Double Rumble Preview: Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr., Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson

Fans of boxing are finally getting something they’ve long hoped for; Mike Tyson returning to the ring. Tyson will be

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

Fans of boxing are finally getting something they’ve long hoped for; Mike Tyson returning to the ring. Tyson will be squaring off with Roy Jones Jr. Another notable name appearing in the ring tomorrow is Jake Paul, who will be taking on Nate Robinson. Here’s a preview of the fighters and what to expect. 

Tyson vs. Jones

Mike Tyson

At their pre-fight weigh-ins, Tyson and Jones tore off their shirts to show their physiques. Both in their 50’s, Tyson and Jones are in absolute prime condition. Tyson, 54, weighed in at 220.4lbs, and 51-year-old Jones 210.

Tyson’s career and an infamous ear-biting incident propelled him to household-name status. With a career that spanned 1985-2005, “Iron Mike,” is one of heavyweight boxing champion’s greats. Although Tyson is known for winning 50 out of 58 career matches, and 44 of those with KO’s, Tyson’s record is not exactly clean. 

Convicted of rape in 1992, Tyson served three years before being released on parole. However, in 1997, Tyson encountered trouble again when he was disqualified for biting opponent Evander Holyfield in a title match. In fact, Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear so brutally, he bit a significant portion of it off. 

Nonetheless, Tyson’s record remained impressive and when he retired in 2006, fans weren’t ready to say goodbye.

Jones too has an impressive career record. A silver-medal-winning Olympian, Jones is considered one of the best fighters of all time. Jones holds a slight advantage of Tyson in experience. With 75 career matches, 66 wins, and 47 of those KOs, Jones is inarguably the more experienced of the pair. Jones retired in 2018, making him also the most recently experienced fighter of the match.

Paul vs. Robinson

At the pre-fight weigh-in, 23-year-old Paul showcased his usual over-the-top antics. Appearing dressed up as a Super Saiyin from Dragon Ball Z, complete with tall blonde wig, Paul told Robinson not to let his children watch the match because it would scar them. 36-year-old Robinson is a former NBA star with a desire to prove that he’s still an elite athlete, and he remained unruffled by Paul’s theatrics. 

Paul is a true amateur. Although Paul, his brother Logan Paul, and friends often spar, he only has one official match under his belt. A match that he won, in a TKO against opponent Ali Eson Gib.  

Robinson also enters the ring as an amateur with zero official matches to speak of. However, he is a noted athlete. An 11-season NBA star with a 3-time record for NBA Slam Dunk contest champion, Robinson aims to prove that he’s still in excellent condition. Robinson has been candid about the unique challenge presented by trying to turn NBA prowess into boxing skill. Per BleacherReport, Robinson has said, “It’s been a challenge learning how to breathe and fight while you’re tired. That’s been the fun part. Like Mike Tyson said, ‘Everybody has a plan until you get punched in the mouth,’ and then you have to figure it out. I never understood that until I actually got in the ring for the first time with sparring, and I knew exactly what he meant.”

Who’s Favored to Win and Where Can Fans Watch the Match?

Right now, Tyson is considered the favorite to win. And Paul is considered to have a slight edge over Robinson. But only time will tell. Tyson lost 100lbs to prepare for the fight, and announced he has gone vegan – something Holyfield will be relieved to know. Tyson also plans to donate $10 million proceeds to charity if he should win, hoping to die, “with a good conscience.” 

If he wins, Jones too will be donating to charity; one in support of ending human trafficking, and one in support of breast cancer research. 

All four opponents, officials, and everyone involved has been tested rigorously for health, and asked to quarantine for COVID-19 leading up to the big Double Rumble. 

The main card bouts of the night will be starting at 9P.M. EST on November 28th. Fans can watch via traditional pay-per-view, FITE TV, or on Tyson’s Trillerlink. Tyson and Jones’ 8-round exhibition is supposed to be restrained, but both men have signaled they’re ready to go for blood.