Mariah Carey Announces Launch of New Liqueur: Black Irish

The queen of Christmas and pop superstar Mariah Carey has created something beautiful again. This time, she’s announcing something a

Mariah Carey Black Irish

The queen of Christmas and pop superstar Mariah Carey has created something beautiful again. This time, she’s announcing something a little different from a new song. It’s a new liqueur, cheekily titled “Black Irish” as a nod to her Black and Irish heritage. The Irish cream drink has been created with a lot of thought and care, and it’s all we want for Christmas. But you won’t have to wait! 

Black Irish

Mariah Carey Black Irish

Carey is often affectionately called the “Queen of Christmas” because her Christmas hit, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is played nearly non-stop in every retail setting across the world. It’s up-beat, playful, and instantly recognizable. Now, the Queen of Christmas is giving back to fans in the true spirit of an American Christmas: with her very own launch of a new liqueur. 

Carey has announced the launch of her very own brand new Irish cream liqueur: Black Irish. 

A press release about the launch shares, “Black Irish is the signature line of Irish Cream from music icon and The Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey. As a fan of Irish creams and a festive holiday splash or two, the multitalented superstar crafted a drink with only the highest-quality ingredients. The line of products [have been] named as a playful nod to her Black and Irish lineage.”

And Carey says of the experience of creating her own special drink, “I have been putting my heart into this project for almost two years and I am so excited to finally share this news with you all. I wanted to create something that embodies the holidays and gives everyone a reason to celebrate year-round, and I really think we have done that with Black Irish.”

Flavors include Original Irish Cream, Salted Caramel, and White Chocolate. It retails from $29.99 for a 750ml bottle, and $3.99 for a 50ml bottle. Crafted in Ireland, the bottles come with MC and Carey’s signature butterfly decal, which fans from the ’90’s will recognize right away.

And although Carey is the Queen of Christmas, you don’t have to wait to get your hands on this delicious new Irish cream: it’s available now from her website

Mariah Carey’s Memoir

This release comes about a year after Carey proved to the world that she has a real talent for storytelling, having released her memoirs in Fall of 2020. The Meaning of Mariah was a touching, in-depth, honest, and often playful look at the pop superstar’s life. The focus was on the big and the small, and proved that Carey is just as good at telling a tale as she is at crooning a lyric that touches your soul.

NPR shares, “Take, for starters, Carey’s hair, which may as well be considered a fully fleshed out character in Meaning, with a personality and agency all its own. Not only does it get its own chapter, in which she reveals how her white mother’s indifference toward her biracial daughter’s curls made them a ‘matted, tangled mess’ and fueled Carey’s insecurities at an early age; stray mentions (sometimes, entire paragraphs) of how it was coiffed at any given moment are sprinkled throughout the book, emerging unexpectedly like the taste of a flavorful pinch of spice added by the chef for that little extra kick.

On getting ready to attend the industry party where Carey, then still an unknown, would meet her eventual first husband Tommy Mottola: ‘I attempted to create one long, uniform coil all around my head by twisting sections of hair around the rod of a curling wand. I finished it off with a straight bang.’ During the promotional rollout of Music Box in 1993, the first time it began to set in for her that she had amassed a devoted fan base: ‘I sat in a [dressing room] chair having my hair first straightened, then curled and sprayed.’ When describing the morning after her first sleepover with Derek Jeter in the early days of their dating: ‘I tiptoed down to the kitchen with passion-tousled hair, wearing his oversized Yankees jersey.’”

The memoirs intersperse such intimate details throughout the overarching story of how Carey rose to fame and became the superstar everyone knows and loves today. It’s a touching, engaging must-read for all fans of Carey’s music and career. 

Other Celebs Who Have Alcohol Brands 

Travis Scott Cacti

But Carey’s foray into alcohol isn’t singular. Many celebs have their own alcohol brands, carefully created to match their tastes and style. Here are a few of the most intriguing, per Delish:

  • Travis Scott: Scott first confirmed that his brand CACTI would be incoming last December. On Instagram, the rapper shared that he’d “been working on this for a minute.” CACTI is a blue agave tequila-seltzer, that comes in flavors lime, pineapple, and strawberry. It’s popular and hard to find online, but it is available for purchase now.
  • Michael Jordan: Jordan reportedly worked for years with his partners to come up with his own tequila brand: Cincoro. It’s classy, smooth, and a perfect compliment to the Jordan overall brand.
  • Snoop Dogg: If it seems like Snoop has his hands in everything, it’s because he really does. Snoop worked with 19 Crimes to come up with his own Cali red. The wine blend is a mixture of Petite Syrah, Zinfandel and Merlot.
  • Nick Jonas: Jonas teamed up with fashion designer John Varvatos to create a 100% sustainably-sourced blue weber agave tequila called Villa One. 
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: One of Hollywood’s most beloved leading men, the multi-talented Johnson released Teremana. It’s a small-batch tequila with hints of oak and vanilla.
  • Post Malone: You may be surprised to hear that Post Malone’s drink is not tequila, like so many of his industry peers. Maison No. 9 is a classic rose that pays homage to his love of the Mediterranean. 
  • Bob Dylan: The legendary singer who is currently facing accusation of having sexually abused a 12-year-old in 1965 has his own small-batch whiskey. Heaven’s Door Whiskey is all-American and features the welded iron gates created by Dylan in his own studio. 

And many other big names have their own bottles to boast on. Carey’s new drink is design not just for Winter nights huddled by the fire, although certainly that too: they plan to share year-round cocktail recipes for people to indulge in. With so much care and thought put into the Black Irish brand, it’s likely to be another big Mariah Carey hit.