MAFS EXCLUSIVE VIDEO- Amelia Discovers Bennett Thinks It’s Unethical To Have Biological Children

Married At First Sight is understandably is one of the most stressful reality shows to go on and in the

Married At FIrst SIght Amelia and Bennett

Married At First Sight is understandably is one of the most stressful reality shows to go on and in the current season, one couple has stood out as being the “fan favorites”- Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi.

Would you want to meet someone at the altar and go through with a legal marriage to them?

At the end of the series taping, you decide if you want to remain married to them or not. 

While some of the marriages understandably end up failing, the show has produced some amazing marriages along the way, most notably Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner.

Amelia And Bennet Meet At The Altar

As aforementioned, on the show, you meet someone at the altar and get married to them. This is supposed to be the first time you’ve ever met and ever see one another. 

As Amelia was walking down the aisle, though, she had an experience unlike the other contestants on the show.

“I’ve met him before,” Amelia was heard whispering to her mother as she walked her down the aisle.

The pair ended up realizing they had met previously at a friend’s barbecue. 

Why’d They Get Married At First Sight?

In a conversation with In Touch Weekly, the stars addressed why they decided to get “married at first sight.”

Bennett explained to In Touch that “As soon as we were married, we had to [answer] the question of whether or not I’d be willing to leave the city that I’ve called home for six years.”

Then, the coronavirus pandemic began, and this could put more pressure on any couple, but the pair sound like they are doing just fine with that.

On being quarantined, Amelia noted that “Being quarantined together without any of our friends, routines and outside hobbies so soon after our union was pretty intense, but in a very fun way!” 

Amelia also shared with In Touch her reasoning for deciding to get “married at first sight,” noting that “I wanted to use this time to do something new and different and mostly thought it would be interesting to be on a reality show. Having to get married to a random dude seemed like a fairly small price to pay if you could have this awesome adventure and then get divorced at the end if it didn’t work out.”

“I felt like Bennett was kind of getting married to a stranger for the same reasons,” Amelia elaborated, “to have a really fun and weird experience,” she explains. I guess that’s sort of the ‘wrong reason’ to do this, but it made that first day (our wedding) just feel really enjoyable and light-hearted.”

So What About Babies? 

We have obtained an exclusive clip from this week’s episode, which airs tonight at 8:00 PM on Lifetime TV.

In the clip, Amelia is talking to Bennett’s parents about how things are going in their relationship. While some of the parents on Married At First Sight are skeptical about their children entering into a marriage with someone they don’t know, Bennett’s parents appear to be completely supportive and happy.

When Amelia asks if they have any facts or advice about him, though, Bennett’s sister- who is also at the table- brings up having children. 

“Also, speaking of children,” she begins, “I don’t know if you two discussed having children last night at all, but I think that if he does have children he would want to adopt. That’s what he’s told me. He doesn’t believe that it’s ethical to have children biologically.”

“We certainly didn’t talk about babies on our first night together,” Amelia notes in the confessional, stating that she will “wait to talk to him about it before I talk to other people about it.”

Here is the full clip below: