MGK And Megan Fox Spotted On Valentines Day?

Did Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and Megan Fox just play the internet? We most recently shared the news of Megan

Did Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and Megan Fox just play the internet?

We most recently shared the news of Megan Fox deleting Instagram after she deleted MGK from her page as well as unfollowed him. However, with how abrupt and drama-filled it was (she followed MGK’s “nemesis” Eminem before deleting her page) we couldn’t help but question if it was all just a game for social media.

Today, Valentine’s Day, a.k.a the day of love and romance, the pair were seen together.

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The actress deleted her Instagram account on Sunday afternoon after hinting at a potential break-up with her “dreamt up” lover, MGK.

Fox uploaded a series of photos of herself and a video featuring an envelope being burned in a fire pit. She captioned it with lyrics from Beyoncé‘s 2016 album lemonade (famous for exposing infidelity) which wrote, “You can taste the dishonesty/ it’s all over your breath.”

Fans instantly swarmed to the comment section assuming that MGK was unfaithful to Fox. One wrote, “He probably got with Sophie.” To which Fox replied, “Maybe I got with Sophie,” alongside a fire emoji. Hmm… a bit too casual of a response if dealing with a broken heart, yea?

Before deleting her Instagram account, the Transformers actress had entirely removed Kelly from her account, including the one announcing their engagement in 2022. She also began following Eminem, someone who Kelly has had a public feud with for years.
Another hint at Fox being done was her absence from the Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Party on Saturday where Kelly performed.

MGK Isn’t Out Of All Pictures Just Yet

Today, the couple (?), was spotted together leaving a counseling specialist’s office, according to Page Six.

The musician and the actress were photographed sitting next to each other in a car. Fox was looking down while MGK was in the driver’s seat, staring into his phone.

So, the question remains: Was it all a game for social media?