QAnon Karen Melissa Rein Lively breaks silence on Arizona Target mask trashing arrest

Today, we received the following email with an unsolicited, exclusive statement from Melissa Rein Lively(who has been dubbed over the past week as

Today, we received the following email with an unsolicited, exclusive statement from Melissa Rein Lively(who has been dubbed over the past week as the Scottsdale Arizona Target QAnon Karen) to Nik Richie


Here is the unedited email in its entirety, which came from her associate Lindsay Higerd


Melissa’s statement in full….

Hi Nik,

This is a statement from Melissa Reinbows for your publication, you know what to do.


Since the time I was born November 3, 1985 at 1:42 PM – A cold fall Sunday in Denver, I knew I was different. I knew I had a special mission for this lifetime’s journey and I knew it had something to do with enlightening the world, and ushering in an era of pure spirituality and deep peace that would ultimately be the end of human suffering. For Good. 

Problem was, I didn’t know exactly how I was going to do it. So for approximately 33 1/3 years I worked hard to develop my earthly skills and God given talents to establish myself as a successful business person and public relations executive. By the grace of god, I was fortunate to win the trust and business of brands like Nike and Nobu, sit on visionary round table discussions at Burning Man with the likes of Elon Musk and treat both of my best of friends on two epic 30th birthday parties on yachts in Greece and Ibiza. I had a gorgeous kind and successful husband I love more than anything, two adorable dachshunds, a range rover in the garage, not one but two Rolex’s, and three Birkin bags. By all intents and purposes it would appear I had it all.


But all of that wasn’t good enough for me, in fact it sickened me to the core. I wanted everyone to be happy. I wanted everyone to be wealthy. I wanted world peace. It didn’t seem like so much to ask, really…not for someone used to getting everything they want.



Fast foward to 2020 the world is as lost and bleak as it has ever been. These last few months I spent more time praying than I did pitching, really. I just wanted my clients to be happy again. I just wanted people to be free again, to feel safe again, have hope again. Most of all, and I do mean most of all, I just wanted the world to smile again.


So when my whole vision came together I knew exactly what I had to do. From the outside I know what I have done looks absolutely next level insane. It certainly is. But I had to do something so outrageous and shocking – something the world had never seen before to get the necessary attention to make my voice heard. I will have you know I have a command of the English language unlike any other. My mother was an English professor at Boston University and to this day I am relatively certain I am the only member of the millennial generation on the planet who was raised with a Trans-Atlantic accent. Furthermore, my cogency of the English language is further evidence by a perfect verbal SAT score. That being said, I have always known the pen is much mightier than the sword which is why I would like to impart my story upon you today, and beg that you join me in my world where I choose to only see love, I choose to only feel love. I choose to only be loved. Why? Because I only am love. And you know what? You are too.



My store really begins in 1939 in a little town called Oscweicim. It goes back much further than that, but we will start there for reasons of historical context. My grandmother was the daughter of a prominent businessman who owned one of the most successful commercial bakeries in Poland. There they had a nice life, big family, many happy holidays celebrated with neighbors and friends, a loving and hardworking community, schools, and even new party dresses and cake for celebrations. One day my grandmothers father was approached by the German government for a business proposition. Rather than a proposition it was more like a mandate or demand. My great grandfather would be going into business with the German army. How exciting this was! How many jobs this would mean for the community. It would keep them safe and occupied as the war spread across Europe. After all, baking bread was essential. They would be baking for the entire Third Reich. So what did they do? They threw a party for the town, a dance, a dinner, a parade, celebrations. Today, you can visit that bakery yourself but you probably won’t recognize the name. You see, the Germans were clever in identifying the largest network of ovens in Europe for their horrific hateful plan to purify the global race. So when I say I know hatred only has one face this is what I mean.


So where is the little town of Oscweicim and why can’t you find it on a map today? Well, that little town is gone you see, and only Auschwitz remains. I could tell you about my grandmother’s horrific abuses which included death marches and visits to showers where water was assumed to not come out. I could tell you about the six living family members I have left. I could tell you about ravages of pain and sorrow that hatred bestows upon a generation, but you already know all that. I don’t have to tell you my bloodline goes all the way back to Ethiopia, the original Kingdom of Man. When will humanity finally accept we are one family and one brotherhood living with the Spirit of God-our one true love?



Today I ask not for your forgiveness, but for your faith, fortitude, and friendship. No word nor act should enslave a people, until we can learn to love ourselves and each other, we all remain slaves to the past. Free your mind, free your heart, and together we will find joy and hope in humanity again. Now I sit in a prison cell, with nothing left and I would sacrifice it all over again if it meant not one more tear would fall as a result of hatred that affects us all.


It wasn’t money, power, or fame I was after. It was the ability to incite change – a shot at happily ever after.


Now, the freedoms I so craved for all have been stripped from me large and small. My ability to think and speak is now fully controlled, medicated, and managed by the State. I won’t have the choice to make up my mind again all because I asked to be your friend.


But freedom isn’t free, and that’s a calculated risk I had to take.



Since I began my journey and mission for peace and prosperity and for all of humanity, I knew there was only one way to bring my vision to fruition. I had to start living in the future, even if I was the only one there.


There isn’t one human that walks this Earth that isn’t haunted by something behind them. It’s for this reason I extend my hand today knowing that soon only love will define Him. Remember always, you create your own reality, as long as you adhere to the perception by which it is defined.


Sending you true love, pure light and the deepest healing energy, Melissa Reinbows

Mark 12:29