Sofia Kunz: Meet the Actress and Short Film Creator

Actor [ac-tor] is defined as a person whose profession is acting on the stage, in movies, or on television. For

Sofia Kunz

Actor [ac-tor] is defined as a person whose profession is acting on the stage, in movies, or on television. For some, that’s the straight forward truth. But for actress Sofia Kunz it’s much more than that. The Argentinian born creative moved to Orange County at the age of five and grew up to be grateful that the heart of acting was in her backyard, Los Angeles. Since then she’s traveled, graduated from university and taken on new jobs. At the young age of 26 Sofia has managed to make deep personal connections and realizations which have become the foundation of her career in acting and CELEB had the opportunity to get to hear it all from her.

Staying Aligned With Her Authentic Self

Sofia Kunz

In Los Angeles specifically there’s a lot of glitz and glam that can be easy to get caught up in and get distracted by. The recent LA resident shared that one of her toughest obstacles can be knowing when to say no and when to say yes and really listening to herself. Sofia emphasized the importance of discipline in order to stay in range with her goals. She defines her success by staying true to the art and being aligned with her authentic self rather than determining her value with monetary possessions.

So with money and designer items not being her driving force you’re probably wondering “what ignited the fire for her acting career?” Backtracking to her younger years, acting always caught her interest. And with the acting scene not being very monumental in Argentina she considers herself blessed to have moved to Orange County, California at such a young age. However, it wasn’t until her senior year of highschool that she began taking on roles. She participated in the theater program at her school and also joined acting classes outside of that. During that year she got signed with LA Models, Mavericks and House of Representatives.

Unfortunately, as her career began to take off a curveball was thrown her way. 6 months into acting she got into a car accident riding in the passenger seat of another’s car. Experiencing PTSD from the totalled car incident Sofia took a step back from acting and put her focus into things that she had more control over like her education. So instead of conquering acting during that time of her life, she conquered things that would build her character through experiences. She went to community college her first two years, studied abroad in her freshman year and then transferred to the University of Southern California where she got her degree in 2017. Sofia even got a job out of college working in marketing events within the automotive industry.

“Go Be the Creative You That You Keep Suppressing”

Anyone in the creative industry knows that when you have an urge to develop new work there’s no getting rid of it until you exercise it. At the end of 2018 Sofia had this urge to create. Although she was happy with her job she knew that she was capable of more; she wanted more from herself. And when she allowed herself to explore what that truly meant for her, it came to her in an “unconventional way”. She shared with CELEB an intense moment in time when doctors had to take CT scans and conduct a biopsy to check her body for lymphoma.

She ultimately came out on the positive end of things but during that long three weeks her mind went into this “fight or flight mode”. She explained her mind as having this moment of “Oh sh-t, [you know] we all think hypothetically ‘what would you do on the last day before you died or if you found out that you had x amount of months to live?’” And with acting being what came to mind she told herself to “go be the creative you that you keep suppressing.” This catalyzed her doing it for a full time career.

Sofia’s family dynamic has not only shaped her as a person but has also influenced her work. Like she shared earlier, she was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She shares a unique family dynamic with her biological dad continues to reside in Argentina. With him she has two sisters and one brother. And we can’t forget about her life in California. Sofia is an only child under her mom but she has four sisters with her with her dad that raised her, who also happens to be Argentinian.

So overall, Sofia is the youngest of seven siblings by nine years. And the beauty of it all is that everyone’s connected. She shared “my step sisters have actually gotten into contact with my half sisters via instagram and facebook,” calling it an awesome dynamic. “There’s always been an openness and level of vulnerability on both ends which I think is what has led to such a positive relationship. I’m really lucky.”

Kaleidoscope: The Back Story

Kaleidoscope Movie Sofia Kunz

Sofia’s family dynamic has been of influence to her work. And her short film Kaleidoscope is the perfect example of that. It all began in September 2020 when an individual approached her to shoot some work in Mexico. She held off on that opportunity but it inspired another one, a more personal one. A soulfully connected friend of hers, Annabella, lives in Prague and is also in the industry. The two roomed together at USC where they came to learn of their similar upbringings. They both live and understand the lifestyle and psychological effects of growing up with a parent and siblings who aren’t blood. In their case, they both grew up being raised by a non-biological father with half or non-biological siblings. And after recognizing the creative slump that she was in during the month of September, Sofia called up Annabella and said “listen Bella, we need to do something.”

She continued on to tell CELEB “we put our brains together and actually started developing a storyline to create a short.” She continued on sharing, “We spent all of October [2020] writing it and when we decided that we were gonna shoot it, she [Annabella] came out here to shoot it. She came out in November through December.” Putting all of their creative skills to work, after writing the story they then became the main characters acting in the film.

Kaleidoscope Movie Sofia Kunz

Sofia described the short as a film that “really focuses on the relationship between half siblings.” Sofia and Annabella “believe the situations and experiences they grew up in have not been written or portrayed in media as often as it should.” They wanted to unveil the true emotions behind that type of family dynamic. They’re Kickstarter site shares “It is their hope to shed light on the impact of having open conversations about family dynamics while simultaneously showcasing how it is one’s own responsibility on how they decide to approach life circumstances and thus, changes.” And not being the only ones they knew who grew up with these types of relationships, they knew that others would relate and find a sense of home within it.

Kaleidoscope: The Storyline

When CELEB asked Sofia for the storyline of Kaleidoscope she responded with such excitement, making it easy to recognize that this film lives rent free in her heart. So, because she can describe it best, here’s her words of what to expect from the film.

“So Kaleidoscope really follows two half sisters, Paloma and Marina, who have a little bit of an age gap between them. Paloma is the older one. She’s been out of college and in her career for a while. And Marina is still in her early years of college. It follows their relationship on a little road trip. They’re actually going to their grandfather’s funeral but between that eight hour drive, it’s the conversations that two half sisters might have. In this sense it’s all of the emotions that come to the surface and then saying everything that they might’ve been holding back for the past 15-20 years.” 

And when getting specific about the characters Sofia shared “Paloma is kind of the outcast in the family. They both share the same dad but they have different moms. And Marina is a product of Paloma’s fathers new marriage, making Marina’s biological mother Paloma’s step-mother. [The film] follows their relationship and Paloma feeling like this outcast as someone who doesn’t have her mother but she’s being brought up by another person [Marina’s] mother.” The 26-year-old shares how it touches on the favoritism that happens towards Marina from the mother’s side of the family and how that affects Paloma.  

“It explores that dynamic of Marina unearning Palomas absence throughout their entire childhood, practically. For Marina it was like ‘why would you always leave and not be home when I wanted you there?’ For Paloma it was like ‘because I obviously just didn’t want to be there.’” Sofia continued to explain “With every story there’s two narratives and oftentimes we never really listen to the other side of the narrative. And on this road trip both of the girls create that space to hold and talk about the things that have been bothering them.”

This is Only the Beginning

Sofia Kunz

Embracing her life in LA and giving her acting career undivided attention, Sofia is just getting started. She’s surrounded by people who carry a level of discipline and love for what they do which inspires her to do the same for herself. No matter what field of work it is, she’s eternally grateful to be able to watch others pursue what fulfills them most and be pushed by them to do the same. Keep up with her on her Instagram and stay in the know about when Kaleidoscope releases here.