Matisyahu Opens Up About His Thoughts On The War In Israel

Matthew Paul Miller, known as the musician Matisyahu, spoke with FACTZ/HollywoodLife about his thoughts on the war in Israel. The

Matthew Paul Miller, aka Matisyahu
Matthew Paul Miller, aka Matisyahu - FACTZ

Matthew Paul Miller, known as the musician Matisyahu, spoke with FACTZ/HollywoodLife about his thoughts on the war in Israel. The reggae star recently dealt with backlash on social media after posting his support for Israel. But despite losing many followers, Miller felt compelled to voice his support and share his thoughts on the growing crisis in Israel and Gaza.

Here’s what he had to say about the attacks and quickly escalating war.

Miller’s Family Is Safe ‘For Now’


When speaking with FACTZ, Matisyahu explained that his family is safe. For now. “My family’s good. My son is in Israel. He’s safe, as of right now. My friends are either being called up, or their children are being called up right now to go to war. So a lot of people right now are definitely going through intense times.”

Then he added that the last thing he heard before taking his kids for a walk was a video of a 15-year-old girl who was taken hostage. Miller recounts that she was reportedly lit on fire, and her captors were mocking her death. Matisyahu shared, “We’re all mourning, and we’re all feeling the weight of this horrible, horrible situation that we have.”

Matisyahu Discusses Follower Drop After Posting In Support Of Israel

When the violence first erupted, Matisyahu immediately shared a post on social media in support of Israel. He felt that his supporters deserved to know where he stands.

And immediately, he lost followers. Nonetheless, Miller wasn’t deterred, and he believes that people need to see support for Israel. He worried aloud that there would be a wave of antisemitism as a result of the conflict.

Israel’s Response Will Be ‘Unprecedented’


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Miller went on to suggest that the next step is a “severe war.” He doesn’t believe that the Israeli government will stand by and watch civilians be harmed. He called the anticipated response from Israel “unprecedented.” Moreover, the musician added, “I think that Israel’s about to unleash. And there’s going to be a horrible, horrible price to be – that’s going to be paid, with civilians. There’s going to be a lot of civilian casualties. There’s going to be a war, I think.”

Israel’s goal, Miller says, is “peace.” He leaned on an oft-shared view online that suggests that “if Palestinians laid down their arms, there would be peace. But if Israel laid down their arms, they would be obliterated.” Surprisingly, the conflict isn’t just about Israel, the musician says. It’s “not just about land,” it’s a “religious war.”

The reggae singer suggested that Jewish people should “take a deep accounting of yourself.” And that for non-Jewish people, “you should try to find some facts” about the creation of Palestine.