‘Marry Me’ Review: The Rom-Com Recipe For 2022

There isn’t much that a movie starring Jennifer Lopez needs in order to be a success. It is Jennifer-freaking-Lopez. “Marry

'Marry Me' Review: The Rom-Com Recipe For 2022

There isn’t much that a movie starring Jennifer Lopez needs in order to be a success. It is Jennifer-freaking-Lopez. “Marry Me” is a movie that was a good idea from the jump. A rom-com with one of the biggest global superstars on the planet that is releasing on the Hallmarked Holiday of love? Well, that is a no-brainer. But since when does JLO do anything without doing everything?

Do What You Know JLO

Marry Me

In “Marry Me,” JLO decided to start with what she knew. “Kat Valdez is a global superstar. She is strong and confident. She is a businesswoman and a boss,” Lopez says about her character. “But also, she is just a regular person. She is a regular girl who gets lonely and needs love. ” That sounds super familiar, no? “There was so much about it that I could understand like nobody else could understand.” Ain’t nothing wrong with that girl,  you do you JLO.

Now, with an idea in place, a foundation to the project if you will, it is time to add a few key ingredients. Start with a hella hot Colombian with fire energy and a voice so velvety you no longer question the existence of a higher power. Enter Maluma, one of the poster boys of Reggaeton music.  He plays “Bastian,” Kat’s boyfriend. And since you’re at it, go ahead and make a hit song or two with said Colombian Cutie.

Marry Me

To offset the spice, you need a little sweet. No problem, sprinkle in a generous dose of “gentleman”. Think charming and cute, a little shy but steeped in sincerity almost to a ridiculous degree. Only one guy comes to mind, Owen Wilson who plays “Charlie”. Hot damn, how did this not get done before?

Marry Me

“We were really able to find the connect with them (Kat and Charlie) which is what everybody kinda wants at the end of the day no matter how big and famous you are. You just want a simple life, you want to be happy.”

Picture Perfect

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Another parallel for JLO who attended a special screening of  “Marry Me” with her favorite fella Ben Affleck at her side on the red carpet. The couple rekindled their romance after 18 years apart and only add to the real life fairy tale that is Jenny from the Block’s love life.

In “Marry Me,” Lopez plays Kat Valdez, a musical superstar if ever there was a superstar. She is set to marry her boyfriend Bastian who also has a fanbase in the millions. The two are to wed at a concert while performing a show while simultaneously live streaming it around the world. Because, what else is a famous couple to do in the social media age?

Marry Me

But something goes horribly wrong and the wedding between the two is no more. Oh, but not to worry, there is a wedding because as you know, ‘the show must go on.’ Valdez ends up swapping “I Do’s” to a Charlie Gilbert, a math teacher who tags along to the concert. Throwing caution to the wind, the two give it a go and what do you know, they kids have chemistry.

Marry Me

While the romantic tale is as old as time, what is new is the addition of all  the social media in the movie. Social, social, social. Consider “Marry Me,” this generations “You’ve Got Mail.” Only this time, “You’ve Got Mail” has been replaced with hashtags, Snapchat and the ‘gram.  While we all don’t have a film crew following us like Kat does in the movie, we can all certainly relate to wanting our lives to look as good as possible for social.

See it or Skip It

Here’s the deal. You know exactly what you are going to get with “Marry Me.” And people, you will get it. A super sweet and cuddly romantic comedy that will set off the perfect Valentine’s Day date night, or day (no judgment here). There aren’t any surprises. The movie is adorable, even if it is farfetched AF.  There is something to be said for getting exactly what you want in a movie. No hard message being beaten into your brain. No political undertones. Just a good old fashioned rom-com that further sets expectations on romance. Would we ever see a pop star straight up marry an average Joe spontaneously?  Hell no. But then again, stranger things have happened.

If you are broken hearted, I say see it anyway. Who says “no” to Jennifer Lopez on Valentine’s Day? Even if the story is so sweet it gives you a sugar rush.

6 OUT OF 10

“Marry Me” is out in theaters on February 11th. It is rated PG-13 and runs 1 hour and 52 minutes. Get your tickets here.

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