Exclusive: Shahs of Sunset’s Mercedes Javid and Reza Farahan Reunite After Feud

Fans of Shahs of Sunset Were stunned last season after an on-air feud between lifelong besties Mercedes “MJ” Javid and

Mercedes Javid and Reza Farahan

Fans of Shahs of Sunset Were stunned last season after an on-air feud between lifelong besties Mercedes “MJ” Javid and Reza Farahan exploded out of nowhere. After the pair made stabs at each other online a restraining order was filed, it seemed like there was no hope for reconciliation. But we can exclusively reveal to you that the pair has found a way to reconcile, against all odds.

MJ and Reza Seen Being Pals Again After Feud

CELEB can exclusively reveal images of MJ and Reza being friendly together despite everything that happened during the last season of Shahs

In the images, you can see the pair, with masks, talking and taking a selfie together. Given the tensions of last season, it’s unlikely they would be so friendly unless things had been patched up over the intervening months. 

Things Turned Sour Between MJ and Reza

After having the cast of Shahs over to her house in March, Javid was shocked to find herself iced out by everybody. After a harrowing birth and an ICU stay after delivering son Shams Frances Feight, Javid was heartbroken when none of the cast, including her best friend of 30 years Farahan, visited, congratulated or checked up on her after nearly losing her life. 

A source told E!, “‘MJ is confused and heartbroken that her friends haven’t congratulated her on Shams’ birth, or asked about her health after she nearly died,’ the insider shared. ‘Not even her best friend Reza has reached out to her. Reza stopped contacting her a few weeks ago, and his since unfollowed her on social media.’”

The tension was originally caused by rumors that Farahan’s husband cheated on him in a, “naked jenga” party. The person Adam Neely, Farahan’s husband, supposedly cheated on Farahan with? A friend of Javid’s, Ali Ashouri. Farahan blamed Javid for bringing Ashouri into the friend group, and for continuing to communicate with Ashouri even after Farahan felt betrayed. 

A Restraining Order is Filed

According to E!, “In since-deleted posts, which were uploaded in the last few weeks, both Mercedes and Reza threw jabs at each other on social media. Mercedes wrote, ‘Hope you guys have a great season without me!! I cannot wait to watch! I’m truly impressed by the extraordinary level of SELFISHNESS you have shown me during something so serious.’ Adding, ‘Where are my f–king ‘friends?’

Moreover, the 45-year-old beauty mogul took to social media to shut down MJ’s claims that he never tried to visit her while she was in the hospital. ‘When you’re evil and plotting against your best friend of 30 years, make sure not to leave receipts in plain sight,’ he captioned his post, where he included screenshots of his text exchanges with Javid. He added, ‘If none of my friends came to see me while I was in ICU giving birth I’d look inward.’

On Monday, May 20 news broke that Farahan filed a restraining order on Javid’s husband, after alleging that [Tommy] Feight vandalized his and Adam Neely’s home the day before. Additionally, Reza wrote in the legal documents, which were obtained by E!News, that Feight ‘called and said he was going to kill me.’”

So How Did They Patch Things Up?

MJ Javid and Reza Farahan Reunite

That’s hard to say. In the season 8 reunion, Farahan admitted that he had regrets about what happened when Javid almost died. Javid, for her part, said of her hopes to reconcile with Farahan, “I’m not Russian, I’m Persian,” meaning she wasn’t going to rush into anything. 

Somehow, the pair found common ground. As Neely and Farahan remained together and worked through their issues, it’s possible that they were able to forgive Javid’s involvement as time passed. Javid’s willingness to forgive them icing her out after nearly dying in childbirth stems from her decades long friendship with Farahan. It will be interesting to see on the next season of Shahs how this reconciliation came about.