The broadway musical is up first on the Macy’s Parade floor and the cast of Moulin Rouge set a high bar for the rest of the acts! Natalie Mendoza has made most of her time available for movies in the last few years and tells announcers “I never thought I’d do broadway again”. Well, surprise Natalie because you are just too good to not cast! Fans are excited to see her in the broadway show after so many years and kudos girl,  you certainly don’t look 45.

Wicked, Annie with Harry Connick Jr., and the new musical entitled “six”  also in the early morning lineup is exciting to watch, a mix of classic and new is good for the sole and viewers aren’t complaining. Our guess is everyone is itching to buy tickets for these broadway spectaculars and we couldn’t agree more. However one broadway act couldn’t possibly have viewers more excited to see than you know who. Here they come, stronger and more beautiful than ever, The Ratio City Rockettes! doing what they do best by dazzling and wowing with those high kicks and perfectly in-sync lines. The girls are happy to be back, surrounded by their loyal fans who share their same love for the Holiday season. We always wish their performances at the Parade could last just a bit longer but fear not! The Rockettes perform all Holiday season long at Radio City and you need to catch a show!

Celeb Appearances and Performances


A long list of Celebrity performances are scheduled for the Parade and the queen of country herself brings the house down first in a stunning red Christmas dress surrounded by her crew of talented musicians and snow! Carrie Underwood who recently underwent critical facial surgery looked more stunning than ever and she delivered an original Holiday song with a classic heartwarming Carrie performance. The stunning Kristin Chenoweth and duet buddy to Carrie underwood, Arianna Grande, and countless Broadway shows, stop in to show off her killer voice yet again, never not leaving us with the chills down our spine!

In addition to all our people celebrities, many of the Macy’s Day Parade float fall into the category of celebrity status and it looks like most of the iconic floats have been prepped and ready to roll through yet another Macy’s Day Parade. The Green Giant is one of our favorite reminding you every year to EAT YOUR GREENS! The Mr. Golden Turkey float carries Tik Tok Sensation Tai Verdes along, who sings his famous Tik Tok song. Verdes gets a little too into his performance and stumbles into the Golden Turkey himself, slow your roll Tai. Sesame Street reminds us of those happy childhood days followed by a new childhood love, a new Paw patrol puppy balloon! Some of the pop world’s upcoming performers experience their first Macy’s Day Parade and we hope they realize the significance of this honor! Kim Petras, AESPA, and GIRLS5EVA sure seem to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience taking in the joyful smiles and sprit filled spectators at the Parade that doesn’t compare to a normal concert experience.

What Are you Thankful this Year?


We always love to hear what people are most thankful for during this time of year and Macy’s does too! Commercial breaks have a little extra joy in them this year as public figures, influencers, and athletes from all over the world chime in and tell us exactly what Thanksgiving means to them, after all, that is what the Holiday is all about.

Streaming live from the new platform Peacock, is the Lopez family, comedian Kenan Thompson and a few of our very own athletes that will be representing the USA in the 2022 Winter Olympics giving thanks for all this year has brought. Along with many other familiar faces and “voices” as even the President of the United States chimes in for an exclusive chat with host Al Roker. We all have a lot to be thankful for during this holiday season and we wish you health, happiness and a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!