Milan Crowds With Celebs, Models and Designers to Glorify Fashion IRL

The anticipation is over. Milan Fashion Week has returned with more than 125 in-person shows, presentations and events from September


The anticipation is over. Milan Fashion Week has returned with more than 125 in-person shows, presentations and events from September 21st through September 27th. The schedule is crowded with big name designers and famous models wearing 2022 trends that you won’t want to miss.

Now, I know that you’re probably exhausted by the line “due to COVID in 2021…” so I’ll only use it once. But, due to COVID in 2021, IRL shows were pretty much non-existent. It changed the way that designers showcased their art entirely. It challenged brands to think outside the box in order to stay relevant. So now, having them back in their element, we can only expect jaw-dropping exhibitions throughout the fashion forward city.

Who Is Attending You Ask?


Milan has been treated to the company of stars such as Gigi Hadid, Editor-in- Chief of Vogue- Anna Wintour, Irina Shayk and many more. The Alberta Ferretti show, featuring Gigi Had, attracted Amelia Spencer and Eliza SpencerSabrina Dhowre Elba – who wore the most perfect nude jumpsuit by the way, and Elisabetta Canalas .

The star studded company also included Miss Fame from RuPaul’s Drag RaceBella Thorne and Benjamin MascoloBarbara PalvinNiall Horan, and Amelia Hamlin.

Trade In Your Blue Light Glasses For Sunglasses

It’s all about wearing your best poker face when watching the runway. Well, that’s at least true for Anna Wintour. Front row comes with different responsibilities when you’re sitting there live versus behind a screen. And, the shows this year have been nothing short of glamorous and spectacular; so far.

At the opening of Milan Fashion Week was Fendi. Kim Jones, the brand’s designer, put on his first in-person catwalk since becoming part of the luxury label. The runway experience was nostalgia-inducing with models exhibiting a 1970’s disco glamour vibe. Strutting down the catwalk was kafton tops, silk floaty dresses and sharp trouser suits for the 2022 spring/summer seasons.  Jones shared in a statement “Our woman has let loose a bit – she’s going out, dressing up. We’ve all been locked away for so long that I think that’s what we all need right now.”

The Max Mara show had many familiar faces. Hadid, Shayk and Joan Smalls all walked the runway alongside other models in a mix of fabrics from denim to leather and wore major pops of color or all black. The show absolutely served its guests looks.

Boss collaborated with Russel Athletic to create a total experience. Their second collaborative sportswear line became next level when they created a baseball field at the Kennedy Sport Center in Milan as their runway. Boss, typically being known for their suits, wanted to broaden their audience. Ingo Wilts, Hugo Boss’ Chief Bran Officer, explained their goal to “create something out of both, for a 24-7 lifestyle brand. It’s really for all to dress up and dress down, there’s a balance between the tailoring part and the sportier part.” The line included varsity jackets, hoodies, sweatpants and overcoats with a color palette of blue, camel, off-white and bright orange. And if you haven’t seen photos yet, all I’m going to say is, this collection will have buying baseball tickets just to have a reason to show off your looks.