Menswear Fashion Trends To Follow In Fall 2021

Clothing is a second skin. Arguably, we are just as vulnerable wearing that layer of skin as we are when


Clothing is a second skin. Arguably, we are just as vulnerable wearing that layer of skin as we are when wearing our natural layer. Our clothing tells a short story about who are and we write the words to it every time that we get dressed. Not to put too much pressure on your daily wardrobe decisions or anything.

Anyways, what we wear has a large impact on how we feel about ourselves in specific settings. It all comes to down to the fit, style and color palette. Taylor Draper, the CEO of INHERENT, an online custom menswear shop, shared with CELEB the menswear fashion trends for fall 2021. So, if you do find yourself to be unsure about what your style is or what fit is most complimenting to your body type, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Story of INHERENT

“Dressed for life,” INHERENT is a lifestyle brand with a purpose. Draper and his team assist men in creating a wardrobe that is the coffee to wake up their inner confidence. “Pairing the luxury of a personal tailor with impeccable service and the convenience of a digital concierge, the company offers online appointment bookings, as well as home, office, or web-based custom fittings,” the website reads. Clothing found at INHERENT is functional and versatile while the brand addresses the stigma surrounding men’s mental wellness. They partner with local and national organizations to build awareness around mental wellness issues in men such as anxiety, depression and self-doubt.

In 2020 Taylor Draper not only prioritized physical health but also mental health. Understanding the effects of our world turned upside down, he couldn’t ignore the mass of people who became mentally unwell. After launching the custom suit business to inspire strength and confidence in men, he met with Andrew Perkett about launching a 501(c)(3) for-impact organization. This organization, Foundation by INHERENT, was built as another step towards helping men achieve mental wellness. And now, with it fully in action, Perkett is the President of Foundation and it holds events such as huddles and forums.

Menswear Fall 2021 Trends


Raise your hand if your closet looks as confused as you are when it comes to getting dressed. Everyone’s fashion sense has taken a turn this year whether you can admit to it or not. And by that I mean, does anyone know how to style something that isn’t “athleisure” wear anymore?

Thankfully, Draper has been keeping up with the times and shared with CELEB the best menswear fashion trends to gravitate towards this fall.

According to the CEO:

  • Jackets: Hacking jackets are making a come back and Varsity jackets are coming back too in a big way.
  • Suits turn casual: Dressing down suits
  • Colors: It’s fall and it’s time to embrace earth tones- olive green, dark brown, mid to dark grey, and charcoal.
  • Patterns: Window panes, prince of whales, and pinstripe/chalkstripes will all be present.
  • Fabric: Tweed and flannel are my two favorite fall fabrics to look out for. Look for weight between 250-300 grams in fabric weight to stay warm but not too warm.
  • Peak lapels: Peak lapels are definitely gaining traction as more and more men realize that peak lapels make their shoulders bigger, and you don’t have to be so formal with them anymore.

A Genuine Experience

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“With a custom suit, you are in the driver’s seat with design and color. You have the opportunity to dictate your sense of style,” reads their website. When shopping for a custom suit with INHERENT, here’s what you can expect.

  1. Appointment booking- your appointment will be about more than just coming in for measurements. It will double as an escape from your everyday busy life to pamper yourself.
  2. Designing your garment
  3. Pick up your garment. A.K.A. your new slice of confidence
  4. Feel great and look great every time you wear this layer of skin.

Menswear and men’s mental wellness are both often looked past. However, it’s no less important than it is for women. INHERENT is a place where you won’t feel judged or jeopardize your self confidence. It’s a men’s “fashion haven” that will assist in navigating the direction of your wardrobe that best fits you and your self esteem.