Update: Miami Swim Week is Here, Here’s What to Expect

Miami is one of the hottest places in the world right now – not in temperature, but in all things

Miami Swim Week 2021

Miami is one of the hottest places in the world right now – not in temperature, but in all things current and desirable. It’s about to get even hotter; Miami Swim Week kicks off July 7th, and is bringing back the largest swim and resort fashion event in the world. CELEB is taking a look at what’s coming this year, and what to expect.


Miami Swim Week 2021

Miami Swim Week 2021

Miami Swim Week runs from July 7th through July 11th, and brings with it all the top swim and resort fashion concepts for the summer. The event is produced by the 2021 Fashion Icon Winner Celia Evans founder and CEO of Planet Fashion TV. Brands chosen to participate in the event are centered on a combination of diversity and trend targeting. The week kicks off July 7th with a Sip and Shop in Miami’s Design District, and continues on July 8th with an exclusive tickets-only influencer/celebrity dinner at Red Steakhouse. July 8th also celebrates Lotus House Thrifted Fashion and a Shine Lai Swimwear show.

July 9th and 10th are the biggest days for Swim Week, and per PRNewswire, July 9th has a packed schedule: “Planet Fashion TV presents capsule collection fashion shows featuring emerging designers –

  • PNDMC kicks off the evening with a collection created by Shervan McClain the first African American Male swimwear designer to show at Swim Week.
  • Jams by Jillian.
  • Sustainable Swimwear Show featuring LA brands: Seeker of Sunshine, Rys, and Beau Swim
  • Lascana a German Brand will present their 2022 swim collection – a global fashion, swim and lingerie brand with a worldwide presence.
  • Hypeach a brand known for its vibrance and ‘California Fresh Style’ was founded by a Southern California couple Brian and Marlo Hovis. They have been featured in Forbes and on Access Hollywood.
  • Ema Savahl a designer whose design have been seen on Paris Hilton, Tyra Banks, Sofia Vergara to name a few will debut her latest swimwear collection. Recently her swimwear was featured on Miss Universe contestants for 2021.”

And on July 10th, Forever 21 is launching a takeover swimwear show with some of the biggest names in the industry and the world of influencers taking the runway. Also on the 10th will be LOUD Week – Miami Swim Week Edition – Celebrating the Creatives of Our Culture – Fashion for Charity.

Swim Week 2021 is the first live, full-capacity fashion event since the start of COVID-19. Florida’s relaxed pandemic restrictions have allowed for the event to move forward full steam ahead.

Change in Landscape

Miami Swim Week 2021

Miami is one of the most diverse cities in the country, and it’s reflected in the models who walk the runways in Swim Week. The fashion industry in Miami is leading the rest of the country in embracing a variety of body styles, and when you see the models taking the stage this year you’ll see that diversity across brands. The trend of representing more body styles really got off the ground in 2019. Of course, 2020 was a no-go, but brands have had two years to get ready to hit the runway again with more a representative portfolio.

Swim Week 2019

Miami Swim Week 2021

Swim Week 2019: also known as the year of the “underboob.” In 2019, the challenging style hit the runway with bikini and one piece tops that were cut away below the nipples to reveal the underside of the breast – the underboob. Models strode down the runway looking fierce with a playful twist on the cleavage tease.

But 2019 wasn’t just about more skin in new places – the diversity was show-stopping. For the first time, models with a wide variety of shapes and body styles were walking the runway next to their more traditional model counterparts. Slightly rounded bellies and wide hips were welcomed alongside slender legs and models of all heights. It was a trend that has continued in Miami’s fashion world over the past two years – with more body styles showing up in ads and fashion considerations.

Also in 2019, Sports Illustrated gave a nod to a part of womanhood overlooked in a swimwear show – Halima Aden kicked it off in a silver burkini. And don’t forget the men – men’s swim wear was modeled right alongside women’s, although the body diversity was perhaps a little more limited among the men.

2019 was a year to push the envelope – will 2021 take it a step farther? Events kick off in less than a week, and the fashion industry is pumped to return to normal.

Updated 7/8/2021

Swim Week Kicks Off

Miami is doing it big this year as Swim Week 2021 kicks off. Some of the big events already kicking off include:

  • LIV: LIV is kicking off Swim Week Thursday Night the 8th, with Ovi – Dimelo Flow and Mario Duran. And JaRule is rocking LIV tonight (July 9th).
  • Groot Hospitality tweeted yesterday in excitement about the Sports Illustrated After Party happening at LIV on Saturday July 10th. The long-anticipated SI event takes off at Baia Beach Club at 9:30. The SI event gives people an exclusive glimpse into the 2021 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. One of Swim Week’s hottest events, LIV hosting the After Party elevates it to the next level.
  • Another of Miami’s hottest clubs, Story, is kicking off Swim Week July 9th with world-famous DJ Alesso.
  • In dining, rácket started the week with Sports and Swimsuits, and MILA hosts a closing Miami Swim Week Sunday Brunch Celebration on July 11th.

Models are lining up to walk the runway this year, and for many this is their first return to the stage since the beginning of the pandemic. Some are using social media to their advantage, soliciting modeling opportunities with their Instagram accounts, a clever way to handle a world that now operates primarily online.

For in person events, the atmosphere in Miami this week is jubilant; people have arrived from all over to partake of the South Florida fashion festival, enjoying the freedom and fresh air. As anticipated, 2021 is bringing more diversity in body size and style than ever before.  Miami Swim Week 2021 is already off to the races and people are enjoying every minute of it.