JUST IN: MAGA Turns on Donald Trump over Social Media Posts: ‘This Ain’t it, Donny’

If there’s one group of people that former President Donald Trump could always count on being in his corner, it’s

MAGA turns on Donald Trump

If there’s one group of people that former President Donald Trump could always count on being in his corner, it’s the diehard MAGA supporters.

But Trump may have just done the one thing they won’t tolerate: attacked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

If you’re a little confused, don’t worry – everyone’s a little confused.

For months, Trump has been focusing his ire on DeSantis, mocking his failure to rise in simulated election polls, and sneering at his battle with Disney.

But apparently, not all of the MAGA supporters subscribe to Truth Social – where Trump has done the majority of his complaining about DeSantis.


This week, Trump took his complaints mainstream, posting to his new-returned Instagram account.

And MAGA supporters, confronted with more of the same of what they got from Trump in 2020 (which lost him the election), they’re uncomfortable – and not happy with what they’re seeing.

Trump posted several videos to Instagram this week, hoping to counter the fact that DeSantis just announced that he will be running for the GOP nomination for president in 2024.

In one video, a voiceover video compilation compares the records of both Trump and DeSantis. It was meant to be a strong out-of-the-gate challenge to DeSantis, but the comments show how flat it fell. One commenter replied, “not the enemy,” about DeSantis.

Another wrote, “He should run. Not trump. Trump was a great president and did his job, I still like him. But a lot of people do not. No one is holding a grudge on desantis. Let him have it for the hood of the country.”

Another added, “‘Friendly Fire Will Not Be Tolerated’.”

And things didn’t improve much for Trump in other videos.

Another video compares the campaign launches for Trump and DeSantis – whose Twitter Spaces launch was beset with technical glitches and crashes. In the comments, people aren’t keen on the comparison. One wrote, “YOU LOST!! Desantis 24!!”

Yet another video shows a rocket failing to launch with the words “Ron! 2024” on it. And the comments were again flooded with people who want Trump to stop turning his rage on DeSantis.

One person wrote, “you’re afraid and it shows.” Another says, “Gotta read the room. Nobody wants you attacking the other people standing up for our values in these times. There’s plenty of others to aim at.”  One writes, “This ain’t it…” and another suggests Trump should focus on Biden, not DeSantis.

And in the most recent video, again mocking DeSantis’s stuttered online campaign launch, commenters were less than thrilled.

One summed up the feelings of so many, writing, “F–k is this? I supported you big time during your presidency but now everything’s about money and childish ass acts to carry your campaign. I look forward to your loss, if this is how you’ll be thing time around.”

The reaction on Instagram is a good sign of how Trump will be received in primaries and the general election.

After all, for the past few years, he has mostly been relegated to ranting on Truth Social and niche conservative podcasts. Now, back in the mainstream, people are faced with the possibility of another chaotic and circus-like election season – and everyone’s just a little too tired for a Trump Circus 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Or maybe not. Perhaps his tactics will weaken DeSantis’ position and push Trump through to victory so he can face off against Biden or the Democratic nominee in the general election.

Or perhaps the comments are signaling a growing awareness, weariness, and the end of an era.