Exclusive: MAFS’ Brett and Olivia Don’t See Eye to Eye on Falling in Love

On Married at First Sight,Brett and Olivia have been one of the more questionable matches. Although they share a love

MAFS Brett and Olivia

On Married at First Sight,Brett and Olivia have been one of the more questionable matches. Although they share a love of cats, the pair seems to have little else in common and butt heads over some of the most fundamental issues in a marriage. In an exclusive clip, we get a peek into how each of them views the importance of certain issues while falling in love; and how massively they disagree on the basics.

An odd couple

From day one, Brett and Olivia have been one of the most awkward couples on MAFS. From Brett’s odd behavior at the bachelor party and refusal to sleep with his bride on their wedding night, to his tendency to make sarcastic quips instead of have tough discussions, they make for a frustrating couple to watch. Olivia tries to encourage Brett to have open and honest discussions about their relationship, and problem solve every time Brett has an attitude, but he frequently rebuffs her either with sarcasm or irritation.

Brett is not comfortable with Olivia bringing home more bacon

Nurse Olivia makes more money than builder/”jack-of-all-trades,” Brett, and he clearly resents her for it. Fans have been screaming at their televisions as Brett nitpicks Olivia’s budgeting and accuses her of being bad at money management. Olivia says this is due to Brett being intimidated by the fact that she makes more money than he does. On the September 2nd episode, Olivia shared with her cousin Heather that she was concerned that her marriage wouldn’t work. 

MAFS Brett and Olivia

In the clip, Olivia tries to have an honest discussion as Brett makes quips

The clip opens with Olivia reading a relationship prompt off a piece of paper, asking, “how are you going to actively fall in love in this relationship?”

In typical Brett fashion, he responds sarcastically, “obviously, sexy underwear dances. That’s a given. Reminding you about flossing, because nobody falls in love without good dental hygiene.”

With the patience of a saint, Olivia responds, “But like, for real. What can you do to show love to me?”

Brett appears to think, then adds without any depth or thought, “I think that it’ll mostly be fireworks displays, and sick jumps with my BMX bike.”

Patiently, Olivia asks, “do you have a BMX bike?”

Brett, of course, does not. 

In a confessional voice-over, Olivia says in exasperation, “Talking with Brett about love is exhausting. I feel like there’s a time and a place for sarcasm, but being sarcastic all the time makes it very hard for me to understand what his views [are] on what love is.”

Talking to Brett, Olivia says, “I think I feel like talking about feelings gets exhausting but the best thing we can do is just keep putting ourselves in our elements and getting to know one another.”

For a moment, it seems as though Olivia has made a break-through with Brett as he responds, “I agree. Honestly, there’s nothing that I think is more attractive than seeing people when they’re passionate.”

Olivia tries to suggest a path forward

The progress is momentary, as Olivia’s next and admittedly bizarre theory on how to grow love sends Brett back down a spiral. Olivia suggests, “So I think we just have to keep doing things that you like to do, things that I like to do. And eventually, they’ll be things that we like to do, instead of just focusing on big life issues.”

Brett isn’t on board, saying, “That sounds like the exact opposite of every good advice I’ve ever gotten in my life.”

MAFS Olivia

Olivia continues on her bizarre theory, “if you have the small things, then the big things will be a little bit less.”

Brett, in a rare moment of relationship self-awareness, adds in a confessional voice-over, “there’s always small reasons why anybody can get along, but the small things aren’t what keep people together, it’s the big things. It’s just concerning.”

Olivia tries again, “You can’t focus on the huge things in life. You’ll never be self satisfied.”

Dryly, Brett responds, “that’s very zen.”

The clip spells trouble for the couple

As though their relationship hasn’t been one giant waving red flag the whole time, the clip spells trouble for the couple. Fans already suspect the pair may not have made it past Decision Day, and moments like this cement why that might be a positive thing. Although Olivia tries whole-heartedly to communicate with Brett, he’s more like a locked diary than an open book. And Olivia’s grasping at straws to connect over the small things and gloss over the big things sounds like a recipe for a disaster in a relationship. The next episode airs on Wednesday September 9th. 



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