Monza Drive is Here – The Ultimate Source for All Things Luxury Car, Taking You Behind the Wheel and Under the Hood

The Richie Media Corp family is growing again and presents to you: Monza Drive. It's a new website with a

(FOR FRIDAY - NOT READY) Monza Drive is Here - The Penultimate Source for All Things Luxury Car

The Richie Media Corp family is growing again and presents to you: Monza Drive.

It's a new website with a new concept; bringing you under the hood and behind the wheels of luxury cars to talk about the things you care about most.

Monza Drive is Live

The site's mission is an in-depth experience for drivers and car lovers alike; "Luxury vehicles provide a journey to live, laugh and love. Monza Drive will take readers through the unexpected moments behind the paint, inside the engine, behind the money and through the stories of the brands we love and think we know."

It's a chance for those who love cars to know more about the vehicles and brands they adore, and for people new to the industry to dip a toe in.

There are few hobbyists as exacting and dedicated as luxury car lovers, and few owners who have higher standards.

At Monza Drive, the team is dedicated to bringing that exacting precision and dedication to their readers to share the joy of cars and a love of what it feels like to slide behind the wheel of the car of your dreams.

With the Arrival of Monza, Richie Media Corp’s Family Grows

With Monza Drive, RMC is expanding its offerings to readers to provide more opportunities to enjoy the topics they care about.

The RMC family is focused on meeting readers where they're at, with content that dives into subjects that speak to the soul.

Whether you're in it for the fashion, the travel, the news or the luxury cars – RMC has something for everyone.

What to Look Forward To

Now that Monza Drive is live, readers can expect the following:

  • The latest trends, buzzworthy stories and upcoming projects for luxury brands
  • Head-to-head comparisons
  • Behind the wheel looks at some of your favorite supercars and rides
  • Content that explores the future of luxury automotive
  • A look back at the past and what brought the industry to where it is today
  • Lists of some of the top brands and products so you can narrow your search down
  • Formula One news and updates
  • Plus so much more.

It's the perfect place to settle in for a nice drive through the pathways of your mind; with Monza Drive, you're at the wheel.