Maldives Announces Collab with Skyscanner: ‘We’re Open and Safe!’

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches into its 11th month for many countries, people are desperate to get out of their

Maldives Skyscanner

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches into its 11th month for many countries, people are desperate to get out of their homes. But they hope to be able to do so safely. Visit Maldives has teamed up with Skyscanners to let people know: we’re open, and we’re safe to visit. 

U.K. Adds Maldives to Their Safe Travel List

Maldives Resort

In late October, the U.K. added the Maldives to it’s safe travel list. The list outlines which countries it’s relatively safe for their citizens to visit as the pandemic continues to rage. At the same time, England added the Canary Islands, Mykonos, and Denmark to the list. This is important because the tourist destinations like Maldives and Fiji have suffered with no travelers visiting in recent months. While Fiji is keeping their travel restrictions in place with a few exceptions, Maldives is open for business and promising a safe destination for visitors. 

Why is the Maldives Safer than Other Options?

The Visit Maldives website explains, “The purpose of this campaign is to assure potential travelers and travelers who are looking forward to visiting Maldives again, that Maldives remains one of the safest destinations during this unprecedented situation. Additionally, the messaging of this campaign will highlight the unique geographical formation of the island nation and the isolation and seclusion it provides due to this.

Owing to the natural dispersion of islands, social distancing is ensured and islands will be less crowded, making it safe and peaceful for travelers to enjoy their holiday. This is an opportunity only available in a select few destinations, including Maldives. The campaign will reach an estimated amount of 50 million people in Italy, UK and Russia markets which will in turn increase brand awareness and visibility, enticing more tourists from all three countries to visit Maldives.

Following the UK government adding Maldives to its safe travel list last week, Skyscanner observed a huge 282% increase in searches, highlighting underlying demand to travel.

Under this campaign, a page will be dedicated to Visit Maldives on Skyscanner platforms, targeting the three markets in their own languages. Through this page, content will be created to showcase different experiences for tourists and show them that Maldives is unique in its own ways compared to the rest of the world. Destination promotion ads will be displayed in various placements throughout Skyscanner’s platforms to capitalise on travel intent to the Maldives and maximise the reach of content. This will include Skyscanner’s homepage and the most prominent positions on flight search results views. The ads will also display messaging in Italian, British English and Russian languages for easy accessibility.”

So Where Should People Book in the Maldives?

Naladhu Private Island

Big spenders have a myriad of options. Naladhu Private Island can be rented out – in it’s entirety – for $35,000 a night. For people with more middling budgets, the Soneva Fushi Resort offers expansive private villas with 62 foot waterslides and over-water views that you can only find in the Maldives. These private villas will set you back from $2,952 to $7,336 a night.

For those budget-conscious travelers, private guest houses can be rented at anywhere from $40 to several hundreds of dollars a night. With air fare at an all time low and tourist destinations desperate to cut deals to get people moving in their spaces again, this may be the time to book that safe, socially distant dream vacation you’ve been waiting to take to the Maldives.