Making the Brand with Chervin Jafarieh, Part 4: Embracing Wellness

Wellness, peace, environmental consciousness: These are three core tenets which Chervin Jafarieh embraces. The founder of Cymbiotika and wellness industry innovator walked a long


Wellness, peace, environmental consciousness: These are three core tenets which Chervin Jafarieh embraces. The founder of Cymbiotika and wellness industry innovator walked a long path to get to where he is now. CELEB sat down with Jafarieh to ask about his life and what his path looked like.

In part 1, Jafarieh shared stories of his childhood and what made him the person he is today. In part 2, we talked about the transformative moments that changed the course of his life forever. In part 3, we examined how Jafarieh embraced wellness and started on the path to sharing that opportunity with others. In part 4, we will conclude the series by learning from the wellness pro what he believes people can do to achieve their healthiest and most well selves.

The Role of Time


Jafarieh shared what his experience with his father’s cancer instilled in him, “I have anger and frustration, but all of that is generating into me taking action, no scarcity mentality, I want to take action. I don’t resonate with the watered down inspiration rhetoric that’s being shared all over social media, I believe in intrinsic disciplinary practices and understanding our biochemistry. I believe in making serious action with the self, looking at yourself in the mirror, directly in the eyes, and never lying to yourself about anything.”

The wellness pro added thoughtfully, “We as a society are in this denial phase, and this addiction phase; everything is about instant gratification. Instant gratifications take away from our absolution and destiny, so we have to honor ourselves and honor the commitment of discipline. If we can do that, we can see wellness come to fruition. There’s never been a time before in our history where people are starting to realize, ‘hey wait a second, maybe my health really matters here.’ Life is too short to be stuck in a disease phase.”

But Jafarieh isn’t looking to cheat death. He wants to maximize the time on this earth with the full range of living and life; “I’m not trying to live forever though, I’m trying to avoid the pitfalls of unwellness and live and die healthy. That’s my personal goal. And to do that you have to start with a proper circadian rhythm. Within that concept comes many things including nutrition, hydration and staying grounded to the Earth. I could go on and on, but at the core of everything is proper sleep and rising at a proper time. You have to have a system of rising that is conducive to a balanced day, meaning you don’t wake up and immediately jump on electronics. If you do that, it pulls you out of your presence but we need time to calibrate.”

For Jafarieh, the way we spend time mindfully determines how our wellness plays out. Whether you’re spending time focused on electronics and stress, or nutrition and mindfulness; what you focus on becomes your path.

Sleep is Key

The Cymbiotika founder places great emphasis on how people start their day. Often the way you start is the way you go; “Spend time with yourself upon rising. Take deep breaths, feel what your purpose is without injecting purpose and intention. Hydrate with spring water, don’t put coffee in your body immediately. Add a little sea salt to your water, it’s a hydrator that electrolyzes the body. After that, I put my feet onto the Earth and take some time to connect with the Sun. It turns on the brain and manufactures a neurotransmitter called melatonin.”

Jafarieh wants people to rethink the way we create our wake/sleep cycle, adding, “Think about that for a second. When we don’t do the process of connecting with the Sun in the morning, we aren’t sleeping properly. Because if you really get into human physiology, we should be falling asleep shortly after the Sun goes down. When the Sun lowers beyond the horizon, that’s an indicator for our bodies to shut down and go to sleep. Mother Nature didn’t design us to have natural light.”

Jafarieh explains that the sleep cycle is more than just emptying and refilling a battery. It’s all connected, including our digestion process because it detoxifies us while we sleep. “If you’re not getting that window of sleep, your liver cannot replenish itself. Your kidneys can’t regulate sodium, potassium and other things. Without that sleep, your heart can’t cleanse itself.”

The wellness pro wakes around 4:30 AM, and focuses on eating healthy throughout the day. “Once in awhile you can indulge yourself. But it’s important to have a fundamental operating system that can take on that indulgence. If you’re sick all the time and you feed yourself with sickness, you’re just going to get more sick. It cascades. So proper sleep, proper circadian rhythm, grounding to the Earth; this is the proper start to the day.”

Jafarieh recommends no blue light, such as that emitted by electronics, after 6PM. And he recommends a healthy level of exercise. “There has to be a balance to everything. Activate pathways to survival. Exercise. I don’t go and do 10-mile jogs. No way. When I train, I’m doing all-out sprints. When I work out in the gym, I’m going hard. These are things that release more than just endorphins. Survival genes get activated. If we don’t do these things, by the time we’re 40, 50, 60 years old there’s no chance and you become frail, losing your vital force.”

It’s okay to relax once in awhile, no one’s perfect, and Jafarieh adds, “There’s so many times when I find myself exhausted, and I just want to zone out and relax and enjoy some food. That’s fine. Give yourself that opportunity. But at the fundamental truth, you want to stay young and vibrant and healthy, and you want to live longer and not have neurodegenerative problems. So you’ve got to test yourself constantly.”

“Environment Dictates Outcome”


If you combine a focus on exercise, testing yourself, good nutrition and a healthy circadian rhythm, you’re well on your way to wellness. But the environment in which you find yourself can dictate a lot about how your life turns out. “Your environmental factors, meaning your lifestyle, relationships, how much time you spend in grief, what kind of water you’re drinking, your sleep, your mindset; these are all environmental factors that dictate which genes turn on and which genes turn off. So your lifestyle and environment dictates your outcome.”

Jafarieh explains, “That’s the Biology of Belief. In the ’60’s through ’80’s, everything was genealogy, everything was predicated upon your genome. That’s all false, and top scientists agree. Your environment dictates outcome.”

And that’s the bottom line of what they’re doing with Cymbiotika. What Jafarieh’s whole drive and purpose is. Providing people a way to improve their environment. “That’s what we’re doing here. We’re giving people an opportunity to have the tools to dictate their own lives. We’re learning ourselves as well, we’re forever students. And what I always say is – don’t take my word for it. I’ve paired my theories with the top researchers in the world. Research, go deeper. If it doesn’t work for you, move on. That’s not a religion; this is just what works for us. And we’re motivated to keep going.”

Cymbiotika is expanding their offerings, in an ever-evolving promise to bring people the best products in the world to maximize their wellness opportunities. “We use organic nutrients, we don’t allow any toxins in our products. And we’re getting into cleansing products, green powders, and all this other fascinating stuff. Our bandwidth and our growth is expanding, and our ability to teach people about these products is going to expand with it. We’re getting into the detailed pharmacology of how CBD and cannabis works, going beyond the surface understanding so many companies embrace.”

Jafarieh adds, “And probiotics. Our team has been working on a line of probiotics and post-biotics that are revolutionary. They’ll change the entire game in terms of gut health. That’s coming out in the next three months.”

With a solid grasp on how to create a healthy foundation and all the resources of the Cymbiotika team at his disposal, Jafarieh is a mentor for people looking for wellness. When you focus on connecting with the proper routine that nurtures our growth, you can thrive.