Are Aliens Dropping Monoliths Around the World? Third Mysterious Object Appears in California

Lovers of 2001: A Space Odyssey can rejoice; their favorite story is playing out in real life. Specifically, one part

Monolith Utah

Lovers of 2001: A Space Odyssey can rejoice; their favorite story is playing out in real life. Specifically, one part of the story. A monolith has appeared in the California desert. An oddity in and of itself, this monolith is only the third such one to be found in recent weeks. What are these monoliths, where do they come from, and why are they appearing?

What Are The Monoliths?

Monolith California

All of the monoliths are strikingly similar in appearance and composition. Standing 10-12 feet high and made of a shiny silver metal, the first monolith was discovered in Utah in mid-November. Three-sided and embedded firmly in the thickly-packed desert ground, the monolith was a mystery from the start. Public safety officials working for Utah state were the first ones to discover the bizarre object, and theories immediately abounded. However, approximately 10 days after it was discovered, it mysteriously disappeared. 

A few days after the Utah monolith disappeared, a new monolith was discovered in Romania, across the world. Similar in appearance and apparent composition, this monolith appeared twin to the Utah object. Four days after it’s discovery, the Romanian monolith disappeared as well.

The very next day, hikers in California stumbled upon yet another monolith. Although this one is nearly identical in appearance and composition to the first two monoliths, the California object was not embedded in the floor beneath it, but could be pushed over by hand.  

What are the Theories?

The first, most obvious, theory is that the monoliths are of an extraterrestrial origin. Even officials have gotten in on the joking-but-not. In Utah, the monolith was located in a difficult-to-access slot canyon. Although officials did not release the exact location, they remarked that the installation would have been challenging. Although there are roads around the area where it was found, the way it was installed would have required precise and heavy equipment to cut a hole before placing the object. 

Officials in San Juan, near the monolith’s location, addressed it in a tongue-in-cheek manner; “The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office is aware of the mysterious appearance and disappearance of the #UtahMonolith. While we take all reports of crime seriously, we do not have the proper resources to devote much time to the appearance and subsequent disappearance/theft of the structure that was discovered in a remote area of public lands within our county. However, with hundreds visiting the area during the last few days, perhaps someone saw something suspicious. If you recognize anyone from the lineup provided as being in the area of the strange structure on the night of November 27th, please let us know! #SeeSomethingSaySomething



Some also speculate that the objects could be an art installation. Several artists have been discussed as possible sources for the objects, but no one has claimed credit.

It could also be a prank. It’s remarkable that in 2020, something as headline-catching as mysterious monoliths appearing and disappearing across the world is, “just another day in paradise,” but here we are. This sort of alien-conjuring humor is exactly the sort of content the pandemic has produced; fatalist humor with a nod to the apocalyptic. 

A Group of People Removed One Structure

Monolith Romania

Although we don’t know who installed the objects, or who removed the Romanian one, we do know that humans removed the object in Utah. Although officials kept the location of the monolith under wraps, enterprising hikers found and shared it and before long people were making the trek to ogle the structure and speculate. 

On one such pilgrimage, a photographer captured a group of people, ostensibly human, who moved in purposefully, dismantled the object, and removed it. However, it’s unclear if they were the people who installed it in the first place and were heard to mention something about not leaving trash in the desert, which suggest they are probably not responsible for the object in the first place.

One thing of note from this interaction is that the inside of the monolith was revealed as the group dismantled it; it appeared to be thin metal fitted around a plywood frame. 

Alien or Art?

For now, the source of the objects remains a mystery. It’s possible that they’re doing exactly what they were designed to; spark dialogue and encourage people to go hiking and exploring. If so, it was a brilliant bid. 

While the plywood guts of the Utah monolith suggest a terrestrial origin, maybe aliens are very good at camouflaging their technology. Regardless of where the monoliths came from, they are the perfect mascot for 2020, a year when the bizarre has become the expected, and things that would have shocked or titillated us a year ago barely elicit a, “huh!” 

We can only hope that it’s not a sign of weirder things to come in 2021.