Meek Mill Faces Heavy Backlash for Filming Explicit Music Video in Ghana’s Jubilee House: ‘All Those Responsible Must be Fired’

Rapper Meek Mill is under fire after he shared a sneak peek of a music video online. Mill, whose real

Meek Mill

Rapper Meek Mill is under fire after he shared a sneak peek of a music video online.

Mill, whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, was in Ghana to perform at Afro Nation.

While there, he shot a music video. And it’s the location of the filming that has so many people up in arms.


Meek Mill Shoots Explicit Video in Ghana’s Flagstaff House

Ghana’s presidential palace is known as the Jubilee House, Flagstaff House, or Osu Castle. It has carried other names throughout the years, but those are the most commonly used.

And to Ghanaians, it’s not a place for someone to film an irreverent music video. But Meek Mill appears to have done exactly that.

Williams was in Accra, Ghana, to perform for Afro Nation.

On January 8, he took to social media with a sneak peek snippet from a music video he filmed while in Accra. And the location caused instant buzz.

Because it would appear that the video – complete with Williams’ signature explicit lyrics – was filmed at the Jubilee House.

Revolt reports, “Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa, the Ghana’s former deputy education minister, questioned how the shoot was approved in the first place. ‘All those responsible for this despicable desecration of the Jubilee House by Meek Mill must be fired immediately. How do those explicit lyrics from the president’s lectern project Ghana positively? Is Ghana’s seat of government no longer a high security installation?’ he tweeted.

‘We are waiting for KON to come and tell us that Meek Mill’s video was doctored or a CGI effect and that it wasn’t the real Jubilee House right? Sure,’ journalist Ölele wrote in disbelief.”

Twitter Reacts to Meek Mill and his Jubilee House Vid

Twitter is having a mixed reaction to Williams’ video.

Some seem to find it hilarious – applauding Williams for treading where people are forbidden and pushing the boundaries of music and decorum.

Others are offended, finding Williams’ irreverent video to be a slap in the face to Ghana and her people.

Kalyjay, a social media influencer from Ghana, shared a clip from Williams’ video with the caption, “Meek Mill shot a music video at the Flag staff house????????? 😯😯😯😯”

Ghanaian sports journalist Frank Darkwah wrote, “Samini one of Ghana’s music icons got his hand pushed away by one of the President’s security personnel during a campaign train

This man here whom no one knows gets the chance to wrap his hands on the President’s shoulder

Because he is Amelica Borga 😂.”

Other Twitter users expressed their outrage, shock, and indignation at Williams’ brazenness, asking how the video even came to be.

Getting permission to be in the presidential palace is not something most people can do – so how did Williams?

He didn’t give, but he did apologize and explain that there may have been a misunderstanding. “I don’t think they knew it was video footage when we asked to shoot its a small camera and one kid … in America we didn’t know this existed and was excited to show because they don’t show Ghana on our media much! So I’ll take responsibility for my mistake! Not intentional”

On Twitter he wrote, “To the people of Ghana no video I drop is ever meant to disrespect the people of Ghana …. The fastest way to make connection is thru music and I wanted to do that with displaying art … im in my 30’s from America and didn’t know much about the lifestyle here.”

Williams later added, “My apologies to the people if any disrespect! We still gonna push to make the connection between black people in America and Africa … what I’m trying to do is more than a video and you should see coming soon! My apologies to the the office also!”