Mother Kauai with Chervin Jafarieh is a Spiritual Journey in Hawaii

Every now and then, people need to unplug. The time comes to connect with nature, and there are few places

Mother Kauai

Every now and then, people need to unplug. The time comes to connect with nature, and there are few places on the Earth as spiritual as the islands of Hawaii. On this episode of Mother Kauai, wellness expert Chervin Jafarieh takes viewers on a spiritual journey through the natural wonder and inspiring spiritual nature of Kaua’i, one of the island state’s most sacred locations. 

Mother Kauai

Mother Kauai

In episode four of Mother Kaua’i, the episode opens with Jafarieh sitting before a fire in the forest, explaining, “We’re on the northernmost island of all the Hawaiin islands, Kaua’i. And you can hear the bullfrog right there, who’s been singing the entire time we’ve been here. Some kind of primordial ghost is whispering its frequency into our minds and hearts. And that’s what you get out here, you get this time capsule going back into time – thousands of years. We’ve grown up in artificial worlds, in boxes with man-made things. Coming out on the islands, you feel like you’re back in history. You’re back in some fable. You’re back in some old story.”

Part of being in Hawaii on any of the islands means connecting with the nature around you. The Hawaiin people have a respect and connection with their land that few outsiders can understand. They respect the land and the nature and the animal life around them – and in return, it provides bounty and energy.

Jafarieh adds that being on the island is transformative, “And parts of your existence start to snap out of the illusion of the mechanistic world and start to spark on to what you’re really here for in this life, our purpose as human beings.”

Digging your toes into the soil of the islands feels like connecting with something powerful and primal. Jafarieh explains, that when he comes to Kuau’i,  “I get more primal, I can feel into my body more. I feel more activity within me. I feel more source code trying to come out of me and get into a certain flow that I don’t really feel when I’m in my everyday life.”

Jafarieh wants to encourage people to take a step outside of their busy lives and face the power of Mother Kaua’i. 

Through a Journey

Mother Kauai

In the episode, Jafarieh takes viewers from the fireside through a barefoot walk in the forest. Cinematography offers breathtaking views of what the wellness pro calls affectionately, “Mama Kaua’i.” 

Jafarieh explains, “Coming out to the lands like Mama Kaua’i and getting into the jungles here, and getting into the soil, and eating the fruit straight from the vine, and getting into the ocean and feeling into the vibes, it literally resets my clock. This is beyond circadian rhythm. This is like an internal biological clock that resets the DNA, activates primordial force, activates purpose, activates intention. And all of a sudden, I now have momentum.” 

The Cymbiotika founder takes that momentum and uses it to keep learning and growing, and also to help people. The wellness expert wants people to understand that they can make this connection and discovery, if they have the courage; “We’re in a reality where it’s almost constant to have to escape. You’ve got to use some form of escapism. Here on the island, you cannot escape anything.” As Jafarieh explains, the island holds up a mirror and forces people to face themselves, because there’s no distractions from modern life. You come to Kaua’i, and you see your true self. 

Chervin Jafarieh

Mother Kauai

As the founder of Cymbiotika, a wellness brand that focuses on bringing world class products to people who care about their health and wellness, Jafarieh knows something about caring for oneself inside and out.

Cymbiotika reflects Jafarieh’s journey through his own wellness, an inspired path that came to him through helping his father battle cancer. After spending countless hours tirelessly researching, Jafarieh became confident in his assertion that our lack of attention to wellness is contributing to more problems than we realize.

CELEB spoke with Jafarieh in a riveting, four-part series linked below that explains his journey from young man to wellness pro and mentor, and he wants people to understand that environment dictates outcomes. “If you combine a focus on exercise, testing yourself, good nutrition and a healthy circadian rhythm, you’re well on your way to wellness. But the environment in which you find yourself can dictate a lot about how your life turns out. ‘Your environmental factors, meaning your lifestyle, relationships, how much time you spend in grief, what kind of water you’re drinking, your sleep, your mindset; these are all environmental factors that dictate which genes turn on and which genes turn off. So your lifestyle and environment dictates your outcome.’”

Perhaps, part of that environment should be Mother Kaua’i. There are few places in the world better than Hawaii to connect with the you that’s hiding under the distractions of modern life. If you’re brave enough to face your real self and ready to touch the power of Hawaii, let Jafarieh take you on a journey through the island – and then take the leap yourself. 

As the episode fades, the soft sounds of the fire crackling and some mysterious creature whooping and calling in the warm Hawaiin night beckons you like a promise of discovery. 

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