McLaren Automotive Created Another Distinct Luxurious Ride But This One Doesn’t Require Gas

Why walk when you can drive, but with gas prices still sitting higher than usual, why drive when you can

McLaren Automotive Created Another Distinct Luxurious Ride But This One Doesn't Require Gas

Why walk when you can drive, but with gas prices still sitting higher than usual, why drive when you can walk? (Within reason of course)

When choosing two feet over four wheels it's all about having on the proper shoe. Although the term "sensible shoe" screams 'I'm getting old,' it's time to accept the truth about them – they are necessary no matter what your age. Now, if that term has you picturing the non-stick chunky sneakers you find at Wal-Mart or the shelves of Sketchers in your local Mall, remove that image now. When we talk about sensible shoes, we are talking about performance, technology, and construction with the added touch of design.

There are plenty of brands out there with high-quality footwear technology great for a range of things such as walking through a city or running in the woods. But then there is Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL). The Los Angeles-born brand symbolizes luxury and performance just like its new collaborator, McLaren Automotive. The two have come together to create a new range of luxury footwear that exceeds expectations regarding performance, technology, construction, and design.

This is the first time that the luxury supercar maker is collaborating with a footwear brand. Both being driven to push performance to new levels, McLaren and APL released the first offering from their collaboration – the limited-edition APL | McLaren HySpeed.

Introducing The HySpeed

“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with APL creating the APL | McLaren HySpeedTM shoe. It perfectly embodies both our own McLaren and APL’s DNA and design philosophy. APL has developed new technologies specifically for this shoe – inspired by our ground-breaking work using lightweight materials – which also maximizes the wearer’s comfort and experience. Like stepping into a McLaren, it is all about optimizing performance, agility, and speed," said Goran Ozbolt, Acting Design Director at McLaren Automotive.

The APL | McLaren HySpeed is an all-purpose performance running trainer designed with a silhouette that will have your jaw on the floor, dressed in a range of unique colors. Co-Founders of APL, Adam Goldston, and Ryan Goldston shared in the press release, “Over the past two years, the APL and McLaren teams have collaborated on countless design sketches, many different construction techniques, extensive product testing, and rounds of samples to create the most unique performance shoe the market has ever seen."

They continued, "From original sketch to retail product launch, there have been three unique midsole iterations with proprietary compounds developed, multiple brand-new upper constructions using a wide variety of materials, and over 50 colorways sampled. The APL | McLaren HySpeedTM is truly an exercise in design and engineering excellence that was created through pushing the limits of what is possible in footwear."

This luxury ride for your feet mimics the experience of driving a McLaren. "The HySpeed features a three-piece segmented midsole with APL FutureFoam pods in the front and rear that are connected by a full-length carbon fibre plate topped by an all-new nitrogen infused, proprietary blended midsole compound that is engineered for supreme responsiveness and energy rich compression. The heel padding is modelled after McLaren's ultra-lightweight McLaren Senna seats that are designed to hold you in place but are unbelievably comfortable," said the Goldston twins.

The HySpeed is available in five bespoke colorways for both men and women – White/McLaren Orange, White/Black/Ombre, Rose Dust/ Creme, Energy/ Metallic Silver and McLaren Orange.

And, it gets better. APL and McLaren didn't stop their great work together at the footwear. The packing of the shoe is equally as impressive as the item itself. The box that it comes in is a drawer style box adorned in McLaren Orange gloss, metallic orange foil and black foil logos. Opening the box unveils a black inner box and a transparent smoked black show cover that exhibits the technical blueprint drawing of the shoe tooling. And, once pulling the drawer out entirely, a line drawing of one of McLaren's most iconic and desirable car ever made is revealed, the McLaren F1 road car.

Can you believe this is a sneaker?

The APL Co-Founders shared, “Working with McLaren has been a dream come true for us at APL. McLaren's history in design and performance is unmatched and the team's expertise and attention to detail truly shines in this collaboration. McLaren is one of the world leaders in the use of carbon fibre and the weave which we collectively created for the HySpeedTM is not only hyper functional, but it is also incredibly beautiful."

“One of the greatest commonalities between APL and McLaren is our quest to make beautifully designed products that perform at the absolute highest level, and that is exactly what we have done with this collaboration. The HySpeedTM is our most expensive in-line product to date and is the introduction of our newest pod-based midsole technology," they added.

The twins concluded their appreciation for this amazing collaboration by stating, “The APL| McLaren HySpeedTM is the culmination of years of work but is only the beginning of a long-term collaboration between APL and McLaren." And, may I speak for everyone when I say that I cannot wait to see what more these brands have to offer.

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