Miami Dolphins Former Safety Reshad Jones Arrested for Displaying Loaded Gun Without Permit

Former Miami Dolphins safety Reshad Jones was arrested early Wednesday at a gas station in Broward County, Florida. The former

Reshad Jones Miami Dolphins

Former Miami Dolphins safety Reshad Jones was arrested early Wednesday at a gas station in Broward County, Florida. The former Dolphins player displayed a hand gun for which he could not produce a permit, and was arrested on a weapons charge.

Reshad Jones’ Arrest 

Reshad Jones Mugshot

Early Wednesday morning, around 4AM, police in Davie in Broward County, Florida, were called. They were told someone by Jones’ description was seen waving a handgun in the parking lot of a Davie gas station. 

When they responded, they made contact with Jones. Jones smelled heavily of alcohol and hand a handgun tucked into the waistband of his pants. According to police reports, Jones was uncooperative with the police and could not produce a concealed carry permit for the handgun which turned out to be loaded. 

Per Local 10, “When Davie officers made contact with Jones, who lives in Plantation, they say ‘the grip of a handgun [was] protruding from his front right pants pocket.’

Police say it was a fully loaded and chambered handgun, and that Jones told them he does not have — and has never held — a concealed weapons permit.

While the arrest report says Jones complied with initial orders to get on the ground, the report later says that he ‘was very difficult with officers and appeared to be on the influence of an unknown substance.’

Police also say Jones had ‘a heavy odor of alcohol.’”

From Rising Star to Sidelined

While Jones’ behavior is alarming, it’s not entirely surprising. Jones was once a rising star in the NFL, drafted by the Dolphins in round 5 in 2010. He played 10 seasons with the Dolphins, before an injury sidelined him early last year. Shortly after the injury, the Dolphins released the remainder of Jones’ contract, which still had 2 years remaining. He played a successful 10 seasons with the Dolphins, appeared in 128 games, and made two pro bowl appearances. Per the Sun Sentinel, “[Jones] became one of Miami’s most accomplished defenders during his career as a two-time Pro Bowl selection with 21 interceptions, 10 1/2 sacks and six defensive touchdowns.”

As of 2020, Jones remained a free agent and had not been signed with a new team.

Jones Felt He Had a Great Career, Needs Help Moving Forward

Reshad Jones Injury

After his injury sidelined his career, Jones had thoughts on the time he spent in pro bowl up to that point. According to the Phinsider, “per Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post, Reshad Jones’ career may be over, but the Pro Bowl defensive back says that he has no regrets about how his career played out, just some misgivings about how he was perceived by the rest of the league. Jones explains ‘I had a great career. Really I think I had Hall of Fame numbers. You go look at me, Troy Polamalu, Brian Dawkins, he played 16 years, I really had Hall of Fame numbers, just wasn’t on a Hall of Fame team. We just couldn’t put the games together. But I had an amazing career.’ Jones is careful to note that he’s very grateful for his time as a Dolphin and appreciated the fans in Miami in particular.

…Per Schad, if Jones chooses not to continue his NFL career, he’ll focus on ‘real estate and the sports agency industry and some business opportunities, including entering the gourmet ice cream industry with Marshawn Lynch.’”

While Jones may have ended his time with the Dolphins full of optimism, public drunkenness is usually a cry for help. Hopefully, with such a massive void left in his life after the abrupt end to his pro ball career, someone in Jones’ life can make sure he’s getting the help he needs. Fans would love to see him back on the field, but they would also love to see him well and thriving. 

Jones posted $1,000 bond Wednesday and was released.