MoMA Plays Host to Star-Studded WSJ Innovators Awards ’21 Ceremony

It was a star-studded night in New York City as the Museum of Modern Art played host to the Wall-Street

WSJ Innovators

It was a star-studded night in New York City as the Museum of Modern Art played host to the Wall-Street Journal’s Innovators Awards ceremony. Entrepreneurs and creators came from all walks of life to stroll the red carpet – with some interesting fashion choices, thank you Jordan Roth – and possibly receive an award, it was a night to remember. The WSJ Innovators Awards are often the talk of the town because they highlight efforts made by forward thinkers across multiple industries and may signal who could shape the year to come.

WSJ Innovators Awards’ Star-Studded Red Carpet

WSJ Innovators

All the stars came out last night to walk the red carpet and receive their accolades. The Museum of Modern Art is the perfect place to hold the ceremony as guests stroll around some of the industry’s most remarkable pieces.

Some of the most recognizable faces on the red carpet last night include Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski, Demi Moore, Karlie Kloss, Lil Nas X, plus many more. Some of our favorite looks of the night include:

  • Kim Kardashian: Wherever she goes, Kim turns heads and it was no exception at the WSJ Awards as she hit the red carpet looking fierce and fit in a curves-hugging brown leather dress and matching long gloves.
  • While not technically a high-profile celebrity, we had to give a nod to “Harlem Shuffle” author Colson Whitehead for his inspired contemporary-meets-’70’s teal suit and paisley turtleneck. 
  • We mentioned it before but we have to come back to Jordan Roth’s breathtaking and bold fashion choice on the red carpet. The theater producer looked stunning in body-hugging, floor length blue dress of course, but it was the printed pattern across the front that turned heads. Roth’s dress bore an imprint of a body across the front, making it both scandalous and whimsical, but mostly just creative and fun. 
  • Demi Moore: It doesn’t really matter that she’s pushing 60, Moore knows how to own the red carpet. In a black velvet suit with a bra underneath and black aviator glasses, Moore looked both sleek and classic and reminded her Gen Z peers that she still holds the crown of beauty queen.
  • Emily Ratajkowski turned heads in a beautiful curve-hugging slouch off-white dress and loose locks. While Ratajkowksi looks breathtaking in everything she wears, this look was bit on the nose for us and was vaguely reminiscent of a destination wedding gown. It doesn’t matter though, the 30 year old model and actress looked gorgeous.

Industry leaders being honored at the award ceremony include those from fashion, art, entertainment, architecture, design, technology, the performing arts, philanthropy, food, literature, sports and more.

Highlights and Winners

WSJ Innovators

The red carpet has been walked and the scene is set, so who won? Let’s take a look at some of the night’s most notable winners and their contributions to forward-thinking innovation:

  • Kim Jones, Fashion: Artistic director of both Fendi and Dior Men, Jones is known for thinking creatively and eschewing the term, “street wear.” 
  • Kim Kardashian West, Brand: Honored for her Skims brand, Kardashian is at the forefront of the shapewear industry and has built a billion dollar global brand. 
  • Maya Lin, Art: The famous face behind the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C., Lin is known for her industry-leading grasp of form and function and her skill at turning normal shapes into thought-provoking art.
  • Lewis Hamilton, Sports: The superstar Formula One driver is at the top of his game and looks to make the sport of F1 racing more inclusive.
  • Ryan Reynolds, Entertainment Entrepreneurship: The witty and beloved actor is more than a pretty face, he’s also a wildly successful businessman and producer. 
  • Sesame Street, Public Service: The beloved children’s show has made great strides in inclusivity over the decades and is working towards revolutionizing educational entertainment and education as a whole. 
  • Colson Whitehead, Literature: The Pulitzer-prize-winning author has a knack for bending fiction to his will and finding ways to tell stories that both touch and move people, reinventing ways to tell stories of America’s heavy past. 
  • Lil Nas X, Music: It makes sense that the 22-year-old won this category since he’s been challenging the industry and blazing a path for queer and Black artists since his wildly popular “Old Town Road” debut in 2018. 

To read more about each honoree and their contributions, visit the Wall-Street Journal’s Honoree website.

The History Behind the Awards

WSJ Innovators

While the purpose of the award ceremony may be clear – identifying those at the forefront of the professions who are finding new ways to move us forward – the history of how it came to be may be less so.

In their own words, the WSJ explains, “Launched in 2011, WSJ. Magazine’s Innovator Awards recognizes groundbreaking talents from a range of disciplines, including fashion, art, entertainment, architecture, design, technology, the performing arts, philanthropy, food, literature and more.

As an annual event, it has blossomed into one of the Wall Street Journal’s signature franchises; the combination of special-edition print issue, red-carpet gala and multiple digital extensions reaches WSJ.’s largest global audience every year.

As an expression of editorial mission, it encapsulates everything readers have come to expect from the award-winning magazine: a gathering of ambitious, forward-looking minds, whose originality has led to meaningful change and offers inspiration to others.”

Famous winners in years past include BTS, Tyler Perry, Eddie Murphy, Tyler the Creator, Julianne Moore, David Chang, Jonah Hill, John Legend, Mark Bradford, Ai Weiwei, Melinda Gates, The Weeknd, Miuccia Prada, Sou Fujimoto, Kara Walker, Alice Waters, Nick D’Aloisio, Daft Punk, Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk plus many more. It’s an elite group of honorees to belong to, and we send our congratulations to this year’s award winners.