Meghan Markle Chose Parenting Over Wounded Veterans

Meghan Markle is a controversial figure in the royal family. Ever since she burst onto the scene in 2016, Prince

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Meghan Markle is a controversial figure in the royal family. Ever since she burst onto the scene in 2016, Prince Harry has been wrapped around her little finger. Theirs could have been a love story for the ages: the American actress is swept off her feet by the most eligible bachelor prince in the world.

But their fairy tale love story turned into a nightmare when they ran afoul of the British royal Institution. And tried to shine a light on corrupt practices among the British tabloids. Now, they’re persona non grata in London and face criticism for every move they make. Sometimes, critics say, they deserve the backlash they get, however. And they point to a recent situation with the Duchess of Sussex and Harry’s beloved Invictus Games. Meghan was late to the Invictus Games, and critics say that she made the wrong call.

Harry And Meghan On The Rocks

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Of course, Meghan Markle’s late arrival at the Invictus Games could have a deeper cause. Those in the know suggest that Harry and Meghan’s relationship is crumbling. And that the two are enjoying some time apart currently.

It would make sense, given the immense pressure that the duo finds themselves under in recent days. When they decided to step down from royal duties in 2020, Harry and Meghan drew a line in the sand between themselves and Harry’s royal family. They came out swinging, accusing the royal family of siding with the British tabloids and participating in a corrupt scheme that sold Harry and William to the headlines at a young age. Meghan also made not-so-subtle accusations of racism towards several members of the royal family in an interview with Oprah.

A documentary then lit a fire under the feud between Harry and his London family. “Harry & Meghan,” released on Netflix, showed interviews with the couple as they described the strain of royal life. And the way they were treated before deciding to step away. The documentary and Oprah interview forever painted the duo as the black sheep of the family. It caused deep pain and rift with family members Harry had once felt close to, including his father and brother.

A new documentary has just dropped on Netflix titled, “Heart of Invictus.” It follows competitors who are training for Harry’s beloved Invictus Games and paints a completely different picture of the Sussexes. Had this documentary been the first post-royal glimpse the world received of Harry and Meghan, things might look quite different today. In the new documentary, the couple’s focus on charity work and supporting wounded veterans is highlighted. It paints them as reasonable, caring, and capable. Quite the opposite of how many people view the two now.

Meghan Markle Chose Parenting Over Wounded Veterans

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

But even as the documentary and resumption of the Invictus Games saved Prince Harry’s reputation, Meghan Markle‘s took a hit. Because she was late to the Invictus Games this year. Her late arrival was allegedly due to her children’s schedules.

This isn’t the first time that Meghan has opted to choose her children’s schedule over Harry’s duties and public appearances. Meghan also allegedly skipped King Charles’ coronation due to Lilibet and Archie’s schedule. While it may seem like the loving move of a doting mother, the decision to prioritize her children over Harry’s image has caused irreparable harm to the way the public views Meghan.

After all, the Invictus Games aren’t just another royal function. They were launched by Harry in 2014 to honor and raise money for wounded veterans and active service members. It’s both a symbolic and functional event that serves to remind the public that Harry is more than a pretty face. In fact, as acting Prince, he was an avid activist and humanitarian, like his mother before him. By choosing parenting over Harry’s activism, Meghan is reminding the world that she may not belong at his side.

The Real Reason Behind Meghan’s Behavior?

Meghan Markle

A public relations expert, Edward Coram-James, recently weighed in on the topic. He explained, “When it comes to the question about why Meghan decided to focus on parenting over the opening to the Invictus, and whether I think that this was a good decision: no, I don’t.” Coram-James added, “I would argue that two of the most important days in Harry’s last year have been the coronation of his father, and the opening of his professional baby Invictus. And Meghan has missed both, to focus on parenting,”

Of course, Meghan Markle has been open in recent years about her struggle with anxiety and depression. So if her marriage is on the rocks and she’s worried about appearing in public, she may simply be using parenting as an excuse to lay low. But the American Duchess will have to offer an explanation soon before her reputation tanks completely. Prince Harry, on the other hand, can breathe a little sigh of relief this week.