Meet This Gemini, An Honest Creator Who’s Giving Baddie Vibes, Lexy Panterra

Being unique takes courage; courage to stand out because you simply don't fit in a specific box. And, in music,

Meet This Gemini

Being unique takes courage; courage to stand out because you simply don't fit in a specific box. And, in music, a very saturated industry, being seen is needed in order to be heard. The two go hand in hand when trying to make it big. Listeners and concertgoers want something different. They want to experience the artist in a way that feels like it's personalized to them. So yea, being unique doesn't only take courage but it takes hard work and the willingness to be vulnerable.

A person who has worked to this standard is Lexy Panterra. Panterra is an introspective artist fueled by passion and creativity. She is unapologetic and confident in who she is, and, CELEB had the opportunity to chat with her about her journey into the music industry.


Panterra's following took off around 2013 when a YouTube video she created, of one of her twerkout sessions, went viral on Facebook. She elaborated, "I just wanted to do a twerk freestyle, that's when I first started twerkout class. And so, I did a freestyle." She continued to share, "Someone had taken my video on YouTube, that I uploaded, and did a reaction video on Facebook and embedded the YouTube link. That one was the one that hit like 400 million views. It went insane. And, so that's what built my YouTube audience. That first initial video. And that kind of trickled to Facebook, and so on."

So, yes, Panterra is an OG internet sensation. However, that hasn't stopped her from keeping up with all of the current social media platforms that are taking over. Referring to the wide variety of outlets to create and share on, she explained, "I love that that's happening. It is definitely a double-edged sword, again, like it's good because we can do whatever we want, put it out whenever we want, and a million or trillion people will see it. Or, maybe not." She admitted that keeping up with the multitude of apps can be exhausting and overwhelming however, she doesn't let that hold her back from creating content to share with her followers.

Referring to her career, Panterra explained that quarantine was "the best thing that could've happened." She found value in the slowed-down lifestyle that resulted from the pandemic. The creator shared, "You got to know yourself better. I definitely just honed into my bad b–ch energy and focused on me personally, like, my hair and what I like on my face, you know? You just get to know yourself more. So, that's definitely what happened with me."

As for her content, Panterra goes beyond her viral twerk videos. She is also a lyricist with vocals that captures a crowd while on stage or listeners on a media platform. On the subject of quarantine, she shared, "It gave me time to focus on what I really wanted to do. What type of music that I really want to do."

CELEB believes that her drive is unmatched. "I worked more. way more! I'm always busy working but I had a fire, fire passion, and drive during quarantine. I was like, you know what, everyone's going to take this and be like 'oh my gosh, we can't do anything.' I was the complete opposite," the young artist revealed. She continued, "I was like, I'm making an album, I'm making music videos, I'm doing this, this, this, and this. So it was so cool for me. I loved it."

“Therapy Sessions On A Tape”

"I've done music my whole life. Since I was probably 18. I got in a girl group and then just kind of built my way up independently, working with different producers and writers," shared Panterra. The internet star continued, "I write myself. I don't produce but I write my own stuff. But, I love collaborating with talented artists. And yea, it's just something that I always did, you know, and [something] I always wanted to do."

"It's probably the hardest industry to get into, you know? But, it's the passion that drives us. So it's like, I don't sulk in it, what are you gonna do?", Panterra laughed off. She emphasized the self-therapy that comes with writing your own music, telling CELEB, "Major therapy. Major major therapy. If you're going through a bad relationship or you're having an argument with [someone] like, you're going to go release it on the microphone. That's what you're going to do."

"So basically you have my therapy sessions on a tape. For the world to listen to," the artist joked.

In her career so far Panterra has worked with artists including Too Short and Trina. She's also taken her work live, performing on the same stage as artists including Jack Harlow, Rick Ross, and DaBaby. She shared her experience meeting Harlow, him being an artist she'd like to collaborate with in the future, saying "I walked off stage and Jack Harlow was walking on stage. He goes, 'great job!' and he gives me a hug. And, I'm like 'Thanks!'"

Looking back on her moment with Harlow the topic of validation came up.

We all search for validation. It's only human nature to. And, when it comes to a career, the desire for acceptance is only more potent. Panterra elaborated, "I think we all need that validation. Because, it's just art, and it's touchy and it's emotional and like, are we good? Are we not good enough?" However, the young singer also understands that art cannot be judged. Creativity is meant to be interpreted by the receiver and, everyone will experience it differently.

Catch Lexy Panterra On Tour

It's no secret that touring is the best way for an artist to become relevant, stay relevant and also make their money. And of course, Panterra, eager to further her career is taking her music to the stage again this year. This will be her first full month, 26-city tour. She divulged the details, "I am so excited. We just locked in the tour bus. I'm getting all the people that I want on the bus. We're gonna make music on the bus at the same time. We're gonna have a videographer, we're gonna make content, vlogging. [It'll be] 200-500 person shows, which, this is my first time doing a tour so I don't really know what to expect."

The Indie artist expressed her excitement to get up close and personal with fans and participate in the meet and greets. But, getting on stage is what she's anticipating most. "I'm mostly excited about performing. Like, me getting on stage and doing what I really love. Connecting with those people and performing, that's the most exciting thing for me. Sharing my music for the first time."

Lexy Panterra will be touring on July 13th, starting in Los Angeles, California, and will end in Arizona on August 14th. Stay tuned to her media channels for the details as they get released!