Mother/Daughter Fashion Duos Are the New ‘Cool Thing’ in Hollywood

There’s nothing more iconic than a mother/daughter fashion duo. And this year, Paris Fashion Week proved that the mother/daughter fashion

Mother Daughter

There’s nothing more iconic than a mother/daughter fashion duo. And this year, Paris Fashion Week proved that the mother/daughter fashion duos are part of Hollywood’s future. CELEB takes a look at the celebrity power pairs who turned out at PFW, and the mother/daughter duos out there setting the bar high for the rest of us. From matching fashion icons to business partners, mother/daughter pairs all over Hollywood are proving that the phrase, “Like mother, like daughter,” is a powerful promise. 

Paris Fashion Week Dominated by Duos

Mother Daughter

Paris Fashion Week wrapped up Fashion Month with a bang. The Spring/Summer fashions on display were all about reclaiming joy and expressing feelings out loud. But the runway pieces weren’t the only things turning heads in Paris last week; celebs were hitting the shows too. With many of the shows staying virtual, it was even more remarkable to see A-listers out and about at shows like Balmain, Dior and more. 

So which mother/daughter celebrity pairs made a splash? Here are some of the most adorable duos to be spotted at PFW:

  • Demi Moore and Scout Willis: These two are simply the cutest. Dressed casually for their days about Paris, Moore and Willis look alike in black and white. Scout is Moore’s middle daughter, and if you can believe it she turned 30 this year. Mom Demi is knocking on 60, but you can’t tell as they stepped out looking like sisters.
  • Kate and Lila Moss:  Kate, 47, and daughter Lila, 19, looked comfortable and cute leaving their hotel at PFW. Both wore a nod to high fashion – but a comfortable nod. Like her mom, Lila is a model, and she recently made headlines for wearing an insulin pump on the runway. Lila is a type-1 diabetic, but to boldly wear her life-saving medical device is a novel and brave gesture on the high fashion runway of Milan Fashion Week. It shouldn’t be abnormal, and maybe Lila’s courage will make it unremarkable someday. 

And they aren’t mother/daughter duos, but there were some other remarkable celebrities seen out and about:

  • Eve Jobs: The 23-year-old daughter of the late Steve Jobs made her runway debut at the Coperni show at Paris Fashion Week. Given Steve’s penchant for an iconic dull wardrobe, we’re not sure how he felt about high fashion – but we’re sure he’d be proud. 
  • Helen Mirren hit the runway for L’Oreal, and Offsetwalked for Balenciaga. 

It was a truly star-studded week and the perfect cap for a month of celebratory fashion, as models joyfully returned to the catwalk in front of fans after a long year. 

Mother/Daughter Fashion Icons

Mother Daughter

The mother/daughter fashion duo is nothing new, but it seems to be the new “it” thing in Hollywood. Some of the best mother/daughter pairs have perfected complementing each other’s outfits to a T. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson: This duo dazzle every red carpet they walk together. Because they’re both such powerful actresses in their own rights, people often forget that they’re mother and daughter. But once you see them dazzling with beautiful smiles out in public together, the resemblance is undeniable. They’ve both been known for being at the height of fashion, and when they go out together you can bet they’re going to match subtly or overtly, coming together as a pretty package deal. 
  • Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber: These two also have a similar sense of style and always stun on the red carpet. Cindy has long been considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and her daughter takes after her. 
  • Lisa Bonet and Zoë Kravitz: This pair is almost impossible to tell apart, and they both rock the same sleek-but-Bohemian style. 
  • Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe: These two have been mistaken for one another on the red carpet, and they share the same, adorable, fashion-model-next-door style.

Mother/Daughter Celebs Can Also Rule the Business World


But fashion isn’t the only thing mother/daughter pairs are rocking in Hollywood these days. It’s become in vogue to go into business with your family. And wisdom of that risk aside, it makes for some adorable family businesses.  For Instance, the Kardashian Family. There’s no way to talk about mothers and daughters in business together without the Kardashian empire. From Kardashian Kloset to the Kylie and Stormiteam-up to launch the toddler’s own cosmetic line, this is one family full of powerful women passing it on down the line to the next generation. 

The Kardashian family ability to create a business together is admirable and exemplary to the rest of us. They are all of course fashion icons in their own rights, and 2021 seems to be the year of powerful women leaving their stamp on pop culture. From the runways of Paris Fashion Week to the board rooms of America, mothers and daughters are working together more than ever before.