Highly Demanded Healing – The Power Of Mollie Mendoza’s Music

The musician and sound healer from London has performed all over the world and built a solid fan base through

Mollie Mendoza

The musician and sound healer from London has performed all over the world and built a solid fan base through her tours and releases. She’s now given an insight into here plans for 2023. There will be new music, but fans will have to be a little more patient. 

Sound healing and the integration of music in therapy are nothing new, but traditional and indigenous practices are rapidly making their way more into the mainstream of our Western society in the last years. Yoga and wellness studios are offering sound baths and healing sessions, gong and Tibetian sound bowls are not exclusively discovered on trips to Asia. Sessions aren’t held in esoteric private circles, but performed at the big summer festivals. 

One of the most popular European musicians representing this new wave of artists and healers, is Mollie Mendoza from London. Living a travelling lifestyle, Mendoza is based between her home country as well as Portugal and Central America. 

In London, the sound healer left her footprints by successfully running the UnMind music studios. The community space regularly held sold out sound healing & movement events. Community is the link to all her projects, events draw people from all kinds of backgrounds  together, opening up to transformative experiences. 

At the same time, Mendoza’s songs are proving popular on record as well. With multiple songs gaining millions of streams, the artist established herself on various platforms. 

Popular Healer & Musician

The collaboration album ‘Root Down Deep’ with singer-songwriter Sam Garrett introduced her to a wider audience, not surprising as the two artists are a match made in heaven when it comes to genre and message. It only makes sense the two have linked up for further successful releases as well as several live events. Another fan favorite is her song ‘Om Ganesha’ with Mose & Sam Garrett. 

Arguably one of Mollie’s most recent career highlights would be her live performance and interview on the BBC Sunday Morning Show. One of the most popular live shows in the UK, Mendoza got to talk about her work and background, besides playing some of her songs live on air. 

So, What’s Next For Mollie Mendoza?

The demand for her sound healing performances is growing, with several festivals booking Mollie Mendoza for live sound healing experiences. Only reasonable that the songwriter is fully focussed on expanding these experiences in 2023, with everything set for impactful collaborations and new playgrounds. 

But fans who are waiting for new music from Mollie won’t be disappointed – if they’re patient. Mendoza is currently planning a sound healing album with crystal sound bowls as well as vocals, but it will not hit the streaming platforms before 2024. 

We’re sure though, if you make it to one of her live performances, you’ll get some teasers.