Why Did Matthew Perry Say He Wished Keanu Reeves was Dead? An Apology and an Explanation

Former “Friends” actor Matthew Perry has issued an apology to Keanu Reeves after suggesting he wished Reeves was dead, rather

Matthew Perry wishes Keanu Reeves dead

Former “Friends” actor Matthew Perry has issued an apology to Keanu Reeves after suggesting he wished Reeves was dead, rather than other stars who have died tragically.

The comments came from Perry’s upcoming memoir, “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing.”

And fans of Reeves were shocked and disgusted at Perry’s suggestion, but there’s more to the story. Perry’s memoir is an honest look at his struggle with alcohol and addiction.

“I didn’t know how to stop,” he writes. “If the police came over to my house and said, ‘If you drink tonight, we’re going to take you to jail,’ I’d start packing. I couldn’t stop because the disease and the addiction is progressive. So it gets worse and worse as you grow older.”

Now, Perry explains that he misspoke in his memoir in regard to Reeves – and he’s issued a mea culpa.


Matthew Perry Hints He’d Rather Keanu Reeves Had Died

EW reports, “In the book, Perry recalls how much the late actor River Phoenix inspired him when they worked together on the 1988 film “A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon.” As he mourns Phoenix’s 1993 death, Perry, who like Phoenix struggled with addiction, references Reeves, who was one of Phoenix’s closest pals and frequent collaborators.”

In the memoir, Perry writes, “River was a beautiful man, inside and out — too beautiful for this world, it turned out. It always seems to be the really talented guys who go down. Why is it that the original thinkers like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger die, but Keanu Reeves still walks among us?”

Perry then circles back again for another jab at Reeves when he discusses working with SNL legend and comedian Chris Farley. Farley, like Phoenix, died of an overdose.

Perry wrote, “His disease had progressed faster than mine had. I punched a hole through Jennifer Aniston’s dressing room wall when I found out. Keanu Reeves walks among us.”

Of all the beloved Hollywood fixtures to take a stab at, why would it be Keanu Reeves?
Reeves is extraordinarily well-liked and respected, known for being a decent human being and a gentle soul.

It’s unfathomable that Perry would take a stab at him of all people – and fans immediately blasted him with that thought on social media once the passages came to light.

Perry Apologizes to Reeves

And Perry has spoken out in the wake of the outrage.

“I’m actually a big fan of Keanu,” Perry said in a statement to PEOPLE. “I just chose a random name, my mistake. I apologize. I should have used my own name instead.”

Is the apology enough for fans who were hurt and shocked by Perry’s words?

Maybe not.

One Twitter user wrote, “The Matthew Perry/Keanu Reeves thing is a weird glimpse into the mind of a dude who’s just not paying attention to the world beyond his periphery and thinks he’s in step with a culture that left him behind a couple decades ago. We all know that dude. Some of us are that dude.”

Another noted, “Matthew Perry walks back on his comments where he wished Keanu Reeves was dead

‘I’m actually a big fan of Keanu’ 🤡.”

Another user wrote, “Matthew Perry taking several swings at Keanu Reeves in his memoir is so funny. He doesn’t know everyone loves him! He thinks Reeves is just some punchline! Something almost touching about missing the memo so completely. A man with no country.”

And it pretty much continues along that vein if you read through more tweets about the massive faux pas.

Perry has been increasingly irrelevant over the years while Reeves’ star is shining brighter than ever – that’s the prevailing sentiment.

Of course, the better question would be: why did Perry’s editor and publicist let the statements stand in his memoir? Did no one warn him about the firestorm he could be throwing himself into?

Or was it contrived for publicity?

Perry’s memoir is out November 1.