Michael Irvin ‘Perplexed’ as NFLN and ESPN Cancel His Appearances Over Misconduct Allegations

NFL Network and ESPN have moved quickly to remove Michael Irvin from Super Bowl LVII coverage this week after a

Michael Irvin

NFL Network and ESPN have moved quickly to remove Michael Irvin from Super Bowl LVII coverage this week after a woman came forward with allegations of misconduct.

Irvin was scheduled to make multiple appearances on NFLN and ESPN’s lineup going into Super Bowl weekend but that will no longer go forward as planne.

For his part, Irvin says he is “perplexed” over the whole situation, and wonders what exactly he’s done wrong.


Michael Irvin Removed From Super Bowl Coverage Over ‘Misconduct’ Allegations

According to Irvin, the alleged incident occurred at a hotel in Glendale on Sunday night.

TMZ reports, “Irvin told the Dallas Morning News the encounter happened at a hotel in Glendale — the site of this weekend’s SB LVII — after he had returned to the property following a night out on the town.

Irvin says he spoke with the woman for roughly 45 seconds in the lobby — and described it all as an almost entirely non-physical interaction.

The woman, though, according to the DMN, launched a complaint about Irvin’s actions — leading to the NFLN pulling him from their coverage on Tuesday.”

Michael Irvin told The Dallas Morning News, “Honestly, I’m a bit baffled with it all. This all happened in a 45-second conversation in the lobby. When I got back after going out … I came into the lobby, and I talked to somebody. I talked to this girl. I don’t know her, and I talked to her for about 45 seconds.”

He added, “We shook hands. Then, I left. … That’s all I know.”

The Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee says that they parted ways after that, and that the encounter lasted less than a minute by his estimation.

He added in a phone interview with The News, “I don’t really recall that conversation, to tell you the truth. We were out drinking. It was just a friendly conversation. ‘What’s up?’ I don’t even know. … I am totally perplexed.”

Irvin says there’s video footage of the encounter in the lobby, and a Glendale police spokesperson says that there’s no activate investigation into any incident involving Irvin.

After NFL Media execs approached Irvin off-air to let him know that he was being pulled from coverage, Irvin asked The News, “What law did I break? There was definitely nothing physical. … That’s honestly all that happened. Nobody was in my room. It was a 45-second conversation in the lobby, a handshake and we left. … I don’t know. I don’t know what this is, and it’s running me crazy.”

Michael Irvin Has Dealt with Allegations in the Past

Irvin has dealt with allegations in the past, but those were far more serious than he one he appears to be facing from Sunday’s incident.

In 1996, a woman accused him and fellow Cowboys teammate Erik Williams of rape, but later recanted.

In 2007, Irvin was accused of rape again by a different woman. Charges were never filed, but she filed a civil lawsuit against him. He countersued for $100M for defamation, but his suit was dropped as they settled her lawsuit in 2010.

In 2017, Irvin was accused of rape by a 27-year-old woman, but he was never charged.

That makes three, now four, times Michael Irvin has been accused of sexual misconduct in some form – and three, now four, times that it’s been hard to prove.

The NFL is currently facing an identity crisis over their mishandling of several high-profile sexual assault and domestic violence cases, so it’s likely that they’re taking action against an easy target (a commentator rather than a player) to show that they’re being proactive.

But whether or not there was an act of serious misconduct (since the details aren’t public) and whether or not they’ll investigate remains to be seen.

For now, Irvin is out from prime time coverage, and apparently left wondering what exactly just happened.

This is a developing story.